Cost of life

Note, the press do not seem to be reporting on inflation and the cost of living, however, my house phone and internet has gone up by over eight pound in a month with no discussion nor warning. (I don’t use house phone other than free calls to land lines). The cost of things that used to be pence have been rounded up to pounds, and Poundworld no longer is a pound shop.
It sounds like I am moaning for the sake of it, maybe I am, but in reality these little price hikes are what make a huge difference to those on low incomes. I pretty much never go out partying or drinking. I did take my kids to Hull yesterday but I wandered around and spent £2.35 in Costa and about £6 on my lunch in Subway. I got paid on Tuesday and now have £20 to last til next Thursday. If I am lucky enough to get paid then.
I do not do extravagant things. In fact most of this month I have been house bound. Not been spending anything. Watching TV and communicating on facebook. Often hardly getting out of bed due to pain, exhaustion and yes a growing apathy.
The basic cost of living has gone up massively but its little things, cheap bread no longer quite as cheap, pound items suddenly £1.99, amounts of products cut so you have to buy more.
The poor are getting poorer. People already on the breadline will not survive much longer.
Because of this hidden inflation last month my bills amounted to more than my income. Now if I do get paid I face £60 bank charges and gawd alone knows how much in ‘admin charges’ from companies where DD’s were returned.
I have asked all the utilities to let me use standing orders but all refused.
I am not a ‘stupid person’ I try to keep an eye on my budget but it just does not work for me anymore. If I struggle on my own I can only wonder how those of you with kids living at home cope, it truly is no wonder that we have a homeless population that grows each day.
I cannot cut my cloth much more, I will be selling everything I built up before I got sick, or trying to, but that is only a temporary fix. What next?
My bikes will have to go and my car. I am running out of options, so I have no idea how others manage.
Is this how they will kill off the weak and vulnerable, starve them of life, but silently?
My life seems to be just one of dreams of living for a couple of days on pay day if health allows then barely existing for the rest of the time. And I am so much better off than many others.
This is not a woe is me post but a woe is this country post.
And just one final thing, for those that see the sick and disabled as scroungers think on this, I had my dream job, I worked hard, very hard, long hours, but loved my job, my career, I had pride in myself and a damn good wage. No one especially me would ever have given that up to live like this. I now feel lost, without a future, without choices, living in a long boring vacuum day to day, hour to hour. I am being offered roles daily at £40 + per hour but cannot consider them because of health. Jobs abroad on more that ii dream of. No one chooses to be sick, no one wants this. If I could escape it I would. Would love to be back doing something productive rather than dreaming each night of not having to wake up any more. But us dad’s and mum’s don’t have those choices do we?
So life for sale, any takers?
So think on before you judge based on another episode of benefits Britain.
Sorry this is so disjointed. Started as an observation, but guess it slipped into a rant.

Take back History

Is it not funny how far right hate groups, racists, fascists and nazi’s all use the symbolism and imagery of the Knights Templar. Now the thing they do not seem to get is that the Knights were initially an extremist branch of the Holy Catholic Church of Rome. Soon however they fell out of favour due to their extremely violent but effective behaviours and their power gains fighting the Moors.
Now the Moors were the founders of Islam, and were brave and aggressive warriors. They were effective in guerilla tactics as well as on the more regimented battlefield. The Knights Templar early on began to respect them as warriors and by the end of the crusades as friends. Many Knights Templar stayed on in Palestine and the Middle East, settling and even switching from Christianity in favour of Islam.
Those that returned home did so often with Moors as friends not slaves or servants. Some Moors were even awarded land and title in France and England.
The Knights Templar was a multinational organisation and soon fell foul of Rome, to the extent of it being outlawed by the church.
To use the emblem of this order as a Racist image is actually a display of how uneducated these fools truly are. The red cross on a white background, later adopted as the flag of England does not belong to Fascism but the basis of multicultural understanding. An ensign of peoples learning to respect the differences of others.
So when you see the Nazi flag wavers or groups calling themselves Knights Templar remember that these muppets truly have no knowledge or understanding of the past. They just ride the bandwagon of fools.

