Last chance

We watch films like alien and think some space monster would be scary, but in reality sadly too many humans are far more cruel, wicked and terrifying than any demon could be.
We my friends as a species are the true horror stories that any alien world would make their horror movies about.
We allow cruelty to all earth’s inhabitants, including other humans, and even other family members.
We have no respect for anything on our planet, and belittle and criminalise those who do.
We pretend to worship kind deities yet truly only give our souls to greed and power.
We gladly allow the vulnerable of our planet, the forests, the oceans, the animals, and human disabled, weak, and poor to be killed off, to be left in disgraceful conditions, to be murdered in the name of fashion, profit and corruption.
This is what human ‘nature’ appears to be at this moment in history.
However there are some of these apex predators that give hope, those of us with compassion, morality, care, who want to love our planet, its inhabitants, even you.
Maybe you are one of these magical souls. I hope so.
Money is not a morality, power over others is not essential, violence is not an answer, the only way we as a species, get to save our world, to protect its residents, to keep our families safe, is to realise that we need a huge change. We need to take the power from the greedy, the corrupt, the violent, the war mongers, and set our planet on a new path, one of caring, love, understanding, ecology, forgiveness, a new fairer world, where people, animals, fauna, the seas, the atmosphere are put before profit.
Until we make this change earth is on a path to damnation, one worse than any biblical cataclysm.
We make these choices now, for our children and our world, or we do not make them at all. Any delay now will be too late.
Will you sentence all you care about to fall into the abyss? I won’t.


OK so now we basically have the threat of martial law without a declaration of martial law. This is not actually about Covid, not about social distancing or masks, its about civil disobedience toward an openly fascist profiteering government.
Boris is using Covid to strip us of our rights and even stated so today.
However what folk ain’t getting is Covid is real, it does kill and sadly your conspiracy theories and refusal to wear masks have fuelled the virus and given Boris and Co an open door to bring in policies, regulations and laws that will stop anyone being able to defend our rights or stop his vile actions, nevermind bringing in positive change.
Who do you think writes the conspiracy theories? Some polyester clad bloke with a cullender upon his head? Nope more often than not an oxbridge post grad in psychology and sociology being paid 60,000pa by Conservative party donors under the guise of a research fellowship for the private sector. Then their ideas are passed to people skilled in subliminal advertising and released upon social media, linked to discredited researchers.
It might not be rocket science but they are social scientists in the pay of the establishment.
You may think the figures you are being given about deaths are low, I would say they are, in fact too low to be genuine. I think likely more folk are dying than we are told, but who controls that data? Oh the government. Who releases it? Oh Conservative and establishment owned or controlled media.
We already know the last election was manipulated by these means, we know about tools such as subliminal advertising and reverse psychology, we know the Conservatives and their cronies have had the best education that money, extortion and bribery can buy. We know they have no morality or ethics and they only believe in profit and power.
I know I have spoken to folk working on the front line, in the fox holes that Covid wards have been, in craters that are our care homes, under strict orders not to resuscitate the vulnerable, disabled, elderly or chronically kill.
We know deaths have not been recorded or falsely recorded to deliberately confuse us, the people.
So instead of refusing to wear a mask find a real way to challenge this vile government, to not give them an excuse to bring in the army, and to not put our own people ar risk of infection and death.
We cannot accept the PM’s statement that he feels its morally and spiritually right to remove our rights and freedom.
We do need to fight, but on two fronts, one being the government but the second we need to fight the virus.
Remember it’s  the establishments behaviour and inaction that has resulted in the Conservatives infecting Britain. Covid19 kills, but so Do the Conservatives20.


