Our world today

How as a child protection social worker can I stand by and let whats happening in Gaza, Yemen, Saudi, the US Border with Mexico or even here where our government are killing sick, disabled and poor children without doing something. My moral and legal duty of care is to any child, that includes those outside the UK.
People say ‘we can only do what we can’ but what exactly is that? To sit about, spouting shit on social media?
I feel so terribly frustrated and angry. I never advocate war for gain, but what Israel is doing now can only be seen as genocide, therefore crimes against humanity.
The United Nations has condemned Israel, but taken no action. There again they have also condemned the Conservative Government here in the UK on their cruel actions against the disabled, but the government decided to ignore them.
Even if you are not social workers, many of you are care workers, nurses, child minders, but most importantly parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles or friends, you are human. Can you look at these children suffering and stand idly by? I certainly cannot!
I have many days I do not wish to live, but I will not leave this world, this country, the future in such a mess as it is now.
All of the worst tyranny in our world is due to greed, expansionism and capitalism.
We need to stop the super rich and powerful right now. We cannot afford to wait.
Here in the UK most of us now realise democracy has been compromised. That the ‘establishment’ will not allow the people to be treated fairly, with compassion, justice or respect. We are getting to understand of late elections in the UK have been fixed, with main stream media promoting the propaganda of lies spouted by the incumbent Tories, trashing socialism and the Labour membership along with our Leader, the fraudulent behaviour of Tory MP’s and their staff in the elections, the Electoral counting company is even owned by senior Conservative figures.
All of the above is fact.
We now live in a country where even the supermarkets are ‘shopping’ the disabled claiming benefits to the DWP, and likely providing our information to even more government departments for shady draconian uses.
Thats true 1984 shit folks. Orwell wrote a warning, not a manifesto for the Conservatives to use in government.
We live in a time where the police we pay to protect and serve us only serve the establishment, and at best place us at risk, at worse are that risk of harm due to corruption, lies, fabrication and bullying.
Is this the country, never mind world we envisaged as children? I was a child of the sixties and seventies, we grew up believing that Britain was Great because it stood against hate, against discrimination, against the Nazi’s, the Fascists and all that was evil. We were proud of our forefathers and foremothers who had suffered, fought, bled and died to make the world better for us.
In the late seventies and eighties things were hard but we still had the ruminants of communities, of families, of respect and what even at that late point seemed a fairer society.
People rant about how the Unions got greedy, especially the miners, I even remember my mother stating that the miners earned too much, but that was firstly at a time we as a nation owned out country’s assets, and yes they often were earning above the ‘average wage, or at least that of the ‘working class’ but also a time where ‘health and safety’ really was not a priority for those working underground. I have many friends who were miners and tell of their times in the pits. Its not a life I would have wanted. Every mining community had folks that were killed in their every day work. Many of my friends still suffer from breathing issues brought about by that dangerous and difficult work.
The Conservatives used that ‘public opinion’ at the time to break not just the mining unions, but all the unions. That was the beginning of every citizen losing their life rights. The rights our parents, grandparents and ancestors fought, suffered, bled and died to gain and protect.
Since that time the Conservatives, New Labour (closet Conservatives), the Liberal Democrats and their hidden shapeless masters who we can only describe as the Establishment, including the British, European aristocracy and yes your beloved Royal Family headed up by Queen Elizabeth 11 have stripped us of most of our inalienable human rights, and our communities, towns, cities and country of assets.
The UK was never perfect or even particularly moral, but compared to where we are now it was more supportive and even fairer than today.
We now live in a society where entire communities are living in fear of violence, in poverty and without any community spirit, never mind trust. Todays society is based on greed, cruelty and the ‘I am alright Jack’ attitude Thatcherism heralded.
We have a police force that is so inept that they cannot investigate 90% of crime, that only are fit to drive around in pairs or more, that rely on batons, gas, tasers and guns, often before words. They have little respect from any but the misguided fools of ‘little, middle England’. Even their masters have such little regard for their abilities that they now are employing their own private security and even their own red jacketed police force!
We have a prime minister that consistently lies, loses files, and changes laws for her own ends, a foreign secretary that runs away so he doesn’t have to answer questions and a cabinet of fools and fascists. Has allied itself with terrorists in the UK and abroad, along with the most diabolical regimes upon this planet.
Thats only here, we also live in a world where a country established by those who were victims of some of the most evil acts perpetrated by a nation upon a race and culture, now chooses to emulate those vile acts upon another race and culture. It seems we never learn from history.
We have an American president, arguably the most powerful ‘public figure’ (I think there are folks with far more power pulling his strings) promoting hatred, racism, and oppression in his own and other countries throughout the world.
Todays world values oil, money, brands and power more than empathy, love, trust, equality, fairness, humanity or even life.
Now you may think I am being dramatic, but sadly I know my words are true. I know that as an individual my life is worthless to those who rule us, my views invalid, my voice unheard. Many of you may excuse this as the rambling of a crank, that depression from my illness’ has twisted my views. Maybe thats how most of you see me? I do not know, I do know however that my frustration, anger, sadness and contempt for this society, and the laws that its masters chose to impose upon us grows daily.
I know I will not ever be able to ignore the pain, suffering, cruelty to my fellow humans, to our children, the worlds children that is being imposed by these vile creatures that believe its their right to control or rule us.
All I can ask of you is for you to open your eyes, for you to see the truth of whats really going on and each of you take some stand against this vileness we see every day. Lets do our bit to at least try to make the world better for our kids.
Think on this that if the worlds resources were distributed fairly, if corruption and greed were stamped out right now, in every country on every continent, there would be no hunger, little famine, and very little suffering on this planet. Thats not communism, not socialism its humanity, humans being humane. A better future really is that simple, but of course they do not want you to recognise that, for if we all stand they lose power. Thats their only true god.
Thank you for reading this,

