Here’s my thought for the day. Being disabled, sick and vulnerable in Britain today is not just scary but petrifying. My disability and illness are by no way extreme when compared to those having to be lived with by many I know or know of. I still have some days, though quite rare, where I can almost live as I used to. Where I can get out, ride a bike, even very rarely camp. These days are few and far between and usually come with a physical, mental and yes an emotional cost but I would never give those opportunities up.
For many they do not even get the odd respite, and for some each day is an actual fight for life. Most of the time we exist rather than live. We draw breath, eat (some of us), sleep (some of us), lay in bed or on the sofa and depend upon the kindness and friendship of others to communicate and feel part of the outside world. That is existing. For some its far worse.
Now disability provision is signposted with a sign depiction a wheelchair. What I have learned the hard way is not all disabilities are that visible. I spoke to a man yesterday that seemed no different to anyone else, yet he is in the ongoing stages of a terminal cancer. You would not know that. I sadly have several friends with that form of illness. Some are survivors, some will survive and devastatingly some will not. All are fighters beyond anything those without that horror will ever imagine.
My illness’ restrict me and my decisions, they have stolen my career and my self respect. They have robbed me of my virility and self image. They have taken from me a lot of what I see as my essence of being not just a human but a man. I appear on here as opinionated, confident and I hope intelligent at times, however my memory is shot, I forget I am cooking or have taken my meds, I forget to fill in forms and although can speak up on others behalf cannot on my own. Today I cannot even lift a coffee cup without it shaking as if there is an earth quake. Today my pain levels are high which likely means hitting my strongest meds. Not an easy thing to choose to do.
I can never plan in advance which has cost me massively, from credibility to long term friendships. If I say I will do something, even a phone call I often don’t, not through choice but because I truly cannot either for physical, mental, exhaustion or because emotionally I cannot speak to anyone.
As I say my life is no where near as difficult and painful as those of others.
So anyway why this rant? Well each day we are informed of more cuts to services, to the NHS and to the (hate this term) ‘benefits’ that we need to survive upon. There is no ‘benefit’ to being ill. The money people claim is what we all deserve. I worked until three years ago, I paid into a system designed to be a safety net for those in need. I never imagined I would need to make a claim but paid National Insurance and tax every minute I worked. Lets just consider that term, National Insurance. It is an Insurance policy we all have to take out once we earn. A policy that always should pay out when its needed. You cannot run a policy then just change the rules once its required can you? Well Mrs May seems to think you can. She and her cabinet of fraudsters, corrupt politicians of the worst kind are waging a war, no that’s wrong, a genocide upon the weak, sick and disabled. She and her party are literally killing off thousands of our friends and family on a daily basis. People who deserve the support of the nation are being vilified and made out to be draining the public funds (those same funds I spent over thirty years paying into). The reality however is the only people stripping the UK of assets, commodities, that’s money and property, are the rich. This fake need for austerity was fabricated after we had to ‘bail out’ corrupt bankers, when their fraudulent dealings went awry. That was an opportunity for the rich to use that ‘bail out’ to create a fabrication and lie which they use now to steal what is the nations, ours, from us.
People as I said are dying daily. We know this but the majority choose to ignore it. It’s some perverse ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude. Well think about it folks, when did this eradication of the weak lead last time? Germany 1936?
We are supposed to learn from history but clearly we do not.
So why are we the sick, the disabled, the vulnerable – and actually I used the term the ‘weak’ but the reality is that none of us are weak, each breath we draw proves that, so fearful? Because to many of you now we are valueless. We are a monetary statistic to be ignored and wiped from existence. You may keep a door open at the sight of a stick, crutches or wheelchair, you may think kindly of your ill cousin, maybe even occasionally take your poorly neighbour a bowl of soup, but you have allowed us to become the victims of the state. Disabled were always fighters not victims, but you all continue by inaction to ensure this government makes us so.
What next is your choice, you are the people, and even an individual voice or action may be the catalyst for something much bigger. Its up to you.



Lets look at the big picture right now. We in the UK have an unelected Prime Minister that has since before the referendum been intent upon ridding the UK of its human rights legislation (law).