OK a bit of plain English on the R rate.
HMG are quoting figures at us on a regular basis. What do they mean?
The R number is currently anything between 1.1 and according to the New Scientist 1.7 in the UK.
So what you may say?
Well if the R rate is 1 it means an infected person is likely to infect 1 other person. If its 2 then two other people. If its.0.5, 2 people may infect another.
So not huge numbers yet. But….if the R rate is below 1 the disease or infection will die out at some point and the lower it is the quicker that will happen. It also gives scientists their greatest ally…time. That gives them a chance to study the disease, virus, infection, test, develop cure or inoculation and test again. Then people can have a true defence, and the virus will likely die out.
Vaccinations have killed viruses to the point of Extinction such as smallpox which was a true killer. They have also reduced the R rate with disease such as TB, measles, mumps, and even malaria.
Heard immunity worked to a degree for a while with chickenpox, however that seems to have mutated and people now can catch it more than once.
Polio is another extreme illness that was almost quashed by vaccine. When I was a child it was rife. Now it’s extremely rare in most western countries and has been lowered in most of the world, however its said whilst one child has polio all children are at risk.
So in the UK the R rate for SARSCOVID19 is above 1.this means it is likely every person infected will reinfect another person and possibly more. So even with sensible measures such as social distancing and masks that most of us observe, people are being infected and the disease infection rate the ‘reproductive’ R rate is growing.
Now fair enough you might not think this a huge issue but…..think of it this way:
On day one you have a grain of rice. On day 2 you have 2 grains of rice, day 3 you have 4, day 4 you have 8, day 5 you have 16, day 6 means 32, day 7 is 64, day 8 is now 128, day 9 becomes 256, day ten is 512, day 11 and you suddenly have 1024 pieces of rice, or cases of SARSCOVID19. You see how it grows. That’s base’s on an R rate of 2. Now even at 1.1 it grows at a scary rate, we in the UK are already on what New Scientist estimates as 1.7 although HMG puts it lower between 1.1 and 1.5 possibly in Scotland.
How many days since it started? Well for WHO to take notice the global R rate would probably have been above 1 for some time. So given in the UK its been above one again for a couple of weeks according to HMG we are already looking at big numbers. The thing is unless we take steps the R rate keeps rising. The Measles R rate in unvaccinated regions is 15. That’s why its so dangerous, along with the deaths and lasting damage.
In the UK people haven’t seen the effects so far that the movies nor our media outlets would have us believe, so people are feeling at best complacent but at worse arrogant or even defiant. Many believe we have been lied to, that things like nightingale hospitals were purely for scaremongering. Sadly I do not believe that. I believe even now people are being told to stay at home. I believe that most people are not being diagnosed with Covid19. If a doctor suspects you have it but you are not tested you will not be recorded as having it.
If you did sadly die at home it’s unlikely your death will be recorded as SARSCOVID19.
Many who do not survive have secondary illnesses such as chronic autoimmune diseases/syndromes. Often their causes of death may be recorded as those, and there will be no post mortem.
People now it seems over 45 may be automatically presumed to be DNR unless they themselves state legally that is not the case.
Children and adults with severe underlying illness may also be DNR some sources claim. I have personally seen and disclosed evidence of GP practices registering patients as DNR with no consultation with the patient.
The entire situation currently is a mess, we have a government clearly using the pandemic to bring in draconian laws to control the populace not only from COVID19 but also to give themselves authority to qwell any political unrest due to situations such as BREXIT. We have people using the constant misinformation to contrive all sorts of conspiracy theories about the virus, to the point of claiming it does not exist. Sadly I know too well that it does exist, that it kills, that it leave longlasting horrific issues to many and to many more it is weeks of feeling more ill and in pain than many have ever experienced.
Now having said all this I am no doctor or scientist. I have however been there giving support and an ear to nurses who have been suicidal for all they have seen on Covid wards, in care homes and in the community.
I have listened to too many folk who have lost family members to this virus. I have since April been the founding member of an organisation that has enabled the transport and distribution of millions of items of PPE throughout Britain and even to other countries complete free of charge. Despite the government stating it was not required.
Beyond all else I have been a son, brother, father and friend throughout this horrific time and lived with the same constant worries, even terror of losing someone I hold dear, and I can tell you I truly know how much that hurts.
This is my view on the current situation.
If you want to stop the government bringing in more controlling and restricting legislation or even soon possibly marshal law, you need to simply use common sense, recognise the risks and do everything you can to minimise those risks. We need the R rate below one ASAP and using a little brain power, a bit of empathy and morality is going to be the only way we achieve this and retain the image of being free we all hold at this current time.
That does not mean we continue in subservience, it does not mean an end to demonstrations nor an end to direct action if required, it means we pick our battles and act responsibly in regard to the virus, to change the future for the better.

pseudo-threat from known right wing thug

Starting to hate aggressive people. Came home ill from my folks to receive a vile messenger message of a Southern Irish nazi telling me I am a fat slug that won’t survive the winter as the virus will sort me.
Is the virus he is talking about fascism by any chance? Hatred? Nazism? Gullability? Stupidity?
This because I took a stand? Asking for modern nazi merchandise to be removed?
Well sadly I am a stubborn old git, any virus is welcome to take me, I have lived my life far longer than any of the children in the concentration camps, the families of the Jews, Roma, Travelling families, blacks, lesbians, gays, disabