Labour and my view

First of all, I do not know the religious persuasion of my friends, unless they decide to tell me. It is not important to me in choosing my friends. I can not identify the religion of people in public unless they choose to wear identifiable religious dress such as dog collar, burka, turban, kippah, habit, kasaya, or any other that denotes their faith.
When I meet someone for the first time or at any time I do not ask their beliefs, unless it is part of a wider conversation, and am not offended by their following any faith or indeed no faith.
I do not want a genealogical history of anyone, and do not judge based on skin colour, features, ability, diet, culture or dress.
To me and to be honest the majority of people I associate with, a person is a person. Any decisions I make in regard to them are through their personality, social presentation, and my interaction with them. If we get on then we can call each other friend, if we don’t then we may be acquaintance, and rarely if their is reason then maybe even foe, but that truly is rare. There are folk I like and have common interest or values, their are those I like though we share little mutual commonality.
This is how I live my life. I actively challenge all discrimination, I hope I always have and know I always will.
I am a member of the Labour Party for the Party, its leader and the vast majority of the membership seem to me to share my morality and views.
I will not claim to have never met a racist party member, but I could count on one hand those I have come across in 35yrs, and can categorically state I have not met face to face any that have voiced antisemitic views.
I have seen odd comments on facebook that I can see come across as antisemitic, but these are not stand alone comments, are always linked to the horrors of Palestine and if they cross the line of criticising the perpetrators of terror, torture, oppression and genocide of the Palestinian people, I absolutely challenge them and if appropriate I would report to the appropriate authorities and Labour Party.
Often peoples lack of language skills, or inability to recognise the difference between governments, groups and individuals, and the actions of each, may lead to misinformed comment or statement.
People in all walks of life share memes or quotes sometimes with no true understanding of the source or meaning. Yes this needs picking up on.
I however state unequivocally that my understanding is that yes there may be racist members of the Labour Party, but given his past life record Jeremy Corbyn is not one of these. That he has proved time and time again to stand against oppression and hate, and in many ways share my morality, ethics and views. That he challenges racism and I include antisemitism in that definition.
I am concerned that there are people within religious groups of most faiths that are scared of a possible world leader that cannot be bought, that values honest, fairness and peace. That will take on corporations and even the establishment to provide a fairer society that benefits the majority rather than an elitist wealthy minority.
I believe these people will use whatever immoral lies, spin, fabricated allegations and propaganda to discredit him and those who stand with him.
I believe there are a number of foreign governments that are using underhand tactics to prevent his being elected, and yes members of his own party, in particular the right wing of the Labour Party that are sabotaging his leadership from within.
These unprincipled people are being supported by a press and media owned by those who are frightened by his strength and purpose, and who are desperate to depose him.
I am not alone in my views, the Labour Party now boasts 800,000 full members. Associated membership through union membership increases the figures further.
We on the whole I believe are members because we believe in socialism, in fairness, equality and yes stand against all forms of discrimination.
So when you read a slur story, or hear a defamatory comment please look who is making it, think of what they may lose if we have a country that uphold socialist values, or what they may gain by attacking Jeremy Corbyn or the members of the Labour Party.
It really is all I can ask of you, but then hopefully you will see past the bile and realise those currently pulling the strings of our lives are vile venom filled greedy corrupt haters that will do anything to protect their own power and wealth at our cost.
Thank you for reading this, please feel free to share in any medium, but keep my name upon it.
Another human.

Propaganda by proxy

I know that words are mightier than the sword but to trawl through years of speeches in an attempt to find a single misuse of one to defend the perpetrators of genocide, murder and war is going a tad far. Bullets shot into innocent Palestinians, bombs dropped on Yemeni children, strafing civilians in Syria are far worse crimes, and ones our so called leaders are all too complicit in.
We have no free press, just the paid puppets of corporations, rogue states and our own lovely Establishment.
So when you get angry about the way someone is criticising ‘Zionists’ or has allegedly ‘made’ someone feel ‘unwelcome’ think about those poor folk killed, maimed and living in fear each day at the bidding of those paying to feed you their propaganda.

By the way this is not spam or hate. This is free speech.

