People are not property, not objects, not targets or trophies. They are not measures of wealth nor just statistics. They are not ever disposable. They are not material possessions. People are human beings and have a right to as good a life as possible. A right to choice, hope and a future.

This government and its media minions seek to strip society of its humanity, its morals and its obligation to those who are vulnerable and in need.

Men, women nor children are toys for the gratification or amusement of others.
Bullying, oppression, discrimination or slavery are not options in a fair and reasonable society.

Once we realise and accept this maybe we will take the power from those who continue to abuse it, and set our path upon a world of equality and opportunity.

Jonesy Jones

Moped attacks

My view on ramming kids off mopeds and scooters

Firstly why are the inner cities rife with gangs, criminality and violence?

Well when we were young kids were allowed to play out, yes they/we were not always best behaved but that was about developing into adults. If there were more than three of us we were still kids playing out not a ‘street gang’. I am sure there was always that one neighbour that saw us as disruptive but most folk saw us as part of the community, the way life should be, the future.

Now I would love to write this with no politics, but sadly cannot. Things changed massively in Britain due to Thatcherism. Yes there were always ghettos, areas separated due to race, culture and class. Thatcher however brought new levels of hardship to these areas, her policies destroyed not just extended families but communities and society itself. Greed and materialism became the measures of self worth. Britain truly began the road towards a society divided by the haves and have-nots. At the same time technology sprung forward so pressure was placed upon young folk and soon all of us through labelled advertising. Kids being told by corporations that they did not matter unless they wore a certain brand.
Instead of the cool wearing just a black or white T-shirt bought for a few pence on the market or in the Army Navy they were paying £50 for the same shirt with a tick on it.
Now poorer families couldn’t make do and mend, couldn’t hand down clothes, now they had to find huge amounts of money to ensure Billy had the right trainers on.
Thatcherism was capitalism gone mad, and the advent of the internet and gadget world meant advertisers with no moral compass could sell lifestyles to those that already were barely affording to live.
This along with Thatchers use of the police (and likely Army at Orgreave) against anyone standing up against her caused huge rifts that likely will never heal. I was at Warrington when the police threw the braziers into the pickets and charged us. That will never leave me. Any respect I or many others held for the police died then. I respected the system of law but never again those wearing the uniform. Since I have worked for many years closely with the police. Met and knew some damn good officers. But far more not so good and several bloody wicked.
Since Thatcher we have not had a true socialist government in the UK. New Labour were capitalist wearing red. Some of the politicians within New labour tried to stand by their socialist beliefs, some managed this. Others were swallowed into the channeled greed that is Capitalism.
Stripping communities of resources, failing the youth and children leads to unrest. The adults is these communities are already disillusioned, lost their futures. They awake in concrete grey and go to sleep within the same grey. Every day is one. Life has no expectations nor chance of achievement and growth. Yet still the pressure to conform. To wear the right track suit, even underwear. £40 for a pair of boxer shorts.
Add this to all the other costs of just living, such as car insurance of £5,000 for a little hatchback, benefits sanctioned, schools excluding kids rather than working with them, and the cost of losing their hopes and aspirations, their right to a future because people they will never meet steal off them every day of their lives, put them in the gutter without thought, step on them then push them further down into the mire that has become their existence through no more crime than being born into a specific area of ‘Great Britain’.
These kids turn on TV and the only folk they see succeeding are either those born into money or criminals. Which path do we expect them to take?

So no chance of a childhood, no chance of play, a life often of abuse not because of evil parents but parents not coping themselves, no real community outside of their Fagin gangs, only way to survive to become feral and tougher, more violent than anyone else, and we blame them? We are surprised they turn to crime and aggression? They are human and humans are only animals. Any animal will turn if mistreated

Now this does not seek to excuse them. Not to validate their behaviour, for we all have morality and a conscience. Well most of us. We know whats right and wrong, even if the borders become blurred. Yes their actions are desperate and with universal credit, sanctions and the like probably at times are a case of eating or starving, but if society worked there would be safety nets there. Sadly there are now all too few.

So the issue of ramming them off scooters.
Well all I can say is WOW, wow that we even can start to justify this. Wow that the police we employ would undertake it, and wow that we allow people with such low opinion of life to continue being police officers.

Now let’s be clear, if someone is pointing a gun at someone, holding a knife to them or yes aiming a moped at people with the intent of causing harm they have upped the stakes. At that point maximum and even lethal force becomes an option to prevent loss of other life. I get that and agree. Someone pulls a weapon on me and I will use appropriate force to prevent them succeeding in harming me or others.

