Toxic Tories

Can we just be absolutely clear. Yesterday’s budget was to bribe middle England. To recruit traditional Tories from Toryland back to their failing party. It will not benefit the many, and again adds new levels of cruelty to the vulnerable.
This government once more prove themselves incapable of understanding hardship, of displaying empathy or car for those in need.
They continue to cull those at risk, whilst serving their own self interest.
We call time and time for an election, we fight to expose the truth, we endeavour to wake up the people to the true results of years of toxic and yes wicked greed, alas nothing has changed for the better.

What is next? How much worse can life get for those who’s lives are seen as not just unimportant, not just worthless, but those we are constantly told are a drain on this country’s resources.
The only true drain are those hoarding money for power and control. Those in charge who daily show us what a corrupt government truly can do to make life intolerable for so many.

When we compare the British Conservative Party to Fascists it is not a bit of banter, not defamation of them, it is a true and fair comparison. They may not wear the brown or black shirts of Hitler or Moseley but they practice their hatred and cruelty.
Their is one difference though, the Nazi’s and Fascists wanted their Country to be seen as dominant and strong, these clowns we have just want to strip it bare of assets and wealth, then leave for some tropical retirement.

We need to put a stop to this government’s ongoing cruelty right now. If they will not agree to democratic elections then we need to force their hands. Marches and demos have not worked. Time for civil unrest. To hit them where it hurts. In their pockets.

We need to bring the fruits of their corrupt practices to an end. We need to disrupt infrastructure. Take their profits. Make it impossible for them to gain from their immoral and often illegal behaviour.

Flash mob is not a term I am comfortable using but time for flash disruption. We do not need millions on a unreported march, we need pockets of resistance all over the UK to embark on legal, peaceful but firm activity.

Change is well overdue in the UK, the government are stagnant and toxic. Our children’s world needs to be one of nurture and hope, not cruelty, discrimination and death.

I am no longer afraid to stand against them, no longer afraid to speak my truths. Are you?




Ok what is money? Money is a promise issued by the government to provide goods, property or services to the value of the coin or note. It is in the UK generally measured in sterling, sterling silver, hence the metal strip in notes.
It’s worth always was only based on a belief in a promise. It was a way of carrying bartered promises with you and exchanging them with others.
When the belief that the government cannot back up its promises there tends to be huge inflation and a situation where people demand their money back, they want their promises fulfilled. This becomes what is known a ‘run on the banks’. Now you could demand a pounds worth of sterling silver or even gold for your pound of cash, which is why a country needs to hold reserves. The Government do not want you to do this.
The concept of ‘money’ is so simple yet so complex. Once upon a time, long long ago, the government (Royalty and the Royal Court) had very finite reserves. Their only lines of credit were form the land owners (Barons) and if they refused to lend monies then taxation was the other option. But even this was finite. It depended upon factors such as how the harvest had gone, what riches were obtained through barter, negotiation, diplomacy, trade and yes war with other kingdoms. It was also often based upon perceived strength, and as Britain had the best and strongest Navy in the world, and led the field in soldiering, we not only invaded countries, increasing our Empire and therefore wealth reserves, we had countries clamouring to be our friends in order for Britain to protect them.
We (as in Britain) were a ‘super power’ on the world stage. We still had huge numbers of folk living in poverty, dying of starvation on our streets, homeless, disease, but our ‘rich’ were the wealthiest class of people in the world.
Throughout our empire there may be famine, genocide, torture and death but the King or Queen of the day had the best finery and luxury that money could buy.
Yes there were rebellions both abroad within the empire and here in Britain but the mighty armed militias soon quelled them with violence and cruelty, sanctioning entire regions, putting leaders to death in many imaginative ways.
We were the Richest nation on Earth!
But then came the time of steam, of electricity, of radio. Things changed. Rebellions were no longer localised, they were world news, one tinder pot set off another. The cost of ‘policing’ started to eat into profits. Small military campaigns grew, and when they went awry other dissidents were encouraged to act.
The Boar war and Crimean war, along with uprisings on the Indian continent were costing dear. Then came the first world war, and Britain had to consider borrowing money off other nations, one of its biggest allies Russia had a revolution and this hit the British in ways never publicised. The main one in the pocket.
So at this point the British government started getting into debt. Now they were at this point only borrowing money that could be offset against the reserves of gold and silver held in the treasury. Then came the biggy, WW2, this was a fight to the death, the enemy with the advances in war machines were truly able to bring the fight to our door. This truly was all out war. We were out gunned and out numbered. As an Island State we depended upon our Empire to provide so much of the basics needed to sustain life within this ‘modern’ world.
To keep these supply lines open we needed ships, and lots of them. Every day we were losing ships to German U-boats (submarines) and the German airforce was decimating industrial areas of Britain. We were alone and starving to death. But then came ‘lease lend’. A way of the USA helping us without being seen to ally to us. This meant we would lease ships and arms from the USA to keep our supply lines open, to replace ships lost, and to fight off our enemies.
America was the most industrious nation ever by this point.
To keep us going the US government and firms extended us credit way beyond our gold reserves and our means. We took it, in the same way a drowning man reaches for a rope. No consideration for cost in the future, these were desperate times.
Soon the navy were sailing US ships, the airforce flying US planes and the army riding in US tanks.
Then came Pearl Harbour. December 1941 the Japanese attacked American naval and air forces. The decimated the American battleship fleet.
America entered the war.
Now you would think that as our allies now the US would start supplying equipment free of charge, ending lease lend? But nope we carried on sending promissory notes for money we did not have.
Eventually the war was won by the allies. Germany capitulated then Japan.
Now was time to pay. We were given terms by the US that would keep us afloat and fairly well off but also in debt to the US for a very long time. In the 1950’s the cost of policing the empire became so great that the Queen announced its dissolution. People thought it was because she personally was being humane to those nations we stripped and enslaved, but nothing was further from the truth, we were losing power and it was but a tactical retreat.
The British Establishment were still strong militarily but couldn’t counter peaceful demonstrations such as those led by Ghandi. Times were changing. But do not get it wrong her, this was not capitulation. The British tied these countries in trade deals through the formation of the Commonwealth. Like the EU but where Britain remained firmly in control. An Empire that did not need policing.
Now there are other factors too in the changing world that effected Britain, the main one was the rise of the union movement in the 19th and 20th centuries. This meant an end to domestic slavery of the workers, it was the foundation of fair pay, of fair working hours, of holiday pay, sick pay, health and safety in the workplace, of workers and human rights.
This had a huge impact. The Establishment were now to some degree accountable.
Votes for women also made huge changes. Challenging the patriarchy and its power over us all. Giving women a true voice. All these changes were won through shedding of blood, loss of freedom and lives. It is due to the actions of the brave folk that fought these battles against their self appointed masters that we have the rights now, that this government are determined to strip us of.
So back to money, money works as a system as long as it flows, is exchanged, however capitalism does not preach that. Capitalism is about hoarding these promissory notes, about controlling the flow of such promises whilst holding onto as many of them as you can.
To those with money it is not about the choices it gives us, the buying of that suit, coat, or even tampon! Of whether we eat or the kids do! Even of whether we can afford to go to hospital and pay the parking charges. To the rich, its about game play, we are all just indicators of how much more money they have than us.
In some ways their role us not to make more money it is to prevent us making any. In their insular world money truly is power and as with all abusers it is power they crave.
At the moment we pander to that, we spend our power on things that have no true value, upon a label, the latest technology we do not need, on entertaining and deflecting, distracting us of the cruel reality of our lives.
Until we realise this, that money truly is a tool to keep us in our place we will always be subjugated, controlled and owned. We will be subservient to those with copious. Amounts of money, we will only ever be the chaff to them.
I am not rich, I often need to decide whether I eat or live. That is our reality. And if you think ‘I am alright Jack’ because you have a good job, savings, a nice living standard, so did I until a few years ago, then I got ill! Now I exist, barely as do so many others, and all my savings and luxury did not last as long as you think.
So please read, share and open your eyes to reality if not already all too aware.