Just following orders

Superior Orders or the Nurenburg Defence (after the 1945-49 trials of Nazi War Crimes) is not likely a viable defence whether soldier or civilian. If an order is immoral whether given by a general, a councillor, a manager, a politician, a government, or even head of state should be questioned and refused.
Now in 1940’s Germany not following an order would more often than not result in summary execution, in Palestine today a Courts Marshall with a prison term, in the UK civilian police? A reprimand? A written warning? Loss of promotion? Yet still these ‘servants of the people’ obey the most horrible and immoral orders, removing the few belongings from those with nothing, impounding homeless bus to ensure its hidden from view on Royal Vermin Day, to subduing workers and communities, subjugation of the masses to keep those with wealth and power in their place.
To me Constables you have already chose your sides, just remember if a day arrives where you will be judged, you will need a far better defence than ‘it was my job’ or ‘I was just following orders’!
Remember, for we shall!


Wouldn’t it be good if we as humans could put party politics aside to condemn the behaviour of Israel and the murder of innocent men women and children, whose only crime is to have been born into Palestine. Sadly we cannot as the Tories, and Blue Labour (Bleurgh-Rights) are not about being human, humane nor humanity, their drive is greed, power and money.
They cannot and will not condemn massacre by their aligned state (financial backers) because firstly it hurts their purse, secondly Israel’s behaviour mirrors their own, but instead of guns our government are killing us off with austerity. Their war is even more effective, no costly ammunition, their bullets are actually withdrawing monies and services for those that need it.
This world is not as it should be. The resources and the people are there to ensure everyone a comfortable and healthy life. Prince Bill Windsor (Babs’ grandson?) stated the world is over populated. That is rubbish. The world has the facility for a population ten times larger than it is, but 99% of the resources needed to ensure this are held by the 1%. The greedy and corrupt powerbase behind all the worlds governments.
We see small independent nations falling apart due to war and famine, but if people had a fair share of wealth distribution throughout the world extremist politics would not exist.
People see socialism as extremist, yet we live under this huge lie that capitalism – GREED – is beneficial to us all. Rubbish! That benefits the top of the pile, the corrupt, greedy, and yep wicked if you want a religious reference.
Religion, let’s think upon that a second, all religions as far as I know are based upon equality, at a grass roots level, but how many live by that creed? Yet still people fight and die in the name of their god, maybe now we need to fight in the name of humanity, and equality, and fairness?
Sorry for the rant but tired of a world of death, maiming, starvation, famine, cruelty and suffering when there is no rational need for it.
I believe in people, my politics are not party led, not individual led but people led. My morality is that people are more important that property, wealth and power. I trust in family, the human family for if we get it right, then our world gets it right.
So yes I condemn Israel for their murder, their invasion and expansion, their hate, I condemn the USA for legitimising this vile atrocity, and supporting, even promoting their behaviour, the UN for remaining toothless and not living up to the expectations of their moral reason for existing, and our government for supplying the weapons to Israel and remaining silent.
And remember genocide can be carried out under many guises, the one in Palestine is very visible, the one here continues behind closed doors.
I hope this makes at least one person think. I know in many cases I preach to the converted, but if you agree with my words, my views please share.