America has a new President that has made moves to remove the USA from the United Nations, why? Because the UN has the Declaration of Human Rights. He also has already within his first days of office repealed rights of the US citizenship, he has begun to segregate swathes of the American people due to race, religion and even gender.

Our PM Teresa May was the first world leader to officially meet Donald Trump (or Daffy Fart to his friends), she was even photographed walking hand in hand with this self-confessed bigot.


So lets think why would both May and Trump wish to remove the rights of their citizens?

Well several reasons come to mind. One people with no rights can be made to work cheaper and longer. This makes more profit for the rich that like May’s husband and Donald own business’ including hedge funds (which means that like Mr May they can deny holding an interest in say G4 because it is actually their hedge fund that officially owns the stakes in G4 not Mr May directly, though he has a major stake in the hedge fund. Complicated hey? Not really but meant to seem so, in order to prevent you and me seeing the corruption).

The next reason is that without rights people can be held without charge or trial, they can be tortured and even killed by the state. Oh but surely that cannot happen in the UK? Well a senior Tory has stated he believes torture can work. Mr Trump has declared he believes not only can it work but should be used.

Scared? Oh no this cannot be real can it? Just Jonesy ranting again?

OK next, the Human right act here gives us all sorts of rights, and along with other laws means we cannot be discriminated through ability, race, gender, religion, culture, health or sexuality.

The issue is that we all of late have seen how the disabled, the ill, the unemployed, the Muslim’s, the homeless, the black, the Asian, and all vulnerable minorities have been vilified in the media, and worse by government departments, local authorities and the police.


Because this not only is absolutely distraction, taking your focus off the real reasons for things like austerity, for the corruptive dealings of the wealthy and the powerful (The Establishment) and those that govern us, by giving you a scapegoat, someone to blame that are not the true culprits, it divides the nation. It reduces opposition and negates the unity of the people, which you can believe is the one thing these people are truly afraid of. If we united against them, their corrupt dynasty would fall within days. Sadly whilst we blame the weak it will never happen.

Here in Britain we have more cctv than anywhere in the world. We are the only major country to have conviction without trial, (fixed penalty fines and even a police caution are viewed and recorded as convictions. These are often given at the whim of officers).

We also have a large state controlled media and Establishment owned press. They feed us ‘news’ which is mainly propaganda not truth. The main offenders are the BBC, The lovely Mr Murdoch and his Sky media empire which includes the Scum News Paper, The Main news outlets, which comes under the banner of MSM – Main Stream Media.

Even your soaps and tv programs are designed to perpetuate beliefs the Establishment want you to hold. Shows like twat Kyle, Benefits Britain, Benefits Street even Victoria Derbyshire are made solely to divert ire and loathing on to the most vulnerable.

The most worrying thing of all is that if we look back to 1933-1936 this is exactly (without the obvious advances in technology) how Hitler and Mussolini came to power. In the UK we see the weak and vulnerable as the cause of austerity, not the Bankers that gambled with your money and lost, not the MP’s that make fortunes from the arms industries and oil companies.

Am I being dramatic? Sadly not. What’s next? Well after May breaks up the NHS, privatizes the police, social care, child protection and then the military what else is there? Well all local government which will mean council tax will pay profits not just services, I imagine a three hundred percent rise in that, toll roads even on A and B routes, and stripping all the UK assets. The Country will in time become a business model not a country.

Sci-fi? Fantasy? Sadly I fear not.

You can argue all or even points of this, it is my personal vision of our future, sadly how I see the path the UK taking.

So feel free to criticize, but time will tell. If we do not act as a nation now kit will be too late.


Britains Dying

According to the independent yesterday :

“European countries have banded together collectively to procure bulk orders of ventilators and personal protective equipment, with the first phase now having secured “offers of considerable scale on shortest notice”.

The UK was invited to take part in the scheme, which is leveraging the 500 million-person single market’s huge buying power to secure faster and cheaper orders with less admin at a time of extreme global demand.

But UK officials confirmed on Wednesday that Britain would not be taking part in the scheme, after previously having said the government would decide which way to go.”

Well folks I am told that firefighters will be soon assisting ambulance crews, that they will also be charged with recovering bodies, a task currently undertaken buy paramedic and ambulance crews, and yet their PPE – Personal Protection Equipment is not only outdated and ineffectual but in short supply.

This also seems to be the case for Nurses, Doctors, HCA workers, Carers, Domiciliary Workers. Patient Transport crews, Admin staff, Security and Porters. The Police have limited PPE also. Those volunteers delivering food to us don’t even have masks or gloves, nor do shop workers, those transporting good or carrying out essential tasks.

The hospitals have limited or no ventilators available.

This virus though not strictly airborne yet, can travel through the air with a sneeze, cough or even breathing. It is resident on surfaces that have been infected and can be transferred skin to skin, it is then injested through the mouth or any membrane even the eyes.

The death toll rises daily and I now know of people who have died of it. It has been announced today that vulnerable infected people people will be given the choice of going to hospital or dying at home. If you go to hospital there will be no guarantee you will survive and if you are admitted your family and friends will not be allowed to visit.

People this is a pandemic. It is global. We as a country need strong decicive leadership not a bumbling idiot who puts his own Brexit agenda above our lives and the lives of those brave folks tasked with trying to keep us alive.

There is no point in clapping these amazing people if we as a nation continue to fail to protect them.

We need a coalition government now who puts people above profit. If we do not get this right now many many more people, our friends, families and ourselves will die before its over.

Its that simple.
Jonesy Jones

Crisis morality

Just to be clear, taking multiple or even one item at a time of national crisis from a home or even car or shop may be interpreted as looting. That is something you don’t want to be accused of on the streets. If the police don’t get to you the people may well do and that will not end good for you or your mates if they are with you.
Hoarding is so far not illegal but is immoral and callous you may find yourself in very real danger now as the rest of society have lost patience with your behaviour. A Range Rover, Audi, BWW or even a transit won’t offer much safety even if you get that far. Public opinion of greed and selfishness is changing rapidly.
We are a country of over 65 million, with a few hundred thousand police and not that many soldiers to protect those identified as stealing from the mouths of children, families. disabled, elderly, vulnerable, emergency or essential civilian or military personnel. That’s even if they bother to even try.
So my advice to the hoarders, thieves, profiteers, bullies and looters who I affectionately call scum is stop now, give back big time to your communities then dissappear til this is long over.
If your home is full of food and essentials and people start to starve even a shotgun or personal security may not be enough to keep you safe.
Now I am not threatening anyone here nor inciting folk, I am advising those immoral wrong doers to rethink and make amends.
And as a foot note to those shop keepers profiteering, it will be remembered by your communities. So think on. Money is not the greatest driving force when people are at risk.

What or who is the virus?

I know the virus is scaring us all, and understandably but what about the men, women and children we are killing with our bombs and by selling our weapons? We are worse than any virus.

We are allowing and supporting Israel to kill Palestinians, Saudi to bomb the hell out of the people of the Yeoman, we blew Iraq to bits for control of oil, Syria, the list goes on, we have troops in country all over the globe. How many have we been responsible for killing?

It is scary because the virus takes no sides. It doesn’t care how big or well trained your army is, how many hi tech ships or planes you have.
The virus has shown all borders can be crossed.

I would be interested to know whether we or the virus kill more folk over a set period. I suspect with greed, sanctions here and abroad, inactivity and deliberate corruption within government it will be us.

Our own government has already killed over the last five years between 300,000 to 500,000 people through Austerity, sanctions and the hostile environment towards the most vulnerable.

So feel free to profiteer by selling overpriced items that you have bulk bought from shops, to steal essentials to sten the virus like had gel or other items, for in my eyes you and our pathetic weak and inept corrupt government are the true virus.

I truly hope some of us “expendables” are alive to see karma take its toll.


Humour me?