On top of physical health am fighting depression brought about by life changes, pain, immobility, constant exhaustion, not being able to socialise and not getting out. My bad days are bed bound or at best housebound. Having more of them than not. My good days are also pretty housebound with only a trip to shop to break monotony.
I am ok in myself at this moment as in functioning but been a few times of late where i haven’t and came close to looking at ‘other options’, a thought process constantly at the back of my mind.
I had planned a few trips this year but pretty much had to cancel them all.
Holding several insulin pens in hand can give one ideas. However the thought that I am a dad has so far pulled me through.
I have spoken to GP and counsellor but not helped much. Dealing with a fair bit myself and been trying to help others but in doing so what has been left of my stamina seeps away.
Truly cannot take much more. Will still be a friend when I can but things truly do need to change. Depression and anxiety were not issues for me prior to physical illness, well not upon this level. They go hand in hand with my conditions, but family issues, the assaults, further health issues with no good outcomes, money issues (not destitute so please do not offer as I know some will) and other issues within my life, including feeling valueless are destroying me.
I know folk will want to reply with kind words, offers and deeds but I truly do not want that. All I want is to feel respected, to be seen, be heard, be accepted, maybe valued and to be allowed to live when I can. Is that too much for any human to want?

Who are we?

Who are we? who are you? who am I?

How can we define ourselves? we use nationality, age, gender, religion, culture, employment. education, ability, class, colour, weight, height, language, eye colour, hair colour, we may use our status of being a parent, a son, a daughter, an orphan, a sibling, an aunt, uncle a grandparent, a citizen, we may see ourselves as richer poorer due to material wealth, or maybe its love, friendship and loyalty that are the true riches. The home or lack of it is usually used as a social indicator, as is the car we drive.

Others may use all these examples to define us, but also see us as humble, arrogant, wise, foolish, happy, sad, brave, cowardly, meek or even wild.

Maybe though what truly define sus is far more elusive? Maybe it is more about the experiences we gathered on our voyage to this point in history, possibly the decisions already made or about to be made?

So who am I? well yes I am a white British male, I am a father, I am overweight, I am living with chronic illness, I was a social worker, I am a socialist, I am a biker, I have friends, I am social, I speak only one language fluently (this one), I am a son, a brother. My hair was blonde but now mousey brown with grey, my eyes are still blue. I’m six foot tall and in my very early fifties as I write this.

My future plans changed when I got ill and had to retire from my career. I was earning good money and loved my job, at that time if asked to define myself it would have been at the top of my list. The past few years have been challenging and at best unsettled, at worst, well let us say touch and go.

I lived and worked all over the UK as a social worker, but now spend 80 – 90% of my time in my little disabled bungalow. I do still have occasional good days and do get out upon those, that is when I see myself as living rather than just existing.

So given all the above I am sure some folk would describe me as arrogant, foolish, a snowflake, a wuss, a scrounger, fat, and many other derogatory terms, in fact I know a few that do just that. Others see me differently, thankfully, I see myself somewhere in the middle. I am a human being, not perfect and completely fallible.

There are some people I see as I see myself, some I have a little less respect for but the vast majority I believe have huge potential to be far better than me. You may well be one of them

What I really respect in people is morality, being ethical, challenging discrimination and hate. I do not care what you drive, the clothes you wear, whether you live in a mansion or a tent, Your phone doesn’t impress me, nor does the name on your handbag. The people I am drawn to may have nothing or everything materially, but they will share whatever they do have to alleviate the pain and anguish of others.

You can be whoever you are with me. You can laugh with me, cry upon me, shout or scream at me. If you need me I will try to be there, as I know many of you would be for me.

My class is human.

So whether you are a biker, or rapper, whether you have kids or not, whether you have scars, stretch marks or a few ripples like me, you have the potential to be my friend. You will not be judged ever as harshly as I judge myself, You need no airs and graces, you need only be yourself.

If you want to better yourself, do so by being humane, not for stretching out into the void for lavishes you never will likely receive.

Live life for you, your family and those you love, the only person that has the right to criticise you is you, and then it will likely be too harsh.





When you donate and wear your poppy, whatever colour please remember what those servicemen, women, civilians and yes children died fighting.

