I am not Jewish I admit, I am not Christian or Muslim or Hindu. I identify with no religion. I am a socialist and a human being. I do not know the religious belief or heritage of any of my friends or comrades unless they choose to tell me. I have been an anti fascist and anti racist my entire life and my views and actions were and are informed by many historical atrocities, but by far the horror those of the Jewish faith and culture, that had to endure the horrors of National Socialist Europe.
I have been a Labour supporter and member since being 13 in 1980. I had various reasons for joining Labour including wanting a fairer Britain and world but also because the Party stands against discrimination.
In my time supporting Labour I have listened to members telling racist jokes, which I absolutely challenged, hold racist or fascist views that again I challenge, some focusing upon colour, gender, sexuality, race, belief and ability, and yes some of that has been focused upon Jews, but also on Muslim’s, Indians, Africans, Germans, French, Sikhs, Catholics, Disabled, Irish, Italian, Welsh, Scottish, and even just folk that are poor. None of this is acceptable in any way. Humour is not an excuse for discrimination, especially when we as a party have and continue to strive towards a hate free society of fairness and equality.
Equally I cannot stand by and watch idly any country or state oppress, murder, maim, injure and discriminate against others because of expansionism and imperialist land grabbing. I will not let any country or state do this for racist, fascist, or even historical feuding reasons and stand silent for the fear of myself being branded fascist or racist due to the main culture and religion of that state previously being subjected to and being made to endure horrors themselves. The saying ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ is so true.
Using the plight of their forebears to defend their own martial and horrific actions is not acceptable or moral. A valid criticism of Israel is not antisemitic nor anti Jewish. It is not racist nor fascist, it is standing up against genocide, murder and occupation. If and when any country invades, attacks, shoots, bombs and kills human beings because they want their land, disagree with their culture and/or faith, for profiteering, mineral deposits, strategic position, or any other reason bar humanitarian (and then only if backed by the majority of the global international community for moral and ethical reasoning), I will stand against them. I will voice my views, and if I am threatened and called for doing so then so be it.
I will not ever remain silent against wrong doing and persecution. I am not racist. I am not antisemitic. I do not see the Jewish faith and its followers as my foes. I am a human being and treat other humans with compassion and respect until they prove themselves undeserving.
I will always fight oppression, whoever the oppressors may be. Being previously persecuted is no excuse to persecute others.
If a member of Labour or indeed any British citizen attacks you, calls you or insults you because of race or religion, or indeed for any form of discrimination, report it to the Party and Police. I and many others would always support this response. If I see it of you or anyone it is how I would respond. No one should feel oppressed for any reason. This is why I am fighting and striving for a better world.
I am a human. I am humane. I am socialist. I am Labour.
Jonesy Jones

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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