Propaganda for greed or a bit of truth?

I see that the Jeremy Corbyn is an IRA supporter crap is resurfacing. Firstly shame that we don’t see how many British and Irish lives were saved with an end to the conflict in Northern Ireland. No one can think an end to war was a bad thing? And given that Corbyn brokered with those on both sides doesn’t that sort of show that he was not and is not an IRA supporter, despite those really badly photoshopped images still doing the rounds.
But we do have a government in bed with the DUP who were and are supporters of the protestant faction terrorists. Mmmn yep short memories.
We also have a government happy to destroy the peace in Northern Ireland just to get their way.
Don’t forget that Karen Bradley the Northern Ireland Minister appointed by Theresa the Traitor didn’t even know there was a difference between Republican and Loyalist groups. We’ll she wouldn’t being raised in sleepy Buxton and only interacting with plebs when she lorded it in her dad’s pub.
It seems that despite Labour taking a neutral stance on Brexit, and the commitment from Conference to let the people decide with truth and not the lies from both sides that were peddled, the Brexit hardliners are scared that the people might with some actual knowledge make a different decision. Oh dear that might mean a delay or even cancellation. Oh gawd would that mean that the corruption and tax evasion of the super rich might be exposed? That Mogg, Johnson and even HM Queeny might be seen for what they are?
Oh dear.
Well if you want the Irish terrorists (or freedom fighters depending on your view, I prefer the term ‘people’) to rearm out of the greedy breaching the agreements and trust then yep a no deal with the proposals for Ireland might just do it, but if you want continued peace, a better deal for Ireland and Mainland Britain, a Brexit or no Brexit of the people, surely we need an experienced cool negotiator? Mmmn now doesn’t that sound like someone we know?
I am not pro or anti Brexit but am anti no deal. I want a future for the UK and that is not on the coat tails of America and definitely not with Trump, who as a point of interest attended fundraisers on the republican side during the war (not troubles, it was a war, people died on both sides).

Have a little think folks. What’s best for Britain?

Grumpy old git

Yep I am a grumpy old egotistical opinionated bastard, I lived 52yrs and seen quite a bit and done some stuff to earn that right. I am not God, if there is one, I ain’t a prophet I am just as described with hopefully a tad of intelligence and a splash of wisdom.

I marched with the miners. I fought at the side of the print workers. I blocked streets in Manchester and London against oppression, racism, war and apartied.
I worked in communities to protect children and their families from poverty, discrimination and sadly way to muc abuse. I helped convict the abusers, and they were of all ages, races, class and cultures.
I have watched folk die due to Austerity, cuts and corruption.
I have worked all my life until I got ill. Not working is not a choice. I loved my job, my career. It gave me reason, pride and self worth. I earned a good salary and paid my taxes and NI.
I still fight every day against the injustices I see. I try to educate when needed. I try to get people to see hate us not the way forward. That division is a weapon used against us by those who seek to control us.
Brexit may or may not happen. If Labour get in there will be a binding vote of the people. This will be based upon truth not lies. Labour have no agenda but what’s right, and what the people truly want. I actually do not care if in or out, as long as we do not suffer for the greed of those in control (or as with this current Tory shower no control).
Of late I have had to block folks on my timeline and in groups not because I disagreed with their views, just their offensive and hate filled mannerisms.
We as a nation are being divided. We are being made to see our neighbours, families and friends as enemies.
Well you are only my enemy if you try to insult my intelligence, steal from me or anyone, abuse or try to harm me or others to sate your greed, corruption or ego. I make a good friend but a very bad enemy. I never forget, and sadly rarely forgive. A fault I know.
The Prime Minister and the previous four, yes including the War Criminal Blair, have in my opinion harmed others, stole from us all and continue to insult our collective intelligence. They therefore are my enemies and will never be forgiven. There are other MP’s also on that list, along with some folk I know from here or in person. It’s a fairly long list. Sadly.
Just because I have that list does not mean I will ever act upon it, but opportunity sometime arises for Karma to be assisted in its duties.
And no I am not now or ever have been violent or aggressive just to be clear, and do not advocate injuring others. Not my way.
I digress.
The point is unless you are on that list for those very reasons you are not my enemy. I hold no malace nor have any other agenda but to fight for a better world for us and our children.
I respect all if that respect is earnt, I give everyone a chance to earn it, as I am an old skool biker and that’s our way, but btray that respect and trust and it will not be as easy to earn it back.
I don’t want sycophants as friends, I want free thinkers, with morality, empathy and honesty. I want folk that care as much or more about others as they do themselves. Most of you fit into that slot.
I do moan, whinge and whittle, I know, in fact when I am on a downer I don’t like me so can’t understand why anyone else would. I have little self worth and low self esteem, but I have my morals. I live and stand with them.
I will stand with those I see deserving of it. This often not only lost some so called friends and regretfully family on the way but often has made me a target, but it’s my way. My morals are my honour. I will not stand by and see others hurt or attacked. I will not allow theft or fraud against folk. But that means I stand against all corruption including tax evasion, and corruption.
I wil not support war unless it is to ensure regimes that use fascism and extremism that seek to murder, injure, torture, maim and oppress are ended.
I will never support imperialism or expansionist. I will not stand aside for genosude, whoever the protagonists.
Folk are folk. Human are human. Life needs to be fair and promoted, not oppressed and ended.
There are resources on this planet to sustain our population and reasonable growth, but not whilst greed is the controlling motive behind power and control.
We all know this. We all know that those who have the title of mega rich hold the majority of the worlds resources to ransom. Wealth is a measure of power. That is all.
So anyway if you read this far it maybe let you see something of me. And thank you for getting to know me a little more.
I am nothing special, I hold no more value than any other person on this planet. I am not remarkable, not talented, not special. I am a simple bloke, with nothing more than you see. But I have the right to call some of you friends. That makes me truly rich beyond words.
So thank you again