But…… If someone is using a moped to escape or even just riding on the street without causing an immediate danger to others then there is no excuse to ram them off. I ride a motorbike, as stated have seen the true face of do many police officers, you give them permission to ram any kind of bike you will open the gates to them using it as a ‘normal tactic’.
There is no safe way to knock someone off a bike. The chances are they or some one else will be seriously injured at best but possibly killed. We do not have capital punishment in the UK but by this action we would be creating a Judge Dredd system whereby individual police officers will chose to knock someone off and likely kill them
Now these kids (for they are kids, often 13 and 14) need catching, need sentencing but also need supporting to change their lot. Give communities including policing the resources to investigate crime, track down criminals, the folk within the communities hope and a reason to prevent the criminal behaviour from within.
Going back to my own experience of the police, my informed view of many years of interaction, just how long do you think it will be until they view all bike riders as potential criminals and begin knocking us off because we wear a patch or the type of bike we ride. Here in Derbyshire the Police victimise bikers every year, stopping without cause and setting up road blocks where they just pull bikers.
I do not want to be a target for some Mad Max Cop.
So no not acceptable, yes target the street gangs, but with resources not acts of wanton violence. Eye for an eye is not how our society functions, devalue one life and you devalue us all. And that is too dangerous a path.

Martial Law

To all those that serve in the British Armed Forces. Remember this government continues to forsake ex service personnel. The public still overwhelmingly support your cause and respect you for the often impossible job you do. However if you decide to follow the orders of a prime minister who is out of control, if you obey orders to impose martial law withing any part of the UK, mainland or Northern Ireland, you will not only lose the respect of the people, of your friends and family, you will lose our support in the future. You will be seen as traitors to our society. Vilified by future generations due to your betrayal of the people.

History has made it clear ‘just following orders’ is not a good enough defense, if in doubt read up on all war crimes tribunals since Nurenburg!

Now the order may never come, but you are being used as a threat against the people by a corrupt prime minister.
It will ultimately be your choice, but use the time between now and then to think on what is right, and what is moral. What is in the best interests of your children. Are you dedicated thinking soldiers or just pawns in her vile game of cruelty and murder?


I know in the eighties we had the riots in ghettos that consecutive governments and city councils had formed by divisive social housing policy. Well 2019 I truly believe will be the year that Britain sees the worst riots in 38yrs, but this time I suspect it will be middle class, middle England. I think the shires themselves will be the battleground. The Police have been stripped bare to give excuse to send in the military early on.
I am certain that no quarter orders will be issued.
Our head of state, HM Queen Lizzy drippin (in gold) head of the self designated ‘Firm’ may on paper only hold a ceremonial post but likely in reality she is the boss of the most corrupt gang of criminals likely in the world. Her sidekick Phil has already stated his wish to cull the masses.
The current government I am sure are under her orders not that shade of a PM May. All this division and game play may just be a prelude to some real social cleansing, and sad to say maybe we are the proposed victims.
Feel free to argue this, deny any part of it, but guess the only true answers will be made clear by the ultimate judge, time itself.
I hope I am wrong. I truly do, but the dead already being counted in hundreds of thousands here alone lay statement and testament to my not being.
Think on it.

Musings on Ref2

I do not particularly want to leave European Union however is it just me that thinks a new referendum would be the catalyst for a very real civil war?

There is enough hate already, huge divides even from those with the same morality, and anger along with hate is on the increase exponentially.
I want change, I want a fair and caring society, however those of us that want to achieve this do not have all the weapons, infact it is extremists on the right, and in government are the ones that likely would wipe out morality and kill off the real moral majority. War never has any winners beyond those providing the ammunition.
A new vote to remain gives credence to their anger. We feel strong upon here because we are surrounded by so many that share our views, but sadly it seems many more do not.
The referendum was fraudulent, corrupt and based upon extreme lies and coercion, yet not of those criminals involved in the deceit, Boris, Farage or their compatriot traitors have been properly investigated or charged.
Not looking for an argument, just writing down my own musings here.

One percent

5,333 dollars! That is roughly how much each human being upon this planet would get if we took back the money (not assets just cash) from the top 1% and distributed it evenly. To you that may not feel like a lot. It does to me, and for many in this world it is a fortune.

Times that 5,333 by 6, 000,000,000 trough estimate of folks alive on earth at this moment, and thats around 32 trillion dollars. That is the disclosed amount of cash it seems the 1% have. Given shares, property and belongings are not part of this figure, you can see how vastly unfair it is.
Our dear old tape worm (oops I mean Queen) is a part of this ‘class’ and likely heads up their hierarchy.
The Conservatives are the political arm of these parasites.