In 1939 after National Socialist Germany (Nazi Germany) under the leadership of their ‘Fuhrer’ (leader) Adolf Hitler (an Austrian born ex German Army corporal who used vicious aggression, lies, cruelty and hate to gain power from a nation under heavy sanction from The League of Nations – forerunner of the United Nations, but only made up from the victors of World War one ) invaded Poland, Britain declared war upon Germany. Hitler’s Government used the power of propaganda, lies and dissent to convince a nation that the Jews had caused the financial crash through greed and corruption. They cited the Jewish religion as being the murderers of Christ, even though they had no belief or respect for Christianity, calling priests and officials of the church ‘black crows’. They turned a nation against those of the Jewish faith, legalising theft against them, promoting damage and assaults against them then soon setting up the camps, places where the Jews were transported in cattle trucks to, places where they were either worked until death, or just killed.

In these camps, some of which you all know the names of (or should do) such as Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald and Belsen concentration camps, children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters were split up. They were dehumanised, stripped of all they owned, assaulted, raped, starved, murdered. They were turned against each other as their world had turned upon them. They were tortured, experimented upon and mutilated.

These people were treated worse than animals, and when their lives served no further purpose they were gassed in the infamous shower blocks, or just shot where they stood. They were buried not in graves but in mass lime pits, so that their bodies broke down to nothing.

It was not just Jews treated in this way though, communists, socialists(despite their name National Socialists were not socialists they were extreme right wing fascists), non whites (though allied with Japan they still saw the Japanese as racially inferior), so if you were black, Asian, or infact not blonde haired with blue eyes you were seen as under class.

The disabled were amongst the first victims of the Nazis. They were seen to be a drain upon society and genetically inferior. (Can you see similarities surfacing in today’s UK). Euthanasia the mass killing of the disabled was the order of the day in Nazi Germany. Even using mentally ill or folk with learning disabilities to walk in front of troops clearing minefields because their lives were worthless.

The Nazis ruled through fear and violence, they encouraged family members to inform on each other. Their mottos (such as those over the gates of the camps – Work makes you free, and Strong and Stable (adopted by Theresa May and the British Conservatives) were bandied about in their media as propaganda and lies suppressed the truth.

The Nazis had no compassion, no care for human or animal life, (though Hitler had his beloved German Shepherd Goldie and was himself reported to be vegetarian), they laid waste huge stretches of land throughout the world killing all that inhabited it on sight.

These were Nazis, the Nazis whose banner the swastika


the British Far Right – EDL, Britain First, Albion First, the BNP and other less well known groups produce at marches and demonstrations hide behind and adopt. This is not about national pride, it is about hate, oppression, cruelty, violence, torture, and yes its about murder.

These are the people our parents, grandparents and great grandparents fought and died to protect us from. Do not be taken in buy those that try to use the poppy, the Union Flag, or the St Georges Cross to promote their hate. These images are owned not by them but by those that fought and died, that breathed to challenge these vile creatures. We cannot allow Nazism to rise up once more anywhere, especially here.

So wear your poppy with pride, if you so choose. It symbolises freedom, the struggle against hate as much as a reminder of all those that died, bled and were maimed fighting for what they believed was right. These were not just English soldiers and civilians, they were made up of all nations, even those in Germany. Italy, Japan, Hungary, and all the axis countries that rose against the oppression of their leaders.


