I do not care if you like Corbyn or not, if you voted stay or leave, if you have a quid or a million, if you are a biker or chav.

We cannot live any longer under this Government. The Tories – Conservatives are the biggest threat to freedom, to rights, to your wealth, your home, your family and yes your life.

Dont look at others and think that you are immune to poverty, illness, homelessness, disability, or hate. You are not. You may feel comfortable now but when it goes arse up for you its going to be too late to moan.

If there is an election and you do not vote Labour because the media tells you not to then you deserve all you will get.

The EU is not the biggest issue today, the threat of mobilising the army against us by our prime minister is!

Wake up please if you are not already angry!


The trials of life with disability

Every single person I know on disability are on it for genuine reason.

Everyone of them deal with challenges daily that others would not cope with.

Everyone of them is living under constant fear and threat of SANCTION by corrupt legislation and cruel practices implemented by the DWP, Job Centre Plus and private companies such as ATOS (now called Independent Assessment Service) and Capita – both who profiteer on lies, dishonesty, fraud and doctored reports.

The people who work for these departments and companies are morally akin to concentration camp guards, they are paid to cause as much fear and misery as possible. There is no excuse for it.

Folk with disabilities are dying each day through their practices, some through the stress effecting their conditions, some through services being withdrawn and so many including folk I know through suicide due to either the loss of benefits or the pressure and (yes using the word again) fear installed by these vile organisations. I myself am all too often so close to that path.

Being disabled or ill is not a crime. People to not choose to live upon benefits, before I became ill I had a career where I had self worth, and pride, I loved my job, it was how I identified myself and in many ways an accomplishment so many believed impossible for me.

I helped people and changed lives, I was not great with money but had a good wage and so that was not an issue.

I worked all over the UK often commuting a 150 miles or more on top of my working day.
My role was everything to me.

Then illness struck. Multiple chronic conditions, some I had lived and coped with for years but then new ones too, it overwhelmed and stole my ability to work.
I lost people I saw as friends, a relationship, a home, and more than anything else myself.

I was still a parent but could not expect my kids to respect me. Even now I hide so many effects of my illnesses from them.
These thoughts are not rational in some ways, i would never judge anyone else due to their disability, but we are far harder upon ourselves.

Even now it feels impossible for me to have any respect or understanding of myself, yet would happily and truthfully inform someone else in the same circumstances that they have worth.

I write about my experiences because I can do so with authority, without fiction or supposition. Not for pity or self indulgence.
I want folk to understand how illness strips us, then society shuns us, and the state tries to destroy us.

Why do we feel unworthy of life? Because we are taught exactly that. We are treated as fraudsters, made to feel like we are not allowed to live, that on our good days – days where we are not pain free but can pretend to be – we enjoy life. Where if we are ill we cannot go out, we cannot undertake any hobbies, sports, pastimes for fear of being called fakers.

People diagnose us not with medical expertise or knowledge, but by gossip, hearsay and their preconceived ideas of what disability should look like.

My illness means I cannot plan ahead, do not know how I will physically, emotionally or mentally until the day. I have to cancel meeting friends and attending appointments with little or no notice. Can wake feeling ok but then spiral without warning. Because of this I have been struck off from my dentist, mid treatment and now will lose teeth. I have been taken off treatment lists at hospital and even though am on consultant led medication have no consultant monitoring me. I have lost friendships because folk cannot see me ok one day and then understand how I can be so ill the next.

I even have no relationship with close family members anymore because they cannot understand or come to terms with the nature of my conditions.

Being disabled with any condition is hard beyond words. There are fare braver folk out there than me dealing with far worse. I still do have days where I can pretend, and live a little rather than just exist. Dreaming is more the case than planning now
Being ill is frustrating, depressing, it causes anger, self loathing, depression and anxiety. But add the cruel way the state and society treats those with disability and it becomes a true living hell. Paranoia sweeps into the mix because not only does the cruel state judge us, but many of you do too.

You happily snigger and pass judgement, entertain yourselves with Jeremy Kyle, Benefits Britain, Beat the Bailiffs and all that trash TV that is designed to dehumanise the vulnerable, but then make yourselves feel righteous by giving some homeless person the fries out of your Maccie D’s that you were gonna chuck anyway.

I hope when I say ‘you’ I am being general and that you reading this do not fall into that loathsome category.

