‘2020’ hindsight, still a bit fuzzy?

Remember if we had locked down in February, if we had not had a corrupt government giving mates contracts and paying them our money to steal from us, if we had a prime minister and opposition with a backbone, if we had mandatory masks in February, closed schools, airports, ferries, stopped unnecessary travel even if it was to drive across the UK to test our eyes, if we had a primate minister who did not hide, a government that told the truth, that followed medical guidence, that put human life before their bank accounts and status amongst their friends, Royals that had the guts to shout ‘no’ rather than saying they want to be reincarnated as a killer virus, if we had a nation of people with common sense, prepared to social distance, wear masks rather than stand clapping the nurses, doctors, paramedics, keyworkers as those very live savers died on their feet, if we had a media that itself did not publish fake news and propaganda, if we had a government that had not run down all the health and social care services in the name of Austerity whilst paying for missiles we can never use, if we had focused upon our real enemies instead of a few refugees and migrants, not hating folk because of their gender, sexuality, race, culture, ability, if we had prioritised our families and not our possessions, then maybe, just maybe so many families would not be feeling the pain of loss, the fear of loss, the anxiety of even opening their doors. If we did not live in a country that treats its sick, elderly, disabled and vulnerable as scum, a drain, expendable maybe we would have seen the warning signs and acted upon them.
Yes hind sight is always ‘2020’ , (ironic hey) but looking back it’s easy to be made to believe the mistakes were accidental, not the fault of those in charge, unavoidable.
Just to be clear, the Conservative Government, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, the press, and the businessmen asset stripping the UK made no ‘accidental mistakes’. Their behaviour was and is deliberate. They are culpable. They should be accountable, but unless we hold them to account now they will kill many many more.

Future of Labour

So St Sir Kier of Starm (I was going to call him Sturm but then found that Sturm means noun. : a late 18th century German literary movement characterized by works containing rousing action and high emotionalism that often deal with the individual’s revolt against society. So in contrast to Starm which means puppet of the establishment and unofficial agent of Mossad), is it seems about to face a revolt after his vile behaviour towards Jeremy Corbyn.
Someone on a post earlier in a socialist group asked what the left in Labour are going to do, the thing is Labour is supposed to be bloody ‘left’, it is supposed to be in opposition to the Conservatives – the ‘right’ (as in direction not morality).
Starmer is not a left wing politician, he and his ilk are careerist right wing (center right at best) representatives of those who wish the status quo of the poor remaining poor and the rich getting richer.
If there is no one in the gutter how can they judge how high their platforms are?
Prince Phillip let it slip a couple of years ago when he stated that he wished a virus would wipe out half the world (not a direct quote but near enough). The rich, wealthy and super rich do not value our lives. They do not respect our rights, just because they smile when stabbing you does not make their tyranny any less.
It’s easy to lie, to use fake news, propaganda, and cover your own corruption, deviance and atrocities when you own the press and media. It’s easy to convince the masses that you are on their side it seems by saying you like their music, support their football club, drive a car they love or ride a pushbike.
Politics truly now is smoke and mirrors, a deception that makes the majority believe we live in a democracy. Sadly we do not.
There will never be a time that we are permitted or allowed to have a free honest vote on anyone who is not owned by those in charge.
Starmer, Rayner, Mann, Watson, Hodge, Brown or any of the long line of sabateurs have I believe been bribed, cohersed, romanced not just by our establishment but by foreign governments and powers. They do not in any way represent the membership, the National Exec, the Party or the people.
I cannot see any simple way out of this disgusting reality that doesn’t involve us being suppressed by force or living under their rules of compliance.
It really to me is that simple.
So yes it would be good if Starmer was sacked, challenged and replaced, but we need to Learn our lesson, the powers in control will never allow an honest moral leader and cabinet run the UK.
Fractionalised parties will never gain power. The only chance of change is a ‘Labour Movement’ that sheds blood sweat and tears as our forebears did with the start of the unions and civil rights.
If you want a fair, non discriminatory and caring future of hope for our children, we are going to have to stand up and fight.