Brexit truth and fiction

Ok folk saying the Brexit vote was done, the people have spoken! Yep the people did vote and the vote was for Brexit. However, the information or rather misinformation we were provided with by those we were meant to trust was not just flawed but blatant lies. It was all actually supposed to be a simple publicity campaign for Cameron and his flunky government.
No one expected people to vote for leaving the EU, in fact not even those leading the leave campaign, Boris and Farage wanted a vote to leave. They only were leading the campaign for their own self promotion.
So given we were fed lies, more lies and more damn lies realistically we were not in a position to make any informed choice.
We know the laws regarding elections, laws not rules, were broken, yet those truly responsible were not even properly challenged never mind investigated or charged, such is the farce of the British legal system. These liars, cheats and fraudsters truly are above any laws of this country.
So a vote for leave happened, based upon fantasy. Then we have Theresa the Traitor May stepping in when Piggy Cameron ran away to sun himself wrapped in hundreds of thousands of £50 notes from his ‘offshore’ bank accounts.
Now Theresa and her corrupt money obsessed husband decide to make the most of this Brexit situation, not for us, the folk of the country, but for themselves and the shareholders in Mr May’s list of companies.
So first thing she decides to do is end the UK’s compliance with EU legislation on human and workers rights, thus enabling corporations, businesses and companies (such as those owned and controlled by Brian – oops wrong Mr May, business) to slash conditions for those employed and yes housed by them.
Then given her new position she can ally with tyrannical regimes that will buy weapons (guess who supplies these? Yep hubby May).
She is supposed to be negotiating for a tactical retreat of the UK from the EU, however she makes such a hash of it that even the heads of the other EU countries decide to ignore her and tell the British folk that if they want as individuals we can stay EU members.
Now back to this Brexit vote, well yes we voted for Brexit, yes a few folk still believe the lies we were told, a few still think the British, or more likely the English are superior to the rest of Europe, but now the truth has seeped into the heads of many that voted leave they have suddenly realised they were duped (not to be confused with Theresa being DUPed).
Now we vote in new governments every few years in the UK. Sadly of late folks have been fed more lies and propaganda by all the main media in Britain, so the Tories have been able to strip our economy bare, but even given this there is still the prospect a change of government could reverse most of the theft they have committed against us.
The Brexit vote however offers no opportunity to fix the errors their lies have caused. Once we leave it will be final. No going back.
Now some folk still see the forecasts of the crash of the pound, runs on banks, no trade abroad meaning few exports or imports, and economical along with physical isolation as scare mongering, maybe they are, but if not life is about to get very difficult for us.
Already British citizens are dying under the auspices that the fabricated ‘austerity’ brings. (Yet more fraud from these Tory thieves). If the forecasts prove true hundreds of thousands killed by this government will become likely counted with six zero’s. Can we live with thats? Clearly some of us won’t.
So what to do? Do we go blindly into the abyss because the stubborn say ‘the people have voted’ or do we recognise that the vote was firstly not legally binding, and secondly not democratic due to lies, fraud and untruths?
Do we accept such a dangerous path based upon the corrupt self promotion of a few greedy politicians? Or do we recognise that the cost to employment, diversity, rights, and quality of life is too much?
You tell me, but do not tell me ‘the people have voted’ for a vote based purely upon fantasy and lies is not a democratic vote in any reality.


Dog of Socialism


People bandy around this word justice all too often. We assume because we are a ‘free Western Country’ that we have justice. We in the UK have had our legal system for centuries so surely that indicates that we live in a society that values justice.

Our courts are almost as grand as our churches and often much bigger. We have the servants and dealers of justice, lawyers, barristers and judges. We have the world oldest police force to investigate crimes and protect us all? All this surely must mean we live in a just society?

Anyone can apply to the courts can’t they? We live in a democracy do we not? And if so surely that promotes choice and a collective consensus so that is just?

No man or woman is above the law, we know this because from being children we are taught it through school, college, university, and by our parents that believe it. It must be true?

Sadly my view has changed, I through life experience, through working in the courts, through having to apply to the courts, through working closely with the police, having to call upon them, and being upon the end of their tactics of controlling those that dare stand up against injustice, who has campaigned for change using democratic ‘rights’, who has seen those rights, eroded, stolen, ignored and sadly smashed by the police, the courts and yes the government have long since realised we live in a society where justice does not exist.

Now I live my life within the law as much as possible, but often it now seems more existing than living.

Ok here are the issues that I as a simple human being, a citizen living within the United Kingdom of Great Britain, The Commonwealth, and Protectorates see them.

The laws:

We live in a society where though we have no written constitution we have a system where there is more legislation governing and restricting us than that of any other country upon this planet. The laws we live by are split into various categories such as, statute law, case law, civil, criminal, contract, by-law, orders, the list goes on. No one lawyer, judge or law maker can pretend to know or even understand all the legislation we live under.

Some laws make sense, some really don’t. We have laws dating back to the Magna-Carta in the days of King John, his Barons and his child bride, and we have legislation likely only ratified yesterday.

Not all laws are relevant to today’s society but unless they are removed from statute they can possibly still be used.

It is for these reasons we have specialists in law, and the phrase ‘anyone representing themselves has a fool for a client’ holds true.