I see it every day folks on Facebook and twitter.
Of the giving up of Empire they remain so bitter.
It matters not that we enslaved so many free folk.
That we invented concentration camps is just a joke.
The dead and dying upon our freezing damp streets.
To these vermin are a sight of amusement and treat.
They care nought for cruelty aimed at sick and disabled
Display pics of white clad knights who are only fabled
These muppets see themselves as the master race
Puffed up toothless middle aged with ruddy red face
They vote Conservative or even more pathetic BNP
Pushing for Brexit so at last their hatred will be free
What these idiots will never have capacity to be taught
Is that humanity is our gift and that they will be fraught
We will stand against their bile and ongoing hate
Never to pass without challenge their sealed fate

I care. Do you?

I don’t care about the major shareholders of Thomas Cook, I do care about the employees, their families and those who have lost money paying for holidays they won’t now have, or are stranded upon. I care about the folks who now will likely lose their savings and pensions due to bad investments by the dealers on the stock exchange gambling the pension pots.

I care that the directors took millions in bonuses despite the company being in trouble. That is theft. They need prison. I care that out twat of a prime minister can pay millions on advertising his fecking up Brexit but can’t at least shore up the company to ensure folks did not lose out.

Obviously Johnson and his corrupt cronies did not have shares in this one, or got out using insider information some time ago more likely.

This is the government investing billions into HS2 that is now looking to lose hundreds of billions not millions. That put hundreds of billions not millions into a nuclear weapons system we don’t even control and does not work, that stripped out our NHS and sold out our steel, miners and shipbuilders to overseas companies to make personal fortunes.

I do care that we now live in the most corrupt and cruel society in the world. We don’t have capital punishment but we kill off the poor, the weak, the vulnerable, the sick and the disabled, then we look the other way and pretend it’s not happening. We’ll I can promise it fecking is. Then muppets who know shit all, that say I don’t do politics, or I don’t like Corbyn because the Sun, the Daily Mail, The Times, The Express or The BBC says….. Go on to vote Conservative or even Lib Dem.


War Sides

Are you British? Well does it matter? Today its about loyalty to corporations not country. Business starts and runs war. Land is now not the goal. Profit is.

Every war since the beginning of time was based on greed and lust for power. We had flags of the leaders of clan, village, town, county and country. Now however they are just symbolism for which the big companies can shelter under.
When America goes to war McDonald’s invariable go with them, as do Coca-Cola and so many other brands.
Soon DPM and Digital Camoflauge will incorporate logos of firms sponsoring the battle or war.
We already know arms companies, oil companies and even real estate and banks profit from a big war, but its also the other ‘investors’ that come out Trumps (sorry for the pun) too.
War is no longer about defence or was ever really about humanity, but now its more about profit than borders. Borders do not really exist for the real protagonists. It doesn’t matter if you came from Britain, America, China or Russia. If there is profit in your fighting and dying then its what will happen.
Forget colour or religion, it doesn’t matter if you are under one flag or another, you are simply a unit of currency to those who hold the true power in this corrupt immoral world.
So forget waving the Union Jack or Stars and Stripes, you might as well be waving Shell, BP or Burger King.
It really is that simple. Sad isn’t it?