I truly hope some of the ‘You’s’ reading this will open your eyes and see people with disabilities and chronic illness as humans, as equals and as people to stand by and not pity or loath.

I hope you open your eyes to the evil that is the current regime.
And I truly hope ‘You’ personally never have to experience the lives so many of us currently lead.


Holocaust day

We see the horrors endured across the world and become hardened to them. When we talk of millions or even thousands dead our minds shut off to the horror.

We have all listened to the news of some huge disaster, watched the pictures of it, but have only cried when it has focused upon a single child or even pet dog.
Everyone knows the name Anne Frank but can you name all the other children, jewish, black, disabled, homeless, orphaned that were hunted and killed by the Nazis? I cannot. Can you relate to the thousands on families the wedding rings mark the destruction of? Not me.
We talk about the Holocaust in Germany, but other countries were also complicit in this one Holocaust, our own country has been responsible for similar horrors. We were responsible for millions of deaths over hundreds of years in India, Africa, America, Australia, Asia, China, infact in two thirds of our world.
We now are letting the horror grab hold across our world once again. The rise of fascism, of hate of the xenophobic right wing political movements is leading to more death and cruelty.
Even now we are allowing our own government, our rulers to be complicit it the deaths of thousands due to the greed of our establishment. No longer is imperialism the driving force, it is simple greed. And why do they get away with it? Because they are expert at distraction, at lies and at turning blame onto the vulnerable.
So yes let us remember the Holocaust of then, of before and of now, and work to stop future ones. Actions not just ideals!

Their profit, our loss

It is not a case of government making councils prioritise services due to shortfalls, its due to the MP’s spouses, families and friends profiteering from our money.

AUSTERITY is a lie, it was initially imposed to prop up the Establishments losses on shares from their gambling with our money. We then paid them to enable them to straight away regain their huge bonuses, then ever since it has been used to hide the effects of wholesale asset stripping by these same shareholders to profiteer from our public owned services, property and yes health service.
All this is at the expense of the poor, the needy, the vulnerable but also anyone that considers themselves middle or working class.
We have kids going without meals, or text books, no social workers to protect children or vulnerable adults, no housing, no support, no advice services, no legal aid, no policing, limited ambulance services, no libraries, the list is endless.
This is not about lack of money available, it is about profit and greed.
This is the truth as I see it, feel free to prove otherwise.
Jonesy Jones

Our fight begins

Ok the Tories are the political wing of the Establishment. The press their propaganda. The far right their puppets.

