Dead like me!

David Cameron was poster boy for the parasitic establishment.
Theresa May was their attempt to lose power and blame the opposition.
Boris Johnson was their desperation to have a whipping boy to blame for all the turmoil Cameron and May caused.
Now Truss is their desperate attempt to discredit the entire Tory government and install their next poster boy for the Establishment – Starmer, pretending the Labour Party actually was a separate entity still from the Conservatives, in a last ditch effort to make people believe we have democracy and not just an installed faux government that pretends to represent the actual people.
All hail our masters, the new world aristocracy, the failing celebrity of monarchy and the true owners of international business.
There is no longer a country flag to doff to, just corporate logos and the headers of the stock exchange.
We are now not citizens, we are to them eaters and a true waste of their worlds resources. No longer needed or wanted.



Ultimate confidence trick

We live in an age of energy saving. We have energy saving light bulbs as standard,supposed to cost a fraction of the old filament ones, we have fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves and boilers that generally are energy rating A – C, meaning low energy use.
Despite these obvious cuts in a homes energy use, families and individuals are living in fuel poverty. They are scared to turn on a light, frightened to cook food, if they can afford to buy food that is, turning fridges and freezers down or off, causing increased risk of food perishing or being poisoned, and shaking with cold in their own grime because they can afford to hoover, or even bath.
Sounds a bit over the top? No sadly for many ot isn’t, if you are not experiencing some or all of these issues then count yourself lucky.
So do with have a true breakdown of fuel costs from the suppliers? I haven’t found one from them or out government.
How much of the cost of has, electricity, water, or even petrol and diesel is tax, how much is due to the manufacturing of the energy, the maintaining of machines, how much the transportation and just how much the immense profits the shareholders are currently being seen to receive?
What is a supplier? Well they do not actually make nor even supply your fuel, they simply own the meter (which they don’t fit, you pay for that if it needs replacing).
They are simply a payroll department that collects the money we pay, and pays the tax, covers the basic cost of the fuel and then pays the shareholders out.
They are not ‘green’ despite their claims, they are a fake company that basically has been placed in the link to profiteer.
It’s a true privatisation model.
They do not source the fuel, with electric that is the role of the national grid (now also a private company owned abroad), they are an admin team that has no need to exist beyond dealing out profits that they make from us.
It’s the most simple con ever.
And guess what? We are the marks, the victims of this fantastically corrupt confidence trick.
Hope we all feel better knowing we line the pockets of the super rich yet again.