War, who is it good for?

The 40yr Cold War was due to imperialist capitalist countries such as USA, UK, France etc fearing that Comunism would work and spread to end the elitist hold upon their populace.
I don’t know what would have happened if the world had embraced communism in its true form, sadly its likely that it still would have failed due to the inherent greed in humankind, in particular those who make up each countries establishment.
During the Cold War, Russia was deemed to be our enemy, the big ogre who would destroy our world with atomic, nuclear and biological weapons.
Interestingly during this time the investment in ways to kill each other was far higher than even in times we were actually in a fighting war.
The arms industries grew, their shareholders got even more rich and for them all was good for the world, despite the fear we the people had to live with each and every day, the constant but now understood to be faux threat of being bombed in our beds.
Since the Soviet Union broke up we have had new enemies, the Chinese, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Lydia, Syria….the list goes on. Terrorism has been pushed upon us as a replacement fear, but even that was never as scary as mighty and ‘evil’ Russia.
War or the threat of such has always been the greatest distraction for failed governments and their corrupt leaders.
So now we have the US and the UK waving flags and rattling sabres at the bear all over again. This not due to Communism, no this time because they are creating a new reality by trying to encourage Ukrain to join the NATO military (and economic) alliance, and because Russia. Who have little reason to trust the US and UK, are standing up and saying this is not acceptable, having a traditional enemy recruiting its neighbours and planning to place considerable weapons adjacent to its borders.
Let’s be clear Russia is being pushed into a corner by Biden and Johnson, by doing this only have two motives, profiteering and diversion
They are not bothered about the peoe of Ukraine, in fact they are the ones deliberately putting those people in harms way. They are not trying to keep us or the world safe, they are playing brinkmanship with our lives to serve themselves.
Russia are not are enemy, yes Putin is a dick, possibly the biggest arsehole in Russia, but no more than Biden or indeed Johnson.
Again the only gains in War are to those who profiteer from it.
It truly is that simple.

Poor taste or enabling?

Laughing at the holocaust is not acceptable. Nazism was about “cleansing” the world of people with any difference to others. They use the word “cleansing” to describe ridding the world of the human race’s most valuable asset, divergence.
The cleansing involved torture, murder, rape, dehumanisation, vile experimentation, and stripping of all rights to anyone the nazis considered less than human, untermensch – inferior people, non-aryan.
Predominantly, it was the Jewish people who suffered, but not exclusively, the Gypsy, Roma and Travelling communities, the Disabled, Black people Babies born with what were seen as birth defects along with those who voiced any opposition or supported any different political movement were all victims of this horrific regime.
To single out a group of people and make out they deserved the treatment either then or now imposed upon them by the evil that was National Socialist Germany and their allies in the guise of humour is not only disgusting to those people’s memory but also to the horror everyone who opposed them suffered in the fight for ending the Nazi domination of Europe and other parts of our globe.
Yes humour can be dark, mine often is, but there is an acceptable line, Carr has crossed that and deserves all the ire focused upon him.
No Jimmy you are not funny, you are but another ridiculous has-been. One in the same ilk as Manning, Brown and Davidson. Talentless bigots.