Free speech the cost

Speech is never free. There is always a cost. We may offend, or water down our views so as not to offend. We may lie or wave our moral and ethical belief. We are often censored and even silenced. We can be victimised or ostracised. All we can truly do is keep saying it as it is and hope someone hears, reads and takes note.
Hiding the truth never succeeds in anything but enraging the masses once outed.
In the old days so to speak we used soap boxes, chairs and steps to raise us to speak. At the moment its face book and twitter but if need be I am sure I can find another box, and then I can only be silenced by force.
My words can be written, spoken sang or screamed.
Facebook’s colluding with the establishment and right wing will only hinder, never stop us, and ultimately will be its own end.
We are strong, we speak the truth, we demand freedom and equality.
Jonesy Jones

Fairy tales

How cool would it be to look at the world and only see the world we want.
The only criminals being on impoverished estates designed to keep them from us. All theft carried out by drug addicts looking for their next score.
Police there to protect us and tell us the time if our mobile runs out of batteries.
The government making life better for us.
The army there to defend our great nation.
The news giving us daily truth.
Education there to give us knowledge.
A job for all that want one and only the lazy are unemployed.
Middle class is better than working class. But upper class are there to rule us as is ‘gods will’.
The poor disabled have lots of money and all use wheel chairs.
If you are ill the hospitals make you better no matter what, but only ‘real English’ should use them.
The rich have money because they worked hard. We all can be rich if we work hard too. Or win the lottery.
Being a celebrity makes you important. Seeing one is exciting.
Only the lazy are fat.
Scruffy people are thieves or layabouts.
Being gay is a sin.
White people deserve a better standard of life than anyone else.
All black people are in gangs.
All bikers are in gangs.
Teenagers on the streets need curfews.
Kids should not be allowed to play out as they are just a nuisance.
Unions are only there to disrupt the country.
Socialism is communism and evil.
Money is what life is about.
A good person has better stuff.
Homeless people are all druggies and need to be arrested.
Politics is boring and I don’t do it. Just vote conservative as they know whats best.
All Muslims are terrorists.
Immigrants come and take our jobs and benefits.
The poor are only poor because they choose to be or cannot be bothered to budget.
Free Sally Webster

The list goes on. Its ridiculous is it not. Surely no one sees like like that? Sadly though too many do. Thats what we are fighting. Its not voter apathy, its folk that really have no idea how the world works and frankly do not care.
If you are reading this you probably are not one of them, but we all know of them, often even live with them.
These are the people we would need to wake up to make a difference.
Every one of these people need a good shake, but how do we achieve that?
You tell me.


Not sure what to do now. Feel sick to the bone. Mood lower than been for a while, not seeing an future. Lay on sofa in going out gear unable to move. Its like a tsunami of dread and hopelessness has washed me away.
My inner strength no longer seems to exist. I look around what until now felt like home, but self preservation now sees it only as a house.
Everything I now have is at risk.
I have not chose this life, do not want to live like this, i want a career, my career back, i want my self respect and self worth, but illnesses have stripped me of those options.
Now this one brown envelope threatens to strip that last bit of security from me.
My illnesses caused depression and anxiety, now this has made things so unbearable in one simple form.
I try to rationalise what will happen and that its just a process, but in my heightened state all i can see is grey mist, a huge wall of grey stone and little people sitting at desks shooting at me whilst manically laughing.
The world outside my window suddenly is oppressive and scary. The tree in my front garden feels so much bigger and closer as if a sentinel guarding me from escape. My net curtains my only defense from prying eyes.
Even within this house only my sofa feels safe. I dare not move, expecting a knock upon my door from some uniformed officious ogre wanting me to move out with nothing to show for my 51 years.
Yes inside I know this makes no sense, but even deeper within me a dark weight has encompassed my very being.
I keep trying to remind myself I am a parent, but that no longer carries the strong resolve it used to, due to recent events.
I cannot decide whether there is still a fight within or just simple flight.
Yes one large brown envelope, with a reasonably short form, but with a possible path to oblivion hidden within its meaning.
The long fight endured up to now, the challenging, the appeals, the interviews and yes tribunal, the continued stripping away of all that made me feel human. The fear of living upon my good days.
And these forms arriving on a Saturday, designed it seems to enhance the effect of the cruelty.
To those who have no idea what this means, how this feels, I truly am glad for you, for my friends that have or will have endured this you have my empathy and support, however I truly do not know if I can deal with this, if I can put myself through any more. It already is nigh on impossible to see beyond a few days, I struggle to find reason to wake up. Never mind get up. I so often wish I never had to wake again.
I find constant pain draining, you may see me on a good day as being ok but am never without the aches in my limbs, the fire in my veins or the ice in my bones. I cannot go anywhere without a fear of not finding a loo in time. I carry drugs that if were not prescribed would have me locked up in an instant.
I then feel the guilt for my illnesses are not on their own likely to end my life, though some may do, but I can fight the illnesses for years and years, can adapt and survive, its this country, this society and this culture of oppression and helplessness i may not win against, the dark fears and despair that may yet end me.
This brown envelope my just be the straw unless I can find some hope. Some focus. See a happy ever after. Sadly not sure if I will.
I am sharing this as my feelings right now as I write them. I am sharing because I know how many of my wonderful friends have been or are going through this cruel process right now.
I can write my feelings, others cannot or will not.
Judge me as you will. Yes I do probably deserve your scorn, your loathing and contempt. If I offend then apologise.
All I know is how this has made me feel. I hope I can fight my way through it. But truly am not sure I will.