HMS Waste

So is the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier as useless as Queen Elizabeth?

This £3 Billion (likely much more as a ‘Conservative Estimate’) aircraft carrier has one minor flaw. It has no aircraft of any use.
The carrier was designed to be a vessel that could be deployed anywhere in the world with a compliment of fighters and bombers. It was to replace the less adaptive carriers such as Ark Royal, with more space for fixed wing fighters. The carrier has a runway designed for catapult assisted take off for conventional aircraft. The problem is the Conservatives decided to buy in Vertical take off variants of the American design. It was based on a F35 fighter. They agreed this before the Vertical variant was ever tested.
Now lets just go back to the 60’s where Britain developed the Hawker Harrier. This truly was an aircraft that could take off and land anywhere. In the seventies a dedicated ‘Sea Harrier’ was born. Both RAF and RN variants excelled in the so called ‘Falklands War’ (the Thatcher devised election gamble). The USA were permitted to build their own version under licence, which was the AV8 used by their Marine Corps.
When the F55 lightning 2 was developed it was initially a conventional air superiority fighter. And has been exceptional in that role.
It was from this that they decided to produce the ‘Harrier’ version. Given that the US really hadn’t been too successful in vertical flight it was a big risk. One our corrupt Tory Government decided to invest heavily in. The risk did not pay off. Because of this plan to save a small percentage of the carriers costs (already thrice over budget) some bright spark in the MOD suggested not fitting the catapult. The stupid Minister (Fallon?) agreed.
The new American aircraft can take off vertically as could the Harrier, the only problem is not with any ordnance (bombs, rockets or even guns, it seems the pilot might even have to poo before flight to lighten the load). Even if it tried to use a conventional take off it still could not get airborne with any kind of payload.
The money spent – wasted upon this white elephant would have saved the NHS! Think about it.DES-2017-0189-0197

War on the people

This country continues its war of terror upon its own citizens. The ill and disabled being sanctioned for up to two years after vile lies made up by private and often unqualified assessors undertake harsh and physical assessments, where huge bonuses are earned for every claimant knocked back.
Where the unemployed are not supported but again sanctioned at the whim of staff in Job Centres (many of whom now face the terror of their own making, with the proposed closures – Karma), families often living in third world famine conditions due to no food and inadequate shelter, children at risk of harm not through the fault of parents but of the state.
The vulnerable, weak and sick reviled due to government propaganda that distracts the masses from their continuing breaches of international legislation on human rights.
Where the sexual abuse and even murder of children is covered up and now openly condoned by those in the highest positions of government and amid allegations against the Royals legislation (the law) changed to prevent any such allegations being investigated.
A country that arms not only terrorist groups but the worst of all the terrorist states – Saudi Arabia, provides them with weapons, training and defends them on the international stage.
A country where the heads of government are selling off our assets, to their friends, for personal profit.
A country that the head of government will not condemn racism or hate, but sides herself with it on a daily basis.
A country where the majority of the rights we were born with have been stripped away and stolen from us by the corrupt government.
A country that is now recognised as the most corrupt regime on the planet.
A country where unlike any other country we can be convicted without trial, and are monitored all day every day.
A country where our internet will soon be restricted and our press is already controlled by the state.
This is where you ‘British’ live. Where we isolate ourselves from the possibilities of multi culture because of fake fear imposed upon us by the corrupt state.
Where its no longer ‘love thy neighbour’ but ‘hate and fear thy neighbour, covet his materialism, cheat and lie about him’.
Christian values, spouts the vicars daughter of a Prime minister! I do not see any Christianity in this country any longer, no goodness, light or even humanity.
Do you?
Yes there are many of us recognising all of this but its still too few. Spread not gods word, but this truth. Share this far and wide, lets end this world of torment and bring in fairness and moral values. Its not hard.