Future or not

Beyond fed up of police bullying, incompetence & corruption, government bullying, incompetence & corruption, of media bullying, incompetence & corruption, of British Societies bullying, incompetence & corruption.
This is not the country our forebears fought and died for, nor the one we worked and fought for. It is not the country our children deserve. We have let down our generation and all those to come. There can be no excuse. We haven’t even ‘just been following orders’ for we have just been following the propaganda, lies, misinformation and fake news we have been fed. Because of that we lost our safety net, you know the one that we pay tax & national insurance for, our health services, the one we pay tax & national insurance for, our freedoms that we were born with, our rights that were won with blood and lives by those who came before us.
We should all recognise our blame, see our betrayal of our kids, our families, our friends and our communities.
To me we are well beyond a political or democratic solution, but we have been trapped into a reality with nare any viable option.
We are not only now pretty much powerless, we no legal nor bureaucratic recourse, we are meaningless and valueless to those in power. Our lives, never mind opinions mean nought to what are in effect our masters.
We have allowed a fascist government to engulf the UK, with their only true gods being those of greed and cruelty.
If we do not find a way to rid them and their own masters we, our children and grandchildren have no hope nor optimism of a bright and safe future.
We have in effect condemned our kids to a life of cattle, to be herded and harvested at whim.
Are you proud of our legacy? I am not.

Wednesday’s worry

Every day I see more immorality and depravity coming from sadly no longer just the Tory government but all sides of the ‘pro-Establishment’ camp.
Sustaining Poverty is a badge of honour to these low life scum. They are doing all they can to ensure the poor remain so. To treat those without education, without good health and those without materialistic or financial wealth as playthings.
You are just a community chest card in their big game. You are the ‘pay each player £200’ card. You are not important to them. Your life means nothing to them. 4,000 already have died due to benefit sanctions. But can you see them stopping sanctioning people? No in fact they are now sanctioning more for less.
The NHS is paid for by us, but now its being privatised piece by piece.
All the things that were good for the ‘people’ are being stripped to make profits for the corrupt that are now completely in control.
Every day I feel anger, even fury at the injustice, but so many of you are totally oblivious.
You read the papers and watch the news, that’s your truth. Guess again. They do not tell you the truth. If your being conned do you just expect the conman to co come clean and tell you what they are doing to strip you clean? Do you give them the power to choose whether the police investigate or courts convict? No? Well you are doing right now.
Look around. Look at those cctv cameras, how often do they solve crime? Rarely but that’s not their role. They are there to monitor you. To ensure you are kept in your place. They can issue fines for speeding, bus lane violations but don’t have a chance of finding who robbed you of your purse, stole your car or bike.
Most, but not all of you are totally oblivious to the control these people have on your lives. The power they hold over you. They put charges on you for the environment but then have personal jets for their political leaders. They say law is for all but then remove legal aid and increase fees to apply to court.
Are you truly so blind?
I really want to shake the country (as in by the shoulders) and show you all the reality. It feels like living in a B-movie where the majority of the population are under the hypnotic influence of some evil despotic cult and only a few of us see it.
Take the time today to really look at what chances, what freedoms, what truths you have. Don’t just watch the news, research it. One day out of your lives. That’s all I ask. Please please see things as they really are. Wake up Britain, the poor, the ill, the disabled are not your enemy. Those that vilify them are.

Tuesdays thoughts

Well sat here in the Market Square in Mansfield. A favourite haunt of Vile EDL leaders (but also where the local people like to run them out of). I sit eating a sparse but tasty lunch from the Pound Bakery, cobb and bottle of diet pop for £2. My treat to myself. I am looking directly at the little but busy market and the shops that surround it. Given that in the UK we seem now to have more homeless than at any time since the cessation of world war two, there are a lot of shops with potential accommodation above it that at least from my spot does not seem to even being used for storage.
I have to ask myself why society would prefer to have its poorest die in poverty on the streets than open up unused spaces to provide at least basic accommodation. Safe places for our most vulnerable.
It truly upsets me that we cant be allowed to seek simple solutions to such issues.

Its those that have nothing that I despair over. I saw a lad in his twenties yesterday with a sleeping bag, the clothes he sat in and a big coat. Nothing else. He was not begging or asking for anything. No intimidation, not trying for sympathy. He just was. That truly got to me. Why do we have this level of poverty in the fourth richest country in the world? Where we have multi billionaires. When I was a kid billion was not even a real number. Trillion did not exist. Yet now we have individuals that rich but others so poor they die of starvation and hypothermia. Is that not vile?

We truly have to change our world. Its our responsibility, yes yours too. You need to start thinking how now!!!

Mansfield Marketplace