Moral majority remains moral

What is starting now is exactly why we are not allowed to bear arms. It was never about public safety, they sold it to us as such, but saying this I was never a supporter of people having guns. Sadly in the UK the establishment, police, forces and criminals do all have firearms.

Any real revolution in the UK cannot be force against force. We will lose. David and Goliath is a Myth and us trying to take over the country with any form of violence will mean huge loss of life. Our lives. That achieves nothing.
For change to happen we must take away profits, we must hinder their greed, we must ensure they eyes of the world are upon us and on our side.
We need to make their control of Britain untenable, we need to show their foot soldiers that if they continue to support and sure up the corruption of the super and mega rich, that is they who will be judged. That they are on the wrong side.
Violence will just keep us subjugated and will aid them.
This weekend at least 60 demos are planned. Keep them peaceful. Do not be goaded into any violent response.
We need to look at holding up infrastructure, costing them money, and in the event of any violence ensure it is clear it is only from them.
We are the moral majority. We need to stay as such.
Jonesy Jones

Evolution from capitalism and greed

So Boris has gone against the house, the speaker & the democratic process and asked the Queen to dissolve parliament, oh and the impartial BBC’s Kuenssberg is overtly supporting him.

When democracy fails what are our choices, nay duties as citizens of the UK? I know that the Government have alerted the armed forces, our armed forces, our sons, daughters, grand children and friends, in order to instigate Martial Law and qwell any attempt by the populace, the public, which is us.

So folks do we lay down and accept this, do we betray ourselves, do we become traitors by complicity to our children and their’s?


Do we get angry, do we take action, do we make our stand, do we end up getting judged by history as cowards, fools or moral heroes?

The choice is ours.

How do we achieve a stand? We network off social media, WhatsApp and mobiles, we do not Skype or email our plans. We talk, we meet, we discuss how to make an impact. We use our legal and ethical rights to free speech, to demonstrate, to strike. We reimplement the rights they have stolen from us over the last 4 decades. We hit their profits and attack their driving motivation – greed.

We become British once again and fight with sweat blood and if need be our lives to ensure the best outcome for our children.

Not revolution but evolution from the failure and cruelty that is the capitalist world (yes world) Establishment. Countries are no longer recognised in this world order, the only loyalty the establishment have is to greed, money and power.

My children have a right to freedom, a right to family life, a right to security and a right to a safety net. They have a right to democracy, and a right to life. All of these rights are being eroded or blatantly stolen.

So I will stand up. Alone I won’t make a difference but together we just might.

Jonesy Jones

Mine enemy

My granddad on my dad’s side was at the start of WW2 in a reserved occupation. He lived in Liverpool and was in the AFS (a fireman) when the Pool and Birkenhead were being bombed. He wanted to do more so as he was an engineer by trade he joined the merchant navy. He did the Russian and Canadian convoys. He then signed up to the Royal Navy and served with the leech that is Prince Philip.

After a while on RN ships in the Pacific and Atlantic he was seconded as a engineering officer serving as Navy Personnel on Merchant vessels again on the Russia Convoys. His medals tell the story.
He never learnt to swim as being in the engine room he believed if they were torpedoed being able to swim might mean a harsher panic filled death.
Spike as he was known to his mates put his life at risk in many ways to end the cruel murderous offensive oppression fascism was bringing to the world. He was not a royalist or flag waver, just a honest moral bloke who saw the need to stand and fight against the evil that is the fascist way.
After the war he emigrated to Australia with my aunt, gran and my dad. They then moved to Port Mausby and Rabaul in New Guinea. They ran plantations there for many years before retiring back to Australia. My dad worked his ticket home to the UK on merchant ships when he was 17.
I only knew Spike from the few phone calls we could afford to OZ in the 60’s and 70’s. He died in 1979, only in his late 60’s. My gran came back here to live with us but after a very long deterioration due to Alzhiemers she too died in the 1990’s.
From what I do know of my Grandad, I am sure even if he was half the man my dad is he would be more than angry at the rise of hate here in the UK. He would see it not just as disrespect to those he served with on the most dangerous fronts of the war but truly defileing the memory of the friends and family he lost in that horror filled war.
So when you see tin pot Nazi’s like the Robinson Gang or NF, BNP, BF, EDL or any other pathetic mob of haters and arseholes, remember Spike, remember your own families, the service men and women that risked and lost lives. That were maimed and haunted through the service they gave. The civilians who went to bed each night not sure if there would be a tomorrow.
When these twats give that Nazi salute, when they wear swarzstickers recognise it as the banner and imagery of our enemy.
They dishonour our forebears, they dishonour us.
Fascism is not the answer to our problems, that and greed are the causes.
A skin colour, a religion, culture or even a country does not define our enemy, a Nazi salute, flag or morals truly do!