The Bully


By Simon Jonesy Jones

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. There are the standard school bullies, these nasty little creatures depend upon others ‘thinking’ they are hard and tough. In reality most are weak kids that rely upon others to continually back them up and their targets to be in fear of them. Their motives can be so simple, usually they lack social skills to survive on their own, and tend to be from families where either they are unseen, or in fact bullied themselves.
They rarely have empathy for others, but usually will get their comeuppance as they leave school or enter the work place. Often their bullying is actually a cry for help.
Workplace bullies can just be a continuation of school bullies, but also can be those who were bullied at school. These horrid creeps can make life so difficult for people that careers are ruined and even lives. Their bullying often goes ignored by management.
There are bullies within marriage or relationships. This bullying is what may be classed as DV (domestic violence). It as with all bullying can be physical, mental and emotional cruelty towards their partners and/or kids. Sexual assault, abuse and rape can be manifest within DV.
Then there are cyber bullies. These can belittle, threaten and attack folk online. They will pick people up on their grammar, quote theory at them in an attempt to make others look stupid or google (their greatest tool) to spout facts and figures in order to fake intelligence. These bullies too often are nerdy and physically unable to carry out their threats, however they will try to goad folk into responding in anger then report them to the police. These are rife upon social media and are classed as keyboard warriors because they usually hide behind their keyboards sniping to make others look foolish.
This list can go on and on, there are bullies in all walks of life, and they all master their own tactics. People use threats, showing others up, identifying weakness, and physical violence. They may target someone because they see them as the wrong colour, a different culture, having a sexuality or gender that the bully does not understand or feels threatened by, the wrong clothes or even haircut. I was attacked once for being the ‘wrong sort’ and another time for using crutches, and another for being a ‘cripple’! People can be cruel and its usually their own hang ups and inadequacy that is the cause of their horrible behaviour.
I was subject to bullying at school and wanted to die for most of my school life. On the last day I turned on the pupils that were responsible and beat them up. The teachers sadly got away with it.
Bullying is about power. Its mainly vile insects that have no other power in their lives. Those that are adept at putting people down verbally are no cleverer and often have a lower IQ or ability than their targets. Using google doesn’t prove you can rationalise thought processes, it just shows basically you can access a search engine.
Bullying is not good in any circumstance, and is easy to fall into a bullying relationship.
I try never to be a bully. If I ever come across as such please tell me.
Empathy and understanding gains my respect not aggression. There are times I talk a fight but that is self protection because I would rather talk than fight any day of the week, however I will stand up to bullies even if things get physical. Thats what school taught me.
Tonight i was subject to bullying online from someone I thought of as friend. He belittled me openly then continued in messenger. He was a google hero. In real life he has few people skills and often seems panicky in social situations. He joins groups on and off facebook, calls himself a ‘biker’ because he rides, but lacks understanding of what ‘biker’ truly means to us. All the gear no idea springs to mind.
He understands or at least seems to, technology better than I do and used this with glee to call me a liar on my post. He messaged me to say i was part of the ‘tin foil brigade’ and paranoid because after four assaults and no police support I feel unsafe when am physically vulnerable due to health and disability.
He is now blocked and will be treated with contempt if encountered. I will not threaten him nor name him on here.
I think he has emotional and social issues. I hope he gets help before he ends up targeting the wrong person.
I now see bullies as weak and powerless. I feel pity that they have to resort to such putrid tactics to make themselves feel worthy.
Tonight upset me because I was caught unawares. Did not expect it, but hind sight truly is a wonderful way of explaining such surprises.

No one should be subjected to bullying. We as a society have a duty & responsibility to challenge it every time we come across it.
The best way is to support the victims, from offering an ear, shelter, advice or even stepping between if it helps.
Bullies may be crying out for help but their needs are secondary whilst they are targeting others.
Bullies tend not to change, certainly in regard to their targets, and many refuse to recognise that it is how they are behaving.
So if you are being bullied at school, home, work, online or in your neighbourhood, reach out to others, find people you trust and will stand by you. The police and other agencies may help, but people have mixed experiences. The police were useless after i was assaulted, despite recording them as ‘hate crime’, though they are getting better with DV incidents. Listen to friends but do not think things will change just because a bully apologises and pledges to change. That rarely lasts long.
If any of my friends, or anyone wants to talk to me because they are subject to bullying, I am here, don’t expect Batman but I will listen and offer advice and signposting to folk that can help, if I can.
I am sure most of my friends upon here will do the same.
But never feel trapped or alone, there are people you can reach out to and who do care.
So remember don’t accept bullying. Its not OK, and needs stamping out.
All lives matter.
As always if you agree with my views in this post feel free to share.
I have not set out to offend anyone, I want people to realise support is there if they need it. Writing this has been my support for myself.
Thank you for reading