You vote conservative and all you do is make these vile people even richer, give our quality of life away to these robber barons.
This is why we need change. These creatures have this amount of cash yet we still have an increasing number of people dying in poverty daily.
There are no excuses for this. It is not the natural order. It is a corrupt and cruel society driven by extreme greed.
Its that simple.
Time to put a stop to it.

Dog of Socialism

Swear Alert

Yep swear alert! Can I just say a resounding ‘fuck off’ to those PLP members that would prefer to keep the cruel, corrupt, murderous Tories in power, than support the Membership and Leadership of our party. Your vile self interest is colluding with genocide and oppression.

It is not Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, or any other religion, culture, gender, sexuality or ability that are not welcome, it is you, those that endeavour through sabotage and dirty tricks to keep your super rich establishment masters exempt from prosecution for tax fraud, safe from paying their way, safe from providing fair wages, safe from ensuring homes are safe and well maintained for their tenants, safe from being held to account for their wrong doings, keeping their huge fortunes huge and assisting the perpetuation of the evil that is austerity.

You are complicit in the deaths of innocents here, I suspect nearly half a million is the true figure by now, and millions abroad. You hold responsibility for the displacement of tens of millions and yes the genocide happening in the Middle East.
So its you horrific excuses for politicians that are not welcome, and we the membership will ensure that continues to be made clear to you.

Feel free to suspend me, to boot me out, my membership is one where I pay in to the party, it is not a gravy train for the corrupt to profiteer from. You will not silence me, for my words are very much my truth.

You know who you are, we know your corrupt and immoral tactics! Please do not slam the door behind you!

Dog of Socialism

Blinds closed

“When a hard-working head of the household leaves for work every morning, he can see that the blinds on the windows of the house opposite are still closed. Behind those blinds may be somebody who is on benefits and is not going to work. He is paying for those behind the blinds to stay at home and not work.” this is a direct quote from George Osborne he made in a speech around 6yrs ago.
Let’s think about closed blinds, or for most of us curtains or even for some old sheets pinned up to windows.
Well when I was young, so much younger than today (sure there’s a song in that), keeping your curtains closed was a sign to your neighbours that you had a death in the household. People would often react to that by paying respects or visiting to see all was ok. Sometimes it would mean folk would go to the house to check on the resident and maybe find them in need or sadly that it was the person themselves that had passed away.
Sadly today this is not usually the reason for closed curtains or the like. I say sadly for death is the only certainty in life, but the reasons today maybe far worse than death.
In a few cases closed curtains may mean a night shift worker, maybe someone rushing to get to work or kids to school but far far too often they signify things are not right. It maybe that the occupant suffers from depression and does not have the ability to let light into their world, they may have let things go and be worried that someone would look in and recognise that they were not coping, maybe they are suffering anxiety too and are scared of someone seeing they are in, a social worker, a bailiff, a neighbour, a stranger, family or even just the post man.
It maybe that by opening those curtains they would expose themselves to the horrors that for so many in society daily life holds.
A big percentage of our supposed ‘great’ nation live in debt, in constant fear their possessions or even home will be repossessed. Others know they are not coping with day to day living and are scared that their children may be removed or that their own ‘freedom’ will be taken (not that they live free, prisoners to their own personal hell).
People label depression and anxiety as ‘mental health issues’ which of course they are, but they are also often people living within states of mental cruelty, a state of constant torture, where the ethics, morals and values of todays politicians, the current government in particular, the establishment (those behind the politicians who hoard wealth and power) are the catalysts, the causation and their actions serve to perpetuate the distress.
We are now programmed to see those with any disability, but particularly those with invisible illnesses and mental health issues as 4croungers, as drains, as sub human, a subject to ridicule and yes hate. You will sit there not realising the sublime messages kyle, or Benefits Britain, or even the BBC news are pushing into your heads. Why? Because giving you someone to hate, a scape goat detracts from them. If you focus your ire on the woman with chronic pain, or the bloke that feels so hopeless he does not even dress, then you are not seeing the corruption and greed of those who are making life impossible for so many.
So yes todays reasons for closed blinds in my view can be far worse than death, they can mean isolation, terror and a complete loss of hope. Thats not a lazy scrounger Mr Osborne, that is someone fighting each day just to exist, if not survive.

Jonesy Jones
Dog of Socialism