you believe in cctv, in stop and search, in bio passports, in ID cards, in on the spot fines, in no legal aid, in the death penalty. If you think the police do a sterling job, that the courts are any less corrupt than the politicians governing us, that zero hour contracts are a good idea, that workers or humans do not need rights, that kids shouldn’t be allowed to play on the streets, that kids are criminals, that war is just, that we should kill for profit, greed and power, that the government do their best for us, that the Queen works hard for us, that we should pay for health, that rape victims ask for it because of how they dress, that men should be straight but lesbians are great as long as they are beautiful and on the internet, that the sick poor and vulnerable should have less right to life, to live or should only be allowed to exist. If you prefer to hate and blame because of colour, if you believe the BBC and the Sun tell the truth. If you think we currently should be proud for being British, then sadly we truly are poles apart. For turn this around and you find me stood there with my imaginary bat in hand, ready to play baseball with your beliefs.

My journey into the dark realm od depression

OK a response I often get when writing about depression in particular is ‘you have so many people that love you’ and that may be so true, but that does not end the feelings of isolation. Of being alone, and for me the frustrations of seeing the world from my life to all life as it is, and yet knowing how it should be.

The number of people that like me for my moral, my writing and my outlook is so important to me, yet when things are bad, when the grey walls and thick British smog has rolled in, and has blinded me to anything outside of Mt realm of despair, I could be the most loved and popular man on the planet and it would not help. When we think of the very real examples of this are folk like Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, Michael Hutchins, Marilyn Monroe, Sylvia Plath, or even sadly so recently Keith Flint, we realise popularity and being loved by many is not the answer.
Depression cannot be controlled, you cannot wake up and say ‘today I am going to be happy Simon’ or ‘I will just switch on the happy side’ and definitely not ‘I will just hold my chin up’, in fact when folks say chin up or just cheer up it is not only unhelpful but belittles a very real and deadly illness.
The reality is despite having crohns disease, svt of the heart, asthma and diabetes it is most likely if any illness kills me it will either be the depression or anxiety I suffer. I am here still because I hold onto being a father and the duties that entails. The main one being there to catch my children and make them realise they will always be loved, but as they grow older it becomes a lesser argument. My best friend often comes to save me but even then they are limited in time and cannot change my current reality.
Barely a day goes by where I do not either physically or mentally hold a bundle of insulin pens in my hand and ready them to be the vehicle of my release. So far the closest I have got is overdoing one injection by a few units which was very easily remedied. No one knew about this til now because it was never for effect, it however maybe just a dry run.
When I get down it’s never drink related, if already down, when I rarely do drink, it doesn’t help, but when things get truly dark I am usually sober, coherent and alone. I would love it to be that simple a catalyst, but alas there is no such obvious trigger.
There is no simple solution either. I have tried meds, tried counselling but nothing will work. I am fully aware of the causes for me. The chronic phisical illness’ the inability to work, the debt, the loss of self, the loss of direction and yes the being left alone to allow dark thoughts to fester. Overthinking is a terrible affliction especially when you cannot change things due to lack of ability or motivation.
Even if I suddenly could work, a thing I crave more than anything now, I hate not having a meaning, there are other factors in play.
This weekend I truly overdid things, meeting up with friends old and new. Feeling like I belonged again. There was a very harsh physical price which I am paying back today in the form of pain, exhaustion and immobility but it’s a price worth paying. I am today as I write this happy and relaxed. I hope for a while, but change is not at my discretion or within my control. I may be like this for days or minutes. It maybe that a random smile or post keeps me going or sadly a look or comment that Spirals me down.
Depression ribs you of so much, it puts challenges in place that sometimes sadly folk do not overcome. Those people that suffer true depression, not just being a bit upset or sad, a depression that engulfs their life, and yet they still get up each day, they are the true warriors, the bravest because when you have this illness you battle the most vile and dangerous of beasts, and yet no sword or bucket hurts it, you can be struck from any direction, it hides in the shadows, can slip into the bodies if your friends and show you things that are not there. It can attack at any time whether you felt safe or not, if you are awake or asleep, and it plays upon your fears, it eats away at your soul, it is often torture of the worst kind. It has far more weapons in its arsenal than you and the saddest thing is it truly wants to kill you, make you kill you.
That’s an enemy of note.
So this although based on my experience hits so many folk, you, your friends or your family. When you realise someone is depressed do not think you can cure them, you likely won’t. But you can support them, you can recognise the danger they are in. You can be their for them. Not everyone can be saved from the beast this illness becomes, but some can, some will live longer knowing you will be there if they need you, will take comfort from you listening to them.
Do not say come on smile, or it’s not that bad, chances are it’s far worse. You do not know there journey to get where they are, you may see the physical side, some of the causes but the biggest enemy is their own mind, the world this illness creates within our heads and hearts.
Be a real friend and listen without judgement, be a safe outlet for them, and always respect not ridicule.
I am not an expert on the illness, I have no answers on how to rid it, if I did I would not suffer it. I am just a person that fights it oh too often. I can only relate it to me, but maybe some wil recognise this war, maybe some will see we may fight upon separate fronts, but we are not alone, our battles are shared by too many.
Thank you for reading, please share if you feel able, and support my words by liking my blog at


