Pandemic of nature? #Covid_19

I do get why folk do not believe C19 is real. Mish mash figures all not adding up and the daily lies from government and media, but sadly the deaths are real, the pain of those losing those they love is real, the fear of those suffering is real.
We live in a country where profit comes before people. Corruption is the driving force of governance, not morality.
I am no scientist, nor do I have access to secrets, I am not party to Boris’ vile thoughts.
The one thing I am certain of though is that nurses, doctors, care workers and the rest of this country if not the world are being continuously placed at risk.
I know that medics and carers on the front line are at the end of their tethers.
I understand that some hospitals have PPE whereas others do not, and the press are only allowed to talk to those staff that have it.
I know that news from other countries covering the pandemic effects upon the UK are censored. I saw this myself yesterday with a news outlet in New Zealand not being allowed to share to the UK.
I cannot say what caused this pandemic, whether its nature or designed in a lab. I know the most vulnerable to it are the people the world governments would like to not exist.
The elderly, the disabled, the poor and the chronically ill. I am told that Black and Asian folk are more suseptable it seems.
But knowing all of that I know people are dying. Way too many people.
I know that I, and all in my transport group, along with those sewers, printers and producers of all types of PPE are daily trying to save lives that are continuing to be lost through government inaction and bad decision making.
I know that if we ignore the virus/disease/illness more and more people will die.
I know that every death changes and often destroys the lives of those around the deceased.
I personally know that the pain of losing someone you love with all your heart brings agony that not drug can sate every single day.
So I do not know the answers to what’s going on. I know the government are using it to their own end, I know Boris is not bothered about me or you or even your communities.
But I know beyond all doubt we need to stay safe, not fur us especially but for all of those we love and love us.
So keep social distancing. Do not send your kids to school. Wear a mask in shops or crowds. Do not go into hospitals unless there is no choice. And fight to support our NHS not just clap. Fight to keep our freedoms after this diabacle and let’s invest in a future where life means more than profit, goods and power.
Jonesy Jones

Why it’s not ALM yet!

OK the statue of a slaver was a good move as a one off. Now however it’s been done. Use your brains and look at new ways to focus people to the cause and not alienate them.
Maybe think about researching which individuals and companies wealth is based upon the slave trade.
I am not adverse to direct action but make it count. One statue is symbolic, all the statues becomes a focus for your opposition to attack you.
Making it difficult for modern firms to profiteer from slavery is far more beneficial to BLM than just keeping on keeping on.
Explain to people why it’s called Black Lives Matter, explain they matter because black people all over the world are oppressed before they are even born.
That black people make up more people living in abject poverty in the UK but also in the world as a whole, that by being black you are far more likely to be treated as a criminal upon first sight by a police officer and even far more likely to be found guilty by a judge, magistrate or jury, despite burden of proof not being met.
That if you are born black you are more likely even today to be a slave than a white person
You are also more likely to live in a ghetto, a dumping ground, and far more likely to be ignored when it comes to human rights on a world stage.
If you are defined as black you still are disadvantaged in getting a job in the UK and globally you may get little or no education.
If you are black in some parts of the world companies even now see your lives as worthless, Nestlé for one deliberately giving out free baby milk in Africa so that once the mothers milk has dried up they depend upon the powdered milk even when the water supply is not fit for human consumption, then its no longer free. Sound familiar? How drug gangs operate?
You are more likely to be used in drugs trials often without consent or even knowledge.

Your cause of death is far more likely to be based upon poverty and social class.
You are more likely to work for pennies whilst the companies profiteer from your labour by selling for hundreds of pounds an item they paid you 20p equivalent to produce.
Now I am not black, I am told I am white, I would love to be just defined as a human being, but until everyone truly is, then I cannot.
All forms of discrimination are vile, I am disabled and truly now understand that. However, no other discrimination truly exists before your parents even meet.
Think on that. That is why Black Lives Matter, why it’s not about all lives mattering, there is a difference, if you don’t want there to be a difference then work towards ending racism and all discrimination. Then you can scream that all lives matter and be right.



