Anti-Semite? What does this truly mean? My understanding is it means someone who preaches hate against those folk who identify as members of the Jewish faith.
The Oxford dictionary defines it as;

noun. A person who is hostile to or prejudiced against Jews. … ‘The horror of the Holocaust served to discredit the pronouncements of anti-Semites.’

Israel however is a ‘State’ an area which in the 1940’s Britain ‘gave’ land to Jewish people displaced by WW2.
Now it does get confusing because though Israel is a state it also is defined again by Oxford Dictionary as –

1The Hebrew nation or people. According to tradition they are descended from the twelve sons of the patriarch Jacob (also named Israel).

2The northern kingdom of the Hebrews (c.930–721 BC), formed after the reign of Solomon, whose inhabitants were carried away to captivity in Assyria.

Now the first definition means that Israel can mean ‘the Hebrew Nation’ – the Jewish people. This means any statement that does not define itself as being against the actions of the “State of Israel” lends itself to interpretation as being against the Jewish people. It is clearly often pedantic of those making accusations of folk being anti-Semite to do this but means statements against the vile torturous and murderous actions of the said state against the Palestinian People, or against the Israeli state’s involvement within British politics and government, including often Mossad’s alleged involvement in extortion and bribery, even possibly murder to influence Pro-Israeli state decisions and actions are upheld as Anti-Semitic when the true reasons are condemning the internationally illegal or/and immoral actions of a state that seems to be intent upon acting in an imperialist expansionist manner and upon a path of not just state led cruelty but genocide against the Palestinian People.

Now I am a humble citizen of the world, I did not invent language or the ability to define one intent from another. I hope I continue to fight hate in any way I can, I am not racist and hate no one due to their religion, belief or dress. I never post anything with any intent of discrimination. I like many of my comrades within the Labour Party, socialist and humanitarian movements cannot and will not stand by and let any Country or State use the pedantics of language to mask immoral behaviours.

I therefore again herby call upon those with the power to make decisions in the State of Israel to cease all military and policing activity that seeks to oppress the people of Palestine, to sit at a table with their leaders and negotiate a true and long term peace with them. I also as a British Citizen demand the agencies of the State of Israel remove themselves in all manners and ways from British Politics and the governance of the British People.

Human and citizen of the UK and Planet Earth.


I just wrote a response to a friend and it included these thoughts:

This society is atrocious. It has lost sight of what is important. There is no excuse beyond establishment devised paranoia that somehow the vulnerable are stealing the future off everyone. In reality the cost of providing a safe and nurturing environment for all that need it is miniscule when compared to the cost of corporate and government fraud, the stripping of our assets for the wealthy to profiteer from, the non payment of taxes through avoidance, through undertaking war and military actions in order for the shareholders of fuel companies, weapons manufacturers and even sadly fast food chains to profiteer, and these recipients often are not even from Britain but American and even our once deadly foes, Russians.
Everything this government is doing right now from the balls-up that is Brexit to the destruction of the NHS is for the financial gain of those who are the true power in the UK.
None of their actions are to benefit you. None are to invest in your future or that of our children. They are playing a perverse game of monopoly. One where its our money but we are only onlookers whilst they play amongst themselves with loaded dice. None of them lose for when they run out of money they steal more of ours.
It truly is that simple. The disabled, the jobless, the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, the Black, Asian or white, the poor or needy are not our enemies, these people do not destroy our hope, are not ruining our economy or putting our children at risk, the ones truly doing that are the same ones that have always done so, the aristocracy, royalty, landed gentry, the rich and the ‘upper class’. Do not think we live in a classless society just because they tell you we do. Its no accident that all Americans think we are all either related to the queen or are just a simple form of a ‘Cheeky Cockney’. It serves the establishment to stereo type us, to divide us, and to undermine us. A divided society can never hope to challenge their control.
Please have a think about it. Its your life they are thieving from. You likely only have one, is it your choice to be subservient to feeding their greed? Its not mine.

Betrayal and Treachery

We are being asked not to ‘abuse’ the 7 traitors to the Labour Party on social media.

Sorry but allowing the Tories to continue to run the UK by their vile voting record and continued attempts to sabotage the Labour Party and its Membership (the reason for the party being), and their ongoing resistance to socialist and fair morals and values for no more reason than greed and personal gain means that they in my humble opinion need taking to task. They need to realise their actions make them complicit in sustaining a government that will continue to kill and torture people not just here but abroad. A government that by its policies attacks the ill, the disabled, the poor, the elderly, the young and the vulnerable.
They aid a regime that steals any future and hope from our children.
These 7 along with those who undoubtedly will follow need to realise that we, myself included do feel ire towards them and despise their actions of sabotage and treachery.
I am a member of the Labour Party but I am also a Parent and a human being which will always take priority over my loyalty towards the Party or any MP.
So feel free to ask me to remain polite to your ex colleagues, but sadly my response will always be ‘no’. You cannot remain polite, cannot stand by silent when people commit acts that cause suffering.
We as a Party should have learnt that. Appeasement does not work. I will not be quiet nor cheer for someone who in my opinion has betrayed us all with such base actions.