A deep post. If we are all only a compound of 11 chemicals, according to Wikipedia: ‘Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All 11 are necessary for life.’ how come we have such diversity amongst folk?

Now I have no belief in a god, and do onderstand about DNA, I am not even looking for answers just pondering it.
There are people that you are attracted to and that in itself is complex, it might be their looks, demeanor, confidence, smell, attitude, but often can be down to looks alone. You can look at a photo on Facebook and be drawn to someone, see them as attractive, beautiful, friendly or even fun. There may be a sexual attraction, or you may just really want to have them in your corner. Maybe you just are drawn to them because they have a nice smile.
Sometimes it may be even deeper, almost a recognition beyond this existence, and no I cannot find the words to define that beyond maybe it fes like you knew them before, in another life.
But whatever it is that we see about another person it is not that petri dish of chemicals. Every single person is an individual. We all feel pain, most of us feel love, most want to be involved in the lives of others. I think we all want or even need to feel valued, even cherished by others, but many of us don’t value ourselves.
The chemicals I am made up of made me the shell of who I am. That differs somewhat from Brad Pitt or some male supermodel. My lifestyle, meds and inability to run or even walk any distance most of the time have built up the 11 chemicals to a form that I feel resembles a beached whale but with more hair.
The point I think I am trying to make is this shell is what I have, I try to make the most of it. I often feel like I am an old transit van parked next to a Rolls Royce and a Ferrari, but these chemical still have value. I hope that my worth is more than the few pence the constituent chemicals would bring in. I hope the said chemicals have reacted to bring about the formation of something greater. That I like you am priceless.
Sadly we live in a society of folk made up out of those exact same chemicals, they often do not see our true worth, do not recognise that out value is the same as theirs.
Well if you are reading this your value, your worth is beyond priceless to me. You are not a dish of chemicals, you are a human being, you dream as I dream, you hurt as I hurt, you breath as I breath, though your hopes may be different you still hope.
We cannot let others make us feel worthless. We are not. Each one of us has value beyond measure.
We do get stuck in ruts that seem to lead at times to dark places, so when we see folk in those limited paths we need to approach them, offer a helping hand to aid them to find a new path.
This entire comment may seem disconvodulated (I dunno if that’s a real word or I just made it up) but it is how right this second I see things. I muse upon how we can help others see that we all are worth the same, no one is less because of education, looks or even luck!
I get frustrated at a world where some see themselves worth more than others. Human life is human life, whether you wear rags or a designer suit. Whether the media sees you as pretty or when people look into your soul they find your true beauty.
The things that make people more valuable to me are compassion, love, understanding and tollerence of diversity. Not ever tollerence of greed, cruelty or hate.
Sorry if this is all over the place and thank you for reading.

Suspension or hate crime?

When as a party, disabled members are deliberately made to feel anxious, depressed or worse, locally or as now seems to be occurring on behalf or even direction of certain PLP members, especially when those members have disclosed and diagnosed MH issues, we need to see and recognise it as as disability discrimination and even hate crime!

I am seriously thinking of reporting the suspensions of some disabled members to the police, and even making application to the court.
I will if need be name the perpetrators, as they in my opinion are not fit to hold office.
I would just assure my friends I would never take action without the full agreement and coop of those members who are subject of this seemingly generally unfounded and corrupt cull of socialists within the party. I for one will not be bullied by a party that I am a paid member of. I am a member because of My convictions and morals and my drive to fight discrimination in all forms every day of my life. I am a member because of my belief in a fair society where ethics replace greed. I am a member to make a better country and world for all our children.
I will not be dictated to by PLP or NEC members who believe all members are equal but some more equal than others!
Suspend me and I become more vocal, stronger than you could ever Imagine. So feel free to try.
Jonesy Jones

Against oppression

Talking to a young nurse in Gaza. She called herself my little sister and that’s so true. She is my sister as she is a human being. We are all related, yet we allow our brothers and sisters suffer and die because they have different beliefs, different language, different skin?