After years in social work and before that working with kids involved in gangs and the like, seeing and yes experiencing poverty and now the death of someone so close to me we shared dreams literally, I often cope with horror by using humour. Not always to folks taste but stops me going under. So if my humour offends I apologise but suggest instead of stropping out at me or others you just unfollow, unfriend or block.
No one who worked as long on the front line of abuse, violence and exploitation could carry on working without seperating that reality from the world’s morality. I believe nurses, firefighters, ambulance staff, soldiers and yes even my hated police do similar. And as long as they have compassion and humanity too then it to me is rational and fine.
So I know this virus, hoarding, isolation and even Brexit are scaring folk, I get the jokes offend and if they are discriminatory they offend me too, but given I have 3 autoimmume conditions, two heart conditions and take immune surpressants and am likely to die in the first wave if I catch it I think I and others are entitled to use humour to stick two fingers up at their fear and laugh at it. I shall continue to do so. And I promise if I meet pestilence and death I will give them a slap for us all and nick their horses.

Virus over disability, the fears.

I am not minimising folks concerns about this virus. If I get it as a aging male with  3 autoimmune conditions, also asthma and heart issues I likely won’t be here, when I speak or post it’s about perspective and folk realising the virus is but another issue the sick and disabled in the UK have to contend with. Life already is scary enough for anyone who is vulnerable in the UK. We have a government intent upon its own form of genocide, instead of SS and the Brown-shirts they use the DWP with unrealistic, cruel systems and sanctions.

People are scared to speak out incase they are singled out, and it seems a society that through years of reading the Sun, Mail, watching TV such as Trisha, Kyle, Benefits Britain and all the other crap that is designed to make the poor, sick and disabled look like corrupt scroungers, whilst our ‘brave MP’s’ fight to keep them in their place, truly has been brainwashed to see victimisation of these people as not only acceptable but moral.

Yes this virus is scary, yes we need to take precautions, yes we are seeing selfish and scared alike panic buying, and yes in 1911 oi think it was 1911} millions did die of Flu, but to me the virus right now is not the only nor worst thing we have to worry about.
People talk of ‘self isolation’, well sadly most of  those in my position, life can be just that. If our physical conditions don’t stop us doing things the depression and anxiety that accompanies chronic illness does.

I write a lot, making a big thing of my days out. Getting out to me is a huge thing. There are weeks and yes months every year I rarely leave my bed never mind my house. I am not alone in that. I in fact am lucky because I currently have days where I manage or rather juggle everything so that I can pretend to the world and to a degree me, that I am not in constant pain, am not exhausted, not so scared of human interaction that if someone said boo to me it would trigger the dilemma of fight or flight. I am usually lucky enough to be able to hold the fight response down and favour flight but that’s hard. Again I am not the only person by a very long stretch this happens to.

So when you read a comment from me that appears to minimise people’s worries about risks to health or even to seem flippant at such concerns I am not being.

My Brother, my 35yr old kid brother died of a health issue that could have been managed if health, emergency staff and social care had acted professionally, morally and responsibly. He could have not been abused in a relationship if he felt it was OK for a man to speak out. He could have survived if people had recognised the plain signs of his body shutting down instead of him being accused of being drunk (despite not drinking). He could have got help if he had not been judged by a bigoted society. He could have prevented our pain if he had not been vilified by society and the agencies that supposedly are there to protect us.

So yes the virus scares me too, because I know the pain and hole my family will suffer if it takes me, I truly know the fear of self isolation. I am fully aware that that isolation will be likely in itself a contributing factor in my subsequent death due to the effects upon my mental health through not leaving the home that already feels to be a prison, along with the very real fact that as a disabled, ill human being in today’s Britain I cannot afford to stock up with supplies, to panic buy, to hoard food. I live with what I have each day.

So I apologise if I seem to minimise people’s fears. I am not trying to. I am trying to keep perspective and a focus upon the every day, every single day fears we as those seen as without value to the government and so many of our fellow humans constantly have to deal with.

I know folk are scared. I am scared. Sadly not for me as to me losing my life right now would not feel a loss, but for the effects that loss would have on my children, my parents and those that love and care for me. I am also  petrified of losing them to virus or anything else, my parents are in their late seventies. Both my kids have asthma. I know I would not cope with the loss of any of them.

We all have a right to be scared. But let’s focus on all the reasons not just the ones we are told to.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share or not