Halloween magic

Today is Samhain, All Hallows Eve and as such the barriers between natures force and our world is weakened. Today we have the opportunity to channel the energy from around us, to be a conduit for change. If each and every one of us takes but a moment, relaxes, feels our own body drawing the energy into to ourselves, feel it filter through to our very soul, to inject that energy with but one thought, an idea only you can know then allow that energy to be released into the world around us, now infused with whatever passion we decided upon, that energy becomes true magic, not conjuring or trickery, it flows into the very arteries of the Earth. If we all do this upon this one day, if we keep our thoughts positive, then maybe true change will happen.
Have faith in natures power, in our world, in ourselves, but most of all have faith in you! For I do in all of you.
Please give it a try. What is there to lose?

A very British Revolution

Bodhran sounds its primeval beat
Warriors and kinsmen shuffle feet
Marching now with fervour a new
Defending us all from the elitist few

Targets are marked by our revolution
Rich class us now with a new repulsion
Battle to take back our rights and land
Time to draw that final line in the sand

Corruption and greed the targets tonight
Politicians and rulers now fear our might
End is nigh for those that shackled our will
Establishment blood is what we now do spill

Ended is hate propaganda and their lies
The silence still broken by pleads and cries
Only one outcome was likely from this war
New morality will rise and continue to soar

Copyright Triker Poet October2016

Refugee hatred

I see the racist shit is growing again. Ok the pics of the refugees in the papers! Ever thought they may be interpreters, chaperones and aid workers? Nooo you just believe a few right wing meimes and the mainstream media. Wake up! I have worked with refugee children and yes it is at times nigh on impossible to get an accurate age, yes some older youngsters may get in, but for feck sake is that the end of the world? Is that a reason to turn the real kids away? If ISIS want to get terrorists into the UK they can afford to charter ships, boats and aircraft. They do not need to hide in a camp in squalid conditions for months on the ‘off chance’.
Get a grip people and stop with the blind hate for all our sakes. We are caring and rational human beings that cannot yet prevent our politicians being corrupt right wing haters but we will, if we ever see through their lies.
Show some common sense, some compassion and humanity for once.

Dirty work

There he is lined up in my sights
Thinking back to childhood fights
Breath out I now count to three
A gentle squeeze and his killer is me

Slowly i change my hidden position
Death of this man my soul mission
Feeling tear welling in my dusty eyes
Tell myself its stress not goodbyes

Now I await a night time extraction
Laying in my hide feel no satisfaction
Another job done there’s no remorse
If I get back rest then another course

I hear the rotas chopping through the air
As a light explodes up all I can do is stare
The thunderous noise fills my dull head
Crew and all my hope falls down dead

Searchlights criss cross the bleak ground
Vehicles approach i swear there’s no sound
Troops alight from the backs of the truck
This time I know I have finally run out of luck

Do I surrender or give them a bloody battle
Chit chit chit I realise is a machine gun’s rattle
Dirt fly’s up several dozen feet away from me
This is it my only chance left for me to flee

Forcing my self to stand up to a low crouch
Beginning to run as I cannot afford to slouch
Expectation of bullets piercing into my back
My only defence left is a bloody vicious attack

Tossing a grenade in the enemy’s rough direction
Charging towards adjusting my fire for deflection
In front of me a volcano erupts with deadly flame
For this destruction however it’s not me to blame

From out of no where the cavalry finally arrive
This was the point I realised I might yet survive
falling to the ground as they now chase all away
I have to wonder what the politicians will now say


My instruments display to me that I am close,
Injecting myself with this one large final dose
Trying to acclimatise for where no one has gone
The Dark side where the sun has never shone

As the tiny capsule rotates and inverts yet again
One remembers all the training hardship and pain
The green light indicates the trajectory is now right
No humans left to celebrate this one fated final flight

The home planet we left is sadly finally now dead
This little craft was for the journey my home instead
But now it may finally land on this luminescent rock
All hope lies in the Ark sent before I pray it did dock

We killed off the Earth and all that ever existed there
A few survived long enough for their skills to share
Master plan Alpha was to build the vast Arks of hope
Skeleton crews caring for nature just enough to cope


I lay in bed watching another classic old film
Liking the sights to the exotic isle of Vilm
The Germanic Island filled with natures reserves
Fitting within the history of the nation it serves

Stone age people once did live upon here
Then later a temple to gods of teutonic fear
Mercenaries to a deity that preaches peace
Now protected in time for Gaia’s own lease


Looking out of the glass at the world going by
Feeling such remorse i need to scream and cry
Cant you see me staring out of here at you all
Watching your empire on the brink about to fall