Impressions of Hanley

Well hobbled around Hanley today. The social deprivation is so visible. Large numbers of homeless. The people are from my experience lovely once you get them to engage, but so many avoid eye contact and even are often walking with their heads to the ground.
There are no aires and graces from these folk. I spoke to a lovely woman who worked in a town centre cafe. She said she was not interested in politics but could see how terrible things have got and continue to get. She said the last few years had crippled Hanley.
Again the people are truly affable, but not cheery or even happy. Most on the face of it are without hope.
There are so many empty shops even within the actual town centre.
The local Wetherspoons seemed to be the most frequented commercial premises despite the early hour.
Today there was an evident military police and local police presence in the town centre.
Hanley is deprived, it is run down and has more than its share of social issues that can only be evident to any visitor, but it is not dirty, nor rough and to me completely free from the aggression or tension that some other cities display.
Sadly though it is a shadow of the bustling town i remember even from twenty years ago, and nothing like it was in the heydays of the world renown potteries.
It has left me feeling quite sad, and longing for better times.
Jonesy Jones


The truth as I understand it.

Jeremy Corbyn in not antisemitic or a racist, he does however stand against Israeli genocide, expansionism, murder and cruelty currently focused upon the Palestinian people. He does not associate or collude with terrorists. He did help broker peace in Northern Ireland at the bequest of members of cross party and government committees. He did not lay wreaths or visit graves of Palestinian terrorists but did visit graves of victims of Palestinian victims of Israeli martial aggression and assassination.

The media and establishment are now that desperate to get rid of the perceived threat Corbyn and socialism poses to their power base and the corruptive practises they use to manipulate us and facilitate their profiteering and greed.

Corbyn has not betrayed the Army, Navy or Airforce. He is committed to having a well trained and well equipped effective conventional military, that are capable of defending the UK and its protectorates as well as aiding in a non imperialist, non aggressive ways in situations of genuine UN mandated humanitarian crisis’. He also has I believe committed to providing full comprehensive support to military veterans.

Jeremy also has clearly undertook to renationalise industry and infrastructure that was privatised by consecutive conservative and neoliberalist led governments, purely for the benefit of wealthy monopolised shareholders. Where can we argue with that? Unless of course any of us have a few million shares in these companies?

Jeremy also has committed to defend the NHS and reverse the damage done to it by asset stripping and back door privatisation and profiteering.

MR C also has stated he will end austerity and rectify any damage done to the safety net that the welfare state should provide.

He in favour of a universal minimum living wage, and offers support to small businesses that cannot safely provide that.

To me the truth is he is a good man with an ethical moral vision that will benefit all but the greedy, cruel and corrupt.

You decide.


Take back

What a vile country in a vile world we live in. Time for change. We truly cannot wait any longer, Yemen, Palestine and everywhere our leaders are supporting death, cruelty, murder, hate and oppression. Oh let’s not forget the UK too. Enough is enough.

They do not report on our demonstrating. They twist the truth. They condemn us with lies. They oppress us with fear, surveillance and laws. They divide us with hate.

Its time to take sides. The super rich, the establishment and aristocracy are not our friends, they are not our natural rulers, they have no love, empathy or even tolerance for us. We to them are cattle, that are only useful when feeding their bellies.

They are killing our own families and millions abroad. Here through the corruption and lie of austerity, and abroad through the profiteering of war.

We must now take back our country not from ‘immigrants’ but from those vile beings that oppress us, that destroy us for profit, power and amusement. Those creatures that gladly burn a fifty pound note in front of a homeless human.

That will spend fifty million pounds on a wedding and allow so many to die on our streets due to poverty.

We look back at history and see how bad things were for the poor, yet we ignore how vile it is to be sick disabled or disadvantaged today.

Time to make a stand. Let’s show them its our country, our lives, our families and our futures that matter. We need not be ruled by numbers, for the only numbers that truly matter are those that show just how many we outnumber them by.

We need not live in fear any longer. They should be fearing us. Our taking back what we rightfully deserve. Sharing wealth throughout society not hiding it in banks as a trophy, investing in humanity not greed.