Simon Jones
Labour Member, Father, Son, Friend and Human Being.

Theft of a girls future

Ok folks I am circumcised. Not through religion, but due to complications with Diabetes.

I was an adult when t was done. I therefore can assure you all that Circumcision is not akin to FGM, Female Genital Mutilation! Let’s remember that last word ‘Mutilation’ because that is the key.
Now I am not condoning any religious or cultural elective surgery upon anyone. I understand the reasoning behind circumcision – I think, but it is not something I would have wanted to put any child through. I am not criticising any religion with this view, just basing it upon my own painful experience. To say its just ‘uncomfortable’ is untrue.
However, FGM – Mutilation is not just cutting a small ring of skin. It is hacking at the clittoris to remove it, a body part that not only gives pleasure but contains so many extremely sensitive nerve endings, they then cut away the Labia’s the lips and folds of skin, then finally the sew the opening tighter up. To fuse the skin making a smaller hole.
This is done by unqualified elders, in hiding, usually with no anesthetic, and in unsanitary environments.
If the authorities here are suspicious the girls are sent abroad for the procedure. Some die others become infected, all have their future stolen from them.
The proposed laws to stop this barbaric life long torture were what Christopher Chope blocked.
There is no excuse for his behaviour, no excuse for FGM to continue.
It really is that simple.

Warning contains swearing!

All Tory MP’s are inhumane scum but Christopher Chope takes immoraIity to a entirely more depraved level. His continued one man (if you can call him a man) vendetta upon women, gay men and girls is beyond comprehension. His behaviour is not just undemocratic but extremely damaging. It colludes with abusers and sexual predators. His actions have put more women and children at risk and his defence of his twisted morality is nothing but drivel.
Many of my former co-workers continue to fight to protect young women and girls from the barbaric abuse that is female genital mutilation.
FGM involves an often unqualified or trained lay surgeon (butcher), usually an elder cutting away in unsanitary environments using unsterile knives the clittoris along with all parts of the Labia and then stitching her up fusing her skin together so she has a narrower opening, this is usually done to a very young female. There are many explanations for this evil and callous ritual from ‘tradition’ to protecting her soul from temptation. Children often are sent out of country to have it undertaken if the authorities here suspect and start to become involved.
There is no valid reason for this ‘operation’ to be allowed to continue here or anywhere. The legislation the vile Chope prevented becoming law was to ensure the Courts had the appropriate powers to prevent FGM and protect all those at risk of it.
Now at best its delayed because this shithead has decided to pipe up with his pathetic objection.
Remember this absolute wanker (sorry for the use of a word with such irony) also prevented legislation against taking picture up womens skirts. He has no place in society let alone parliament. This man needs to be locked away with the abusers he continues to support.
Instead Theresa May Knighted him. Kinda shows her lack of ethics too.
This government and their vile party continue to abuse and kill off the weak and vulnerable. They have no concept of right or wrong. They murder us with cruelty and torture and we stand by and allow it.
This crap truly needs to stop. Chope needs kicking out and I believe locking up at least. I don’t know what to charge the twat with, if up to me would lock him in a pit for ever with no charge other than a criminal against humanity.
The rest need ridding too asap.
Wake the feck up Britain. This is not democracy its a farce of a dictatorship.

Ups n downs

As most of you know I am up and down at the moment physically & emotionally. I still will be here for anyone that needs me. But I am finding that my committing to anything more is impossible at this time.

I of late have felt a belonging with some dear friends who have made me feel important and valued but I have continually had to back out of arrangements with them due to physical health.

They are as always understanding but my lack of ability once again in my head makes me feel a useless outsider. I know this is not how i am seen but its how I see me.

This week I am on my third immobile housebound day. Its not getting any easier.
I get out of bed and collapse on sofa unable to even make a brew or dress without pain and exhaustion.

I need to realise this is my reality now. Hopes and aspirations are truly in my past. I feel less than whole, and every day teeter upon the parapet of a thousand mile high grey wall, one engulfed with impenetrable mist.

I wish there were options, I wish I could plan and arrange, that I could make some difference. Sadly not.

I am not depressed, today suicide was dismissed as an option, but I am not happy nor content either. I am taking each day a step at a time. It is all I can do.

Little things are insurmountable at the moment. I am falling into a pit of debt and anguish. I fear any knock on my door. I want to hide from reflections in the window. My phone rings and panic sets in.

I am not a weak man in many ways, I am not violent but have fought battles my entire life, sometimes illness, injustice, others nightmares, & my own, the system and those who oppress us. All of this has marked my life, but I do not seem to have the strength to continue much longer.