Soldier in the war of Depression

If someone is clearly depressed please don’t say chin up. It really doesn’t help.

Depression isn’t feeling a bit sad its an illness and really does kill. I am sure you mean well but it’s one of the worse phrases like ‘pull yourself together’ or man up or it’s not that bad. The list goes on. I know you likely really do care I pro. Ise but see depression for what it is.
Depression is a cruel and deadly illness and so misunderstood.
People with depression may seem attention seeking, irritating or even weak, but they are not weak, they are likely dealing with the worst demons imaginable and often cannot even see nevermind understand their enemy.
The wrong word or phrase can make things far worse. It’s difficult enough admitting you are depressed, are mentally unwell, the stigma is horrible, society is cruel in the way is deals with sufferers of any mental health or chronic illness.
So if your tempted to say. ‘it could be worse’ or ‘there are people who are far worse off than you’ don’t. Just do not say anything. You are not being supportive, you are minimising a contrition that is too often fatal and always torturous.
A simple, ‘I am here’ or ‘ready to listen’ or even a hug (not ‘hugs hun’) but a physical hug or hold of hand can save a life.
No depression is ‘mild’, it steals emotion and breads fear and despair. It causes irrational thoughts, living nightmares and way too often causes a person to escape in the only way left.
So thanks for reading, I am no psychologist nor psychiatric practioner, I sadly am a fighter and like too many others already have, may end up losing the war.
Also only say you are there for someone if you truly are. Being let down does not help.
Your friend.
Simon. (Jonesy)

Change must be

We live with the most corrupt and immoral people controlling our destiny and very lives. Those in government are out for self sating of greed. A large number of those in other parties, sadly including our own are not much better, but ours is changing slowly.

Those in power have not been this oppressive and cruel since King Charles had his ears separated from his neck.
We can and must stop this from continuing. This is a time in history that no action is to be judged as collusion.
We cannot and must not be drawn into fighting on the streets, but we can strike back, with strikes and social disruption. We can block trade, cut profits and destroy their ability to make sacrifices of us to their divine God of greed.
We are not separated by race, religion or culture, we are deliberately made to hate our own so we do not focus ire upon our masters.
We own no loyalty to the government or Crown. We can no longer be instructed by the press and media. We need to start to think for ourselves.
Make banners, wear t-shirts get on the streets but not where directed by those controlled by the government and establishment.
We need to keep voting, but we also need to refocus the people. We need to make folk understand that these vile ones are not our natural leaders, we all breathe, eat and yes poo.
Just because we were nor born into money, taught at Eton or Harrow does not mean our lives are invalid or that we cannot take hold of our own destinies. Time to end this regime.
Socialism is not communism, it is fairness, it is everyone having an equal say, a good basic living standard and every single person rich or poor mattering as much as anyone else.
Let them have ivory towers, all it does is separate and isolate them from seeing the true beauty of our world. We can happily assist them by ensuring they have no escape from their false existence. They do not understand community, that’s why in the 70’s and 80’s they desperately tried to destroy ours. Sadly with some success.
Time to rebuild our identity. Not British, English Irish Scottish or Welsh, but the one that identifies us as human.

So no more excuses, no more collusion. Its our time.
The fight back must begin.

The cloud

I wish I was a cloud floating free in the sky.
I wish I were a cloud never a need to die.
I wish I was a cloud floating high above the earth.
I wish I were a cloud with no concern of my true worth.
I wish I was a cloud floating high above all of you.
I wish I was a cloud watching over my select few.


Who are we?

Who are we to comment upon Israel locking up an entire populace, to their killing and maiming men, women and yes children?

Who are we to judge them for their siege upon another state, promoting disease and starvation of individuals, families and community?

Who are we to shout out against their shooting people, their sending in tanks and troops to destroy opposition to their will?

Who are we to condemn them for burning crops, homes and villages?
Who are we to be angry at their manipulation of the truth, calling anyone who stands against their tyranny antisemitic, a racist and a hater?

Who are we to defy their threats?

Who are we?

We are legitimate
We are humane
We are moral
We are justice
We are the world