Now up until fairly recently we here in…….well you know where, had access to these lawyers through a system of legal aid. This meant for the most part the less wealthy in society could be represented in court by a specialist lawyer. That they could bring cases or defend themselves against those seeking to cause them harm, damage or loss. It meant that often an individual could for many reasons access some protection from injustice.

Now however under the guise of ‘Austerity’ we have very limited legal aid left, we cannot access it for most cases of litigation and it is only there for defence in criminal and some cases of public law.

This means the majority have no legal access to support in cases of debt, defamation, assault, hate crime, failings of statutory bodies, councils or government.

People lose homes, families, belongings and lives through this.

We also are living in the only nation where you can be convicted without trial. Fixed penalty notices and cautions are seen as admissions of guilt and recorded as such.

We have police forces which we know all to well are underfunded but also have stagnated. The best of officers often pushed out in favour of to be frank, lazy, violent bullies. This becomes more apparent daily as people readily now video incidents and we get to see how these uniformed thugs act.

The police it now has been disclosed failed to investigate a million crimes. I personally have been thrice a victim of assault due to disability and received no support and can state have been treated with contempt by Derbyshire police upon each occasion. We are told to report crime, yet in doing so just subject ourselves to ridicule, scorn and apathy.

So given my experiences and the experiences of others with the police and courts I to be brutally honest now have no trust in justice in the legal sense. I have seen the ongoing rise in fascism, hate, cruelty and corruption, so have no faith that there is such a thing as social justice either. The fact that the Government is still in the hands of a party that has lied to, thieved off, killed, disowned, disenfranchised & deported so many of our own folk, have murdered people here and abroad in the name of greed, corruption and power, have aligned with and supported tyrannical and yes inhuman regimes, that have been investigated and criticised twice by the United Nations for inhuman treatment of the most vulnerable in our society, means to me that we have no democracy therefore no democratic justice.

Now you will form your own opinions. Those that cannot let go of the lifetime of propaganda they have been fed will never agree with me. Hopefully some folk with their eyes open will.

What we can do to change this? Well this is an answer I do not have, people will I am sure just comment ‘vote Jeremy in’ or JC4PM, which I do believe would facilitate change, but sadly my belief in any semblance of democracy has waned and I am becoming more certain the Establishment will never let this happen.

Is revolution the answer? Maybe one day, but will it be ever possible? With current opinions, apathy and splits, with division and the I am alright Jack view held by many, I do not think it will be soon. Each day that passes under this unjust system more of us, our friends, family and neighbours will suffer and yes die.

We we see justice before its too late? I hope with all my heart and soul  we do so.


Dog of Socialism

Who am I? I am human.

I was born a male, not a choice, I try to be a good humane human. That is a choice. I live my life the best I can. I know her post was not directed at me as an individual but included me, and that is what offended, that and her friends comment about all ‘free men’ being abusers and rapists. If you believe such shite, firstly I am truly sorry that something or someone has hurt you that severely, but remind you it was not me, was not the majority of men, that we do not all abuse others, we do not all rape or oppress or control others. Most of us live our lives in the best way possible for us. We are all products of our past, of experience, upbringing, and most of us recognise good from bad most of the time.
I have feelings, I laugh and yes cry. I feel happy and sad. Loved and alone. Popular and isolated. Confident and afraid. I am human. A person. A son. A brother. A dad. A friend. A teacher. A student.
I am fallible, stupid, foolish yet can do right, can make right choices and can show wisdom. I am human.
I am no better than you, and likely no worse.
I make mistakes often, but thats my persona, not my gender.
I am like you formed by society and it imprisons us. It tells us what it expects and like you it attempts to force me to comply. I often don’t. I often rebel. I am human.
I choose to be called Jonesy for that defines and describes me in ways Simon does not.
I am weak, yet also strong. I bleed as do we all in our own ways. I am human.
I will not apologise for things outside of my control, for things I could not choose. I will apologise when I err, for err I will. I am human.
I am me, I am right, I am wrong, I am rich in the best ways as a dad, a relation, a friend, I am poor in the materialistic sense but thats ok. I am Jonesy. I am here. I am human.


