Government Warning

People are obviously scared about the new government warning app that will take over mobile phones.
Well we should be, but not for the reasons we are being directed to believe.
The app is not about nuclear war. In that event what would be the point in “warning” us? We would be either dead or not, your kitchen table will not help.
It may be to a degree be relevant to fires, floods, and severe dangerous weather warnings, but we kinda have survived without that for eons, so not really the greatest need for it there. Despite the government insisting that’s why they are bringing it in.
Most of us have seen Independence Day and other entertaining films, and yes folk are going on about UFO’s and Alien contact, but to be honest it’s not in my humble opinion big fleets of Borg, not some intergalactic Empire or even some huge flaming asteroid we need to be worried about.
The reason this app or whatever it is, to me is so scary is that it’s totally about control.
This program can and will be used to not only “warn” (if you want to use that blatant misdirection) the nation but will be able to be used locally, possibly down to a few streets or even a section of an estate or area.
The app/program/system will be able to take over your phone, not only emitting an audible siren (possibly with higher or lower frequencies also broadcasting, which is a whole other concern), but stops people being able to use their phones, by locking them out, until they respond, (or until they are unlocked by the government or their agencies).
This means that the government, the organisations they comply or collude with, can in effect black out all communication at once anywhere and whenever they want. 
Now I am sure they will put all the appropriate “safeguards” in place, just as we would expect from any trustworthy- erm- government would, but those safeguards are only there until they are not. 
We live in darkening times, a period of history that is unlike any other in so many ways.
The human race can easily destroy this planet we call home, ten times over, but there is no profit in that.
We have, or rather most of us, have a reasonable standard of living (everyone easily could and should and would but for those making that deliberately impossible). I would say no one starves or lives on the streets, but we know despite there being no need for such poverty globally,  never mind in the 5th richest country on this planet, that is a lie.
So why a need to warn or isolate us, using our own technology? 
Well the motivating factor of today’s society is greed. We all know that, whether we choose to see or admit it. Greed is not just the motivation for next door to have a better car or lawn mower than you, it’s is for the very few richest most powerful people to hold absolute power over everyone and everything they see.
There was a line from a Meatloaf song that states “money is power and power is fame” and that sadly is the overriding principle of today’s society.
When you have a world run on such values you always will have poverty,  and worse people living a life that holds no value to others.
In the past things were changed by civil disobedience,  by marching, angry mobs, unions, strikes, yes, even riots and revolution. They are the tools used throughout history by the people to attempt to make a fairer society, they were the tools used to get us rights (rights are never granted, by those in power, they are demanded by those who have none).
Sooner or later today’s society may awaken from social media, from video games, from the celebrity gods we promote and follow. When we do the current world differs hugely from the past.
We no longer have industrial areas, where all the community works, sleeps and lives.
Now we likely don’t know the person living next to, above or below us. Now our community is often almost exclusively on line.
If we are isolated from the online world, from social media, from text and from calls we kinda become powerless.
We cannot form into the angry mob, because a mob is more than one. A march becomes a solitary walk, a riot becomes criminal damage. Revolution becomes a section under the mental health act or a prison cell. 
This is why having a tool to isolate us from others is so essential for a government and establishment, especially ones as cruel and corrupt as those we currently have to live with.