Deceased walking our streets now full of dead
The fear is building my mind so laden with dread
I hear a gun shot has the cavalry finally arrived
Will they find us the very few that have survived

door frame gives as the pressured wood explodes
Honourable soldiers gather forgetting their codes
Frenzy overtakes all thoughts in my fear filled mind
Battle on fighting with strength i never thought to find

Letter to Russian Ambassador

Dear ambassador,
I am writing to state to you that as a citizen of the UK I am not in support of the actions of our government in Syria. I and countless others do understand and support the actions of Mr Putin in his targeting Isis enclaves. We understand that Syria is not a civil war but a war with external countries involvement. We are trying to urge our and all governments to take a step back and allow the United Nations to intervene. It is their role not that of any external state.
War and death serves only to cause instability. We are in a world where destruction is so easy. Talk however seems to be far more difficult.
I am sure you can see that despite the calls from Buffoon Boris that the people of the UK do not hold Russia at fault. We are far more savvy than that and see the enemy to peace as being far closer.
I would ask however that you nip outside and take the sole protester against Russia a cup of tea, maybe a sandwich and offer them the use of the toilet?
As you are aware we are supposed to have freedom of speech in the UK and so I assume no agency could take exception to this message to you. I am not a dissident,  ‎a traitor (for we are not at war), but a concerned citizen of the world, and despite Mrs May’s insistence still a citizen of the UK.
So anyway I hope all involved in this see sense, and again I urge all sides to allow the UN to do its job. 
Simon Jones‎

Brexit racists

A friend of mine put on a post which made me think. This was my response to his post about the rise in racism and nationalism since brexit. He seems to hold the opinion that the majority of brexit voters are haters. I did not vote to leave but easily could have.

Brexit voters are not all racists, bigots or fools. Many and by that I mean the vast majority were normal people striking out against bureaucratic control upon a ridiculous level. The EU did bring in some fabulous benefits such as the human rights act, open borders, open markets, but its ridiculous decision making and over legislation felt corrupt to many. The problem with Brexit was it was a joke for the establishment. It was never meant to happen, no way was boris and letwat ever supposed to win. Even boris looked like a startled cat when he did. The big problem was that brexit was the position the racists, nationalists, far right, whatever you want to call them naturally took. You now have a government being run by not only a woman that believes this gives her a mandate to hate, to focus upon the vulnerable, but a press and media that backs her up.
Its that attitude we need to fight, brexit was nota mandate to the right at all, many socialists believed in it, many people thought it a vote of no confidence in the Tories, some even I am sure just voted ‘out’ because it was that funny and affable fool off ‘Have I got news for you’.
There is a rise in hate, especially on here, but there are also far more people becoming ‘aware’ of the bias and corruption spread by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the establishment, people questioning our role in wars, arms deals and oil, we need to build upon this and ‘fight the right, for what is right’. If the brown shirts come for any of you, I will stand by you always, as I hope will the majority of people in our county, and our world. I am a citizen of Britain and the World!





Well I have to say things have become more oppressive not just within our party but society. It truly feels the beginning of something sinister. The problem is everyday our rights and freedoms are stolen, the vulnerable are targeted by the government, establishment and media. They use fear, mistrust and difference to usher in more and more restrictions upon us all.
Already people are likening things to 1930’s Germany. However what we need to realise its only some people that recognise the oppressive tactics. The majority of people truly are oblivious to it. They are more interested in soaps and video games than the real world. Politics is just something the bores talk about in the pub. ‘it don’t effect us’, or ‘I don’t do politics’. I hear this way too often. I know many that have no idea who the prime minister is, but see the queen as their better, ‘she does a wonderful job’ or ‘she didn’t choose to be queen’ and ‘bless her, she puts up with so much’. I feel like screaming at these people to wake up. Bang their heads on a wall and get them to truly see what is happening in our world. But saying that I also envy them. I would love not to care, to think X-factor was really important. Sadly I don’t. I have seen the effects of discrimination, of poverty, of abuse. I have spent years trying to make a difference in communities. I cannot turn it off. So when I see reports of ‘foreign workers’ being sent back, NHS being ‘privatised’, sick and disabled being sanctioned, curfews on communities, the elderly being robbed of entitlement and all the other horrific things that come to light daily I get mad. I feel anger and despair. I want change.
Its easy to target groups of people, cultures, religions, races, to blame the poorest, the weakest, to use them as focus for the corruption by those in power against the entire country, even the world, its easy because unless it directly effects people, generally they ignore it. Even if it does effect them they just think they can do nothing so guess what? They ignore it.
We are at a true cusp in history, a time to wake up the masses, between us free thinkers, we must be able to find a way. Some are awakening. Socialism is on the rise. But the trouble is as it builds strength so too does National Socialism, Nationalism, and hate.
So we need to not only counter the corruption, immorality, hate, discrimination but the apathy too.
This is the time to use our brains, between us all we can find a solution.

Feel free to share if you think its worthy of it.