The curtains fall from the truth

“I think people will feel a difference because they will know that for the first time in decades it is the UK government that is deciding who can come into the country,”
Theresa May in interview with BBC. The curtains hiding the truth dropping daily.
So Brexit is not about immigration and pandering to the far right then Theresa?
With this statement, along with her attempts to remove the Human Rights Act, Windrush, Grenfell and her governments continued attacks upon the disabled, poor and displaced within our society, who can fail to see the same path being trod as was cut into the annals of history by Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists, Mussolini’s Fascists and all the Axis nations of WW2. Remember she quoted ‘Mein Kampf’ with her ‘strong and stable’ catchphrase.
And yet I am certain this hypocrite will lay a reef at the cenotaph to remember those that died fighting such horrors as she not only advocates but promotes and enacts.
We truly need to stop these vile cruel criminals against humanity. It might sound like I am being dramatic but I am certain I am not.
People might not be being imprisoned for speaking out yet, but soon we likely will be. No legal aid means we have no legal defence.
She has it seems got the Parachute Regiment training to quell civil uprising. Her government own the BBC.
People need to wake up to it now.
We need to put a stop to this wicked, corrupt government and their establishment backers.
Think on it.

Jonesy Jones
Dog of Socialism

Time to end lie of austerity.

So its pointing towards more cuts to local government services in the name of the con which is ‘austerity’. Let’s think about this. What is local government, as a pose to government? Well local services such as bins, roads, lollipop people, education, teachers, dinner supervisors, police, fire brigades, planning, housing, adult and yes children’s social services come under the financial banner of ‘local government’.
Now saying that, central government, Theresa the Traitor and Co, they are supposed to supplement the money we pay to local government through council tax from the money raised by all the other taxes we pay to them. From car tax, income tax to VAT and capital gains tax.
The councils used to control the way money was spread out through the services but now they also have to pay private companies due to government forcing them to privatise bins, road services, housing, and many other services. That means however much money the council budget is cut by they still have to finance them, including bus companies that run tendered services, those routes that they say they cannot profit by.
This means the services we need that are not privatised such as social care and most of education (not academies) have their monies cut.
Now some of you know, before illness hit me I was a social worker and manager in child protection, and i worked all over England and Wales. I cannot work anymore in the field but keep up to date with colleagues, legislation changes and issues.
When I managed teams you were expected to have several years experience on the front line. Newly qualified workers were given protected case loads until they had more experience and were not allowed to undertake Section 47 (child protection) enquiries until they had gained the experience and skills.
Due to cuts however experienced workers were given higher and more challenging caseloads, they deal with the most horrific issues in society and if front line often walk into situations alone which the ‘brave police’ would need assign several officers armed and armoured, to attend the same address. They see the most heart wrenching cases, experience emotions you cannot help but take home with you. This is not anywhere near as bad as the horrors experienced by the victims of abuse, but it is all day every day of their working life. Their job is to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and yes sometimes they fail, sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they to be frank are naff at their jobs but generally they are not, generally they go the extra mile. The role of child protection social worker is not 9-5 and rarely allows for a social life.
Sadly the experienced of us often end up like me becoming too ill to work, or becoming so fed up and stressed they don’t want to work in the field anymore. This has led to newly qualified workers, straight from uni, after only a few months being promoted to senior practitioners and then managers. This is ridiculously dangerous. They end up with huge unmanageable case loads, no resources and no support. They are constantly under threat of having their registration publicly removed or worse.
The get limited of often no supervision and due to the cuts can no longer rely on support from other agencies including the police.
This then becomes a horrific situation for children and families that are living with abuse, kids at significant risk of harm through neglect, physical abuse. Sexual abuse or as with all abuse emotional harm.
Families being split apart instead of supported, children being taken into a care system not fit for purpose. Parents and children living in abject poverty due to austerity and the effects of universal credit and zero hour contracts.
The NSPCC adverts are not even close to what these folk go through.
This is only an example of the true effects of the lie that is austerity, us the people of the UK bailing out bankers after they gambled with our money. They were back on full bonuses within weeks but ten years down the line we the poor are still paying whilst they and the Tories profiteer.
That is Austerity.
This needs to stop now! We need to stop it. Time to rid the Tories, end establishment control and take our country and our lives back.

Dog of Socialism

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