This is a Trovan 300 AEG. I have found it on a window ledge in my house. When I googled it was identified as a transponder. It is a device used by thieves to identify addresses. In particular bike thieves.
Its been reported to police, but given it Derbyshire Constabulary chances are they will not prioritise. They have offered to make contact with me in a ‘few days’ (feel safer already).

I give notice now to any prospective thief, if you enter my home or try to take my bike you will not walk away. Folks check your homes and bikes for these. On bikes often slipped into fuel tanks or wedged under seats. Smaller than 5p in diameter but thicker than a pound coin. Look like a magnet or small draughts piece.
Right off to buy a Lucille (just in case).
Tagged a few of you but won’t let me tag everyone.
Please share. Think gonna fit this to a tain lol. Follow that thieving scum.

Sheffield crime

See this bin on high street in sheffield? Outside of Sports Direct, opposite Pizza Hut? Well this bin along with others close by is where some skanky dealers leave drugs, in the top of the bin under the cigarette tray. Street folk can go furtle, get a little bag of weed or whatever and leave cash. There are a few blokes dressed as if homeless that watch the bins and one black guy who today was dressed in a black anorak jacket, grey trackies and trainers. Anyone got close to the bin he would intercept with another bloke and waves a map asking for direction. He distracts them and moves them away from the bin.
Contacted police but they can’t be bothered, again not traffic is it?
Its these muppets that are trafficking to kids and those who are having to live upon our streets. These dealers are just scum. This aint a bit of ‘harmless weed’ this is anything and everything, and could be being dealt to your kids.
My friend Lucille was so tempted to acquaint herself with them.
They are organised and so very blatant, yet are allowed to carry on. It makes my blood boil. That and the tracker along with the crap attitude of the cops has left me wishing I was some super hero vigilante. Sadly am not capable of that, just of exposing this kind of criminality when I see it. Sadly we cannot expect these wrongdoers to be arrested when our government and PM are guilty of much worse. #CriminalBritain


Maybe its time we made the debate upon transgender a tad easier. In Europe and many other places in the world most public toilets are unisex. This causes little issue for them and is normality. In the UK disabled toilets are mainly unisex, sadly though too often mixed with baby changing which is problematic from both sides.
Yes mens loos are generally more unkempt than womens, but employing adequate cleaning and good general standards would help.
I am not suggesting this will end the ongoing debate, and yes I see both sides, but life is about change, and that includes values, principles and morality. We see ourselves as a mature culture but seem to pick up on things and resist changes just for the sake of it.
I have not all the answers and yes there are circumstances unisex toilets may be a concern or even cause anxiety for some. I get that totally. But its about how they are managed, staffed and monitored. Maybe single cubicles such as many disabled ones are? And yes the local authorities are closing existing ones down and not investing, but as a diabetic with Crohns that is something I truly believe we need to resist.
I realise some of you may be angry at my simplistic post, but occasionally is it not worth seeking simple solutions before addressing the complex sides of an issue? And boy is the issue complex? But thats what advancement is about, identifying ways forward when challenges are faced.
And for the record I truly do see both sides of this truly difficult issue, I even agree with arguments from both, almost sitting on the fence (not as in a Lib Dem with knife drawn looking for a back to stab). But at the end of the day for me, people should be respected for life needs and choices. Its easier to condemn but takes intelligence and empathy at times to overcome our own society imposed views and values.
I will give any human being a chance, I will be friendly and affable, who ever they are (corrupt or right wing politicians, bankers, heads of corporations, nazis, Royals, bigots and Donald Trump [yes most of the previous] are not included in this statement and will not be treated with anything but contempt by me ) until their behaviour or attitude falls below the standard I believe acceptable.
I do not think that many if any would entertain having a sex change or even coming out to the abuse they will often receive just by admitting they are so, unless to them it was life limiting remaining trapped within a gender they cannot identify with.
Its not a game or even likely a choice to many. They are not ‘perverts’ or to be feared. They are human beings trying to live their one life as best they can.
What harm is it going to cause those of us that are not living within that undoubted turmoil?
Its only fifty years that the UK (not including Scotland or Northern Ireland) made it legal for two men over 21 to have sexual intercourse with each other. It was only in 2000 when it became legal for them to sleep together in a hotel.
Society has to change its values and legislation as understanding of ourselves increases. I don’t know many other than the far right that will not accept that being gay is ok. There will always be bigots sadly, but we need to move forward.