Do you know what’s really pissing me off? It’s that a fecking statue is taking more of folks ire than the thousands of deaths daily caused by this crap regime. Not just Covid either, THE DWP and Austerity are still killing folk.
The statue needed to be brought down and is down end of. Now move on and think how we save lives.
And stop with this ‘all lives matter shit’ if all your going to do is sit there and ignore people dying.
BLM is not saying all lives don’t matter, it’s saying that no one should be oppressed by the colour of their skin. It’s that simple, along with no one should be for their culture, religion, gender, sexiality or because of disability.
This world should be fair, we are all humans, so all should have the same chances in life. And no one should be attacked because of colour or as in my case because the use crutches at times.
Wake the feck up. We are being diverted from the true issues.

Social distancing at BLM Demos

If you look at the footage from the demos folk seem to be trying to social distance, but are being herded by police into confined areas where social distancing is then breached.
This is deliberate, under normal circumstances it may possibly a valid tactic, however now the police and their masters are deliberately breaching health and safety as well as the government’s own legislation. It is them who are putting the citizens and communities of the UK at even more risk.
At the main rallies I am informed the organisers were advising and even begging folk to adhere to social distance.
I have not attended any rallies as I knew that the government may use them as an excuse to shift blame from the huge number of expected deaths to come, as well as pushing the herd immunity agenga Boris has been forcing upon us against the medical health experts advice.
I am absolutely sympathetic and support BLM, I understand the demonstrations need to happen, but we need to ensure more deaths to the Covid pandemic are not caused by deliberately poor policing or deliberate herding of folks together.
I am saddened the demos were not peaceful, but I have been on the receiving end of police crowd control in the 80’s and being attacked by state condoned yobs wearing riot gear or mounted cavalry is no fun I can tell you.
So do not fall into the trap of believing all you are fed by establishment owned media, nor by those officers with a vested interest in discrediting the condemnation of systemic  racism within all bodies of power.
Blame will be forced upon the demonstrators and their cause, but in truth it is blame and anger that needs to be placed clearly at the feet of police and government.




OK I won’t condemn folks for the ‘all lives matter’ comments, because they do, but the issue is about people being judged by others due to skin colour, race, culture and even their accents.
Racism like any form of discrimination is oppression and nowadays very much diversion.
When I was a young child at what people thought was a fairly good all boys school, which I would argue against, we were taught imperialist history.
Every bit of our pasts was dominated with how Britain ‘civilised the world’ and how we continued to ‘save the world’ we all believed it. We had protected Jews and yes black people from racist fascists. We did not use the word black, if we were being polite it was ‘coloured’ or ‘blackies’ but there were far more derogatory terms which I wont go into, not because I am embarrassed but because I am ashamed at how those words were used by entertainers such as the foul Jim Davidson or Bernard fucking Manning, by politicians, by police officers, by teachers, neighbours and sadly I am sure even us.
In text books white women were always covered but black women were photographed naked with all on show.
I was brought up by very anti racist parents and I am still proud of them for that to this day.
My dad, though English was brought up in Australia and Papua New Guinea, he grew up post war and in an extremely white privillaged society.
I was brought up in Stockport near Manchester, it was predominately white and had a large National Front movement, but I was also lucky that I spent time in Burley, which was multicultural and diverse.
I was able to grow seeing the amazing qualities in people of all races and yes peoples failings too.
At 16 I joined Anti Fascist Action and Anti Nazi League to fight a world of fascism. We took direct action against companies continuing to support appartied and stood next to our fellow humans to fight the oppression they lived under.
In those days your name and postcode would decide your eligibility for a job, for a home, for finance, for a future. Guess what…. That has not changed.
I have worked all over the UK with different communities, and though police officers I worked with and yes sadly other social workers knew to be circumspect around me, when we were together their often blatant racism broke through their so called professional facade.
Many of the black workers would be pulled over if doing a visit in a ‘white’ area. Friends would be stopped and searched for no reason. People who have always lived in Britain were and sadly still are viewed with suspicion if they are walking in an affluent area. Not that it matters where they were born, all are human beings.
This has not changed. And if they kick up a fuss, report it or challenge racism they are accuse of using ‘the race card’ and dismissed and belittled.
People were and sadly still are ghettoised even in the UK, its not just America, and if you live in a predominately black or Asian area your choices and life chances are severely reduced. You often don’t have the choices in education, so getting a degree can be nigh on impossible. This has changed a little but is still sadly true.
Black areas as they are too often called or communities as the more politically correct and morally or as the right wing call them ‘snowflakes’ experience far higher levels of poverty than the equivillant areas that are predominantly white.
Now I cannot pretend to know how being black, Asian or anything other than what is described as white feels. I have not been subject to racism, I have not grown up being oppressed due to skin colour, religion or even the clothes I wear. I am disabled though and know when I am that ill I need my crutches or wheelchair, I will not leave the house. I have been attacked verbally and yes physically due to my disabilities, however I can have days I dont need a stick, I don’t need a crutch and I don’t look disabled. These are the days I choose to go out, these are the days where I am not discounted by officials including police officers. My disabilities opened my eyes even wider to the effects of discrimination, and how the media, education and sadly society disenfranchises people, use differences not to celebrate divergence and enrich lives, but to divert blame from the real threats to us, the true opponents of us living happy lives, and that is not black folk.
All oppression is vile, its called oppression because it oppresses and keeps people down. Yes all lives matter, but when a system has already judged you before you even take your first breath, when a government or even a police officer can take your life without being held to account, when the people in charge can dress up in white sheets or hide behind some nationalistic sentiment to discredit your right to breathe, then you have a right to scream at the tip of your voice that you life does matter.
So yes ‘black lives matter’, if you can’t see why that slogan is important then you have your eyes firmly closed and need to open them quickly.
You are next.