The Establishment are our enemy. Our one true enemy. Not Muslims, not benefit claimants, not the sick or disabled, not transgender, not Jewish folk, not Black or White people, not the Russians nor Chinese.
Yemen, Iraq, Iran Syria or Afghanistan are not about to attack or invade us.
The only god the Establishment truly worship is materialistic greed. We mean nothing to them. They have no compassion for you, no love for the people or even their nations. Patriotism is there way of keeping us as their drones, a tool to divert us away from their corruption, cruelty and murder.
The legal system does not seek to protect us, it is designed to keep us in our place and ensure the Establishment retain power.
Every successful revolution has involved ridding the judiciary. Sometimes in extremely harsh ways.
The EU sadly is currently just another string to the Establishment bow and itself needs changing.
Sadly every time we try to legally and democratically effect change we are thwarted through corruptive and often illegal ways without any consequence to the law breakers.
Currently our Conservative government are threatening to suppress any civil disobedience or civil uprising by using the army against our own citizens. Any government using these tactics cannot truly be a part of a democratic system. You need to start asking just why they are making these threats.
Now we have had marches and demos. Tens and even hundreds of thousands of the people on the streets demonstrating their frustration and ire at the corrupt actions and policy of this government and their greed worshipping masters. Sadly those actions of the masses are either not reported or misreported. They are then ignored.
We all likely have signed petitions on and off line without any recognition or change being facilitated.
We have voted in elections where ballots have been lost or miscounted. Usually by companies owned by members of the Conservative Party. Other votes where those able to vote are bribed by huge sums of money as in the DUP or by peerages, holidays or jobs as directors within the private sector.
This is not democracy. This is proof democracy has now completely failed.
The countless crimes committed by members of this government are ignored by the police and the CPS, the judges are a part of the problem, as the anti fracking demonstrators being imprisoned by a judge with self interests in the case clearly proves. Eventually their conviction was re-looked at but no action taken against the fraudulant actions of the judge involved.
I could write a book of the likely crimes being committed daily by the government, the establishment and all of their underlings. We are expected to trust the police to protect us, and to support them in their plight of under resourcing and under funding, yet they do not protect us, they do not investigate crimes against us, they only seem to be interested in protecting the assets of their Establishment masters.
Again we need to remember Democracy in the UK has failed. When democracy fails dictators rise from its ashes. In our world there are a few vying for that honor.
So if democracy truly has failed what next? Well we can wait and hope for them to allow Labour in its current socialist led nation to grasp power, by hoping that any election is likely to be run fairly or we can learn from recent past and see it will not be fair and will never be democratic. At the very least expect boundary changes, votes discounted or removed from swathes of society and likely ignored or altered by those paid to count them.
The United Nations has twice condemned this Government for cruelty and breaches to human rights, the response of Cabinet members was to laugh and accuse the UN of fabrication.
So what can we do?
Well my personal view is not wait any longer. We need to take the initiative. We need to take this country for the many not the few. To ensure an end to their corruptive cruel, wicked, greedy and vile regime. To make all of them accountable, from the MP’s and billionaires in control, their press puppets, to their evil bureaucrats in the various departments responsible for cruelty and state imposed murder such as the DWP, Job Centres and the like (Just following orders is no defense).
This accountability needs to happen now. State killing off of the vulnerable must not and will not continue any longer.
If you are employed in these roles and are reading this then open your eyes and leave now. Use your knowledge to blow the lid upon the cruel and corrupt policy and hose who continue to implement it.
We need an end to this government now. We need to stop their greedy corrupt practice.
I am not in anyway advocating violence or physical harm to anyone, I am fighting to end that. I do think blocking their avenues to profiteering however is something to consider.
Again not advocating breaking moral or ethical law, but this needs to end. We have an entire nation of brains and resources. Let’s start using them. We can out think and out fight those that believe they are better than us, that think they have a right to rule us. Let’s show them how wrong they are.

My fight

Now I am only a human being. No more or less important than any other, no more or less intelligent than you or anyone you know.

I am not able to tell you what to do nor would I want to. I would hope if you are my friend that you have morality, respect, loyalty, empathy and caring as your core values.
I am a socialist and a republican purely because I cannot stand by and let greed, corruption, cruelty and hate be the ethics my children learn to live with and accept.
I wish no harm on anyone but though would like to see myself as a pacifist I carry too much anger and frustration. I would fight to my last breath to make a better world for my kids and yours.
At the moment all i can do is continue to support and vote for Labour whilst they are an option. If we get to a point where they no longer either stand upon the honest principles we as a party currently hold or become a non viable option due to the further breakdown in what we consider democracy then maybe the day of my martial fight will truly come.
So as I say cannot tell you what to do, but only explain my thoughts and intentions.
I will not stand by and watch my fellow humans kill themselves, get murdered or subjected to cruelty and torture by a state that is supposed to act in our names, not for their own self interest, power and greed.
Your friend
Dog of Socialism

Camels back

I need to break away from life at this moment.

Tonight almost flooded bathroom as forgot taps on, almost poured milk in bin rather than tea, put hot water in cordial twice, pain all day. Bed day mostly.

On tues Atos. That is making me quite suicidal to be honest.
Then a speeding ticket, loss of faith in humanity, both nationally and personally.

I have managed to survive with little money, because done very little, however I kinda feel out of control of life.
Yep probably being seen as moaning by a few. If you don’t like it bog off then. I actually don’t care much if pissing folk off right now. Not even that sure why still on here.
I know mostly little things but the atos crap is stopping me seeing any future. The other shit is now building up. Not sure where the last straw is but currently it seems so very close.
Looking around my home and I no longer see possessions, memories or cherished things, just hurdles and hinderence.

I am no longer able to relax, to feel belonging, just pain, upset and ire. A grey wall building. Cannot sleep at night but shattered all day. No clear thoughts. Can’t really do conversation without getting confused, frustrated and irritable. Continuously feeling like screaming louder and louder til lungs burst but no energy to even whimper.

Resisting urges to …… Well resisting.

This is my world as I type. Will tomorrow be a new day, another day, a last day? Truly I have no idea.

No written for pity, nor for attention just clarity.

No hugs please, no concern, just please realise how bad our country truly is right now. How cruel the state are being. And again I am not the worst off, many of them already have gone.