The folk in Gaza, in the Yemen, in any country or community targeted by their own or a foreign government. Those oppressed, starved, evicted or killed for expansionist, for greed, for power are still my family. My duty as a human is to defend them, even at the cost of my own life. Though currently that is unlikely.
I will continue to critise any politician, government, monarchy or nation here or abroad who uses violence, aggression and oppression to subjugate people, my brothers or sisters.

I do not like every human on this planet, not even everyone in my street, but they all deserve a chance to live a free, safe and nurturing life. They all should be given the same chances in life, with no one else holding ultimate power over them. It should never be seen as a crime to live.
We should raise our heads above the parapet and challenge any society that victimise another. And nation or individual that abuses others.
With the siege and violence in Gaza I will continue to challenge the actions of Israel against the people. I will not be called anti Semite for standing up against in humane tactics.
In the Yemen I will challenge the Saudis and yes Britain for training and supplying arms to their military. In Syria and Lybia the Americans, the British and all foreign protagonists.
We in Britain are not the world police, we live in a morally deficient and cruel country. Our government is waging a war of attrition against the sick, poor, vulnerable and disabled. I continue to stand against this.
I will name and blame any politician who u see as abusing their position of trust. My life is dedicated to standing against any tyranny.
So remember we are brothers and sisters, we have differences but should cherish them, not fear or despise because of them.
Stand up, fight and give our world a chance of a better future.
Jonesy Jones


Just how can a country with so little remaining industry and produce intend to trade competitively against China, Africa, India, Russia and almost anywhere else?

We cannot match the USA for production or even cost.
All our truly profitable companies are registered abroad so the UK does not even reap the taxation benefits.
The biggest representative sector of retail on the High streets are charity shops. Followed by monopolies such as Tesco, Asda (American owned) Lidl and Aldi also overseas owned.
The coal industry was destroyed by the Tories, Ship building destroyed by the Tories (most new naval contracts are given to overseas companies with no base in the UK). Aero industry such as BAE, now ignored due to their partnerships with EU countries, so guess what? We are importing sub standard American planes instead of updating and developing our own.
Folk still believe Brexit will bring about a proud, self governing nation, they are blind to the fact that once it happens we will be feeding on American scraps offered with conditions far more severe to our independence than the EU ever demanded.
Brexit will not save the UK from control it will leave us even more subjugated but by America not Europe. The USA already have threatened to ensure that if we democratically elect Jeremy Corbyn they will intervene to ensure he does not take up the position of Prime Minister.
The Tories know things are going to get truly bad here, that’s why for the last two years the army including the paras have been undertaking training to deal with civil unrest on British streets.
Ireland is already close to returning to the division of the last century. And this seems just to be collateral damage for the Tories.
You will gain nought from Brexit. The suggested restrictions on immigration firstly has no bearing on illigal immigration, because its illegal it will continue or even grow under a Brexit Britain. Secondly there will be fare more refugees because we will be even more tied in to America’s financial imperialism and invasion tactics. More bombing of innocents in the name of oil and minerals.
The immigrants that we need to function as a society will not be allowed in so no NHS or even education. No research and development. No sharing of tech. The USA guards its tech advances with strict conditions.
We will be dependent on USA pharma companies or paying three to for times as much if any European companies decide to trade with us.
The thing is I am being ‘conservative’ with this commentary. Things may be even worse. We will have fewer individual rights and almost none as a society. The Tories are determined to end the welfare state. There will be no safety net for any of us.
It’s not that hard to imagine us being refugees, trying to escape to better lives away from the UK.
Have a think, what do you think the positives of Brexit are, for you? Will you suddenly get better jobs? More money? Better homes? Cheaper food? Cheaper Holidays? Better health? Better education? I seriously think not.
What will you gain honestly?
The entire Brexit fiasco was based on fraudulent lies. And now the worst perpetrators of those dishonest antics is our Prime Minister! You couldn’t make this crap up.
Proud to be British? Can you eat pride? Will it keep you warm? Safe? Will it protect your families? I doubt it.
But seemingly so many seem to see Brexit as a good idea. I would call us cattle but no they at least get fed before slaughter.
Think on.
Jonesy Jones