6th June 1944

He looked into the face of the teenager sat next to him. He saw terror but determination too. Even pride.
The order was given and they climbed down the swaying nets into the cramped confines of the heaving craft.
They now jumped every time the big guns of the cruisers and battleships blasted out their heavy shells towards the all too distant shore.
He felt ashamed as tears welled and then ran freely down his face, mixing with the sweat to drip onto his battledress, but as he looked at the faces of those boys who had over the last two years become more family than friends he realised he was not alone.
Up until now the only dead bodies he had seen were on the news reels in the cinema local to the camp. He knew folk in the cities were being killed still, by bombs but he had never lived in a city.
The noise was now overwhelming yet it was the sound of his own breathing that deafened him.
He could not see over the sides of the landing craft but every second he could see flashes, splashes then smoke marking the deaths of other boys in his battalion.
The craft shuddered then stopped so abruptly they all were flung forward. The massive ramp fell into the sea, causing waves to break as it did so.
Already he could hear the twang and thuds of bullets hitting the frame of the craft, as the German defenders desperately attempted to stop the huge swathes of olive freen figures making their bloody way up the moonscaped beach.
He felt something splash on his cheek and automatically let his left hand loosen it’s immense grip on the rifle barrel to reach for it. His eyes barely focusing on the red gelly on his fingers. He looked to the side and saw Eddy his best friend drop to the deck with an face now bereft of eyes.
He swallowed the bile that filled his mouth. He dropped his feet into the water and waded towards the beach.
Countless explosions and then long strings of tracer marked his way.
He had never felt this scared but he moved forward because he knew he must.
Then nothing.
It was three days before his body was fished out of the sea. His belly and face bloated as if some character off a jovial seaside post card, only there was no smile, no teeth to smile with. It was easy to identify him with the brown dics around his neck. Name, rank and serial number.
Another number to be recorded. His body handed down the line to be buried with so many others.
It took three weeks for the telegram to arrive. His mother, father and 12yr old brother’s lives would never be the same. The hurt they now felt would never leave them. In time they would be at least able to breathe when they remembered his face.
They were lucky. They did not have to remember the pallid blue skin, the look of sheer terror in his eyes. All they had to remember was a crinkled piece of paper with OHMS POST OFFICE TELEGRAM upon it. And the words ‘We regret to inform you’ burnt into their memories for evermore.
Remember the morning of the sixth of June 1944, as so many were never able to forget.