My view anyway. I do not expect everyone to agree, just be measured and kind in your responses.

Thank you

The bomb

Not for the faint hearted. If you are repulsed by gore look away now. You have been warned.

The bomb, by Jonesy Jones

Six o’clock in the evening and I am moved from my place of rest, put on a long trolley and towed out to where they are arming the planes. My one and only flight is to be under the fuselage of a Tornado Ground Attack aircraft. We have watched these bad boys take off and land all week.
Its sunny here in Cyprus. We are well looked after, kept in shade with guards and armourers watching over us.
As we reach the plane my brother is hoisted up under a wing and clamped in place. His nose prop spun gently to check its rotating free.
Now its my turn. Me being a big lad I am not carried under the wing but under the belly of the plane. All the checks are done by a quite cute lass, a sergeant from Brum.
Now we wait. It feels like eternity until dusk finally falls upon us. Long shadows creep across the base. Now there is movement as a pilot walks over toward us. He is assisted up the ladder followed by his number two. They get comfy and sit in their seats with the hud open for now. Its still scorching hot.
The radio squarks into life and the canopy is slowly closed. The crew signal those upon the ground and the wheels are freed of restraint.
The engine increases tempo and we slowly manoeuvre forwards, resting for a minute or two at the end of a long runway. Then suddenly the engines scream and I can feel the clamps holding me firm as we tear down the runway, bumpy at first but then smooth, with only the wind letting me know just how fast we are moving.
This my maiden and final flight seems to pass so quickly. Very soon even though we are skimming the water at 200 feet and travelling at over seven hundred miles an hour, i can see the lights of a sleepy town ahead. Now there are flashes of small arms that I can see coming from little clumps of men dotted about. Thats no real risk to us. But suddenly the crew are reacting to an alarm as a SAM (surface to air missiles) site tries to lock on to us. Tonight however luck is with us, now there is general tracer anti aircraft fire seeking us out, but again we just fly through it.
Now its my turn to shine. I am no thorough bred, I have no laser guidance, just a lifeblood of phosphorous and explosive.
My clamps release and I fall to the ground as if a stone from a child’s catapult. As I hit I explode into a bright but deadly star. This is my moment. I reach out to all of those humans close by. My phosphorous igniting buildings, cars, furnishings and skin as my explosive wave demolishes all barriers between my victims and I.
Part of me, an ounce from the hundreds of pounds I started as lands upon a soldier, on leave from his unit, he will not be returning to serve. A clump hits his wife, within seconds she breathes no more, but shards of me penetrate the skin of their seven year old daughter. Five minutes ago she was smiling as her daddy cuddled her to sleep. Now she is screaming with a pain no person deserves to endure, especially an innocent child.
Fear keeps her from slipping into the abyss of unconsciousness, as I burn down deeper into her flesh. Her screams an accompaniment to the searing destruction I wreak upon her failing body. A second, minute, hour or day passes, I know not which for now there is nowt of me beyond the weaponised chemical burning her away.
Someone finds her as the dig amongst the rubble. They do not see her fractured and broken bones, just the mask of a demonic monster that is now her burnt face. The bones of her hands and arms uncovered as the skin continues to wither from the chemical induced heat.
My job is done. The last remaining embers of my existence are dug from her small body by a local doctor, over a desk in the child’s own classroom.
I will never know if this victim of my being will live or die. I truly now hope it is the latter, for her sake.
I feel no remorse however, for I feel nothing, I am inanimate, not evil nor good. I am a weapon, a simple tool fashioned with but one purpose. To kill.
I am not guilty of the pain and destruction I cause. That is down to those who built me, who ordered me and who set me free. And sadly it is you that allow them to do this. It is you that will always and forever be the ones responsible for the pain and suffering endured by this once happy child.
Your inactivity grants them mandate for me and all those like me to kill, destroy and maim in your name.
And why? To save lives? To make the world better? To fight ancient evil? No! For power and greed. Its that simple.
I truly hope this account wakes someone up.
I am sorry its so graphic, but I am more sorry its so true.
#NoWar #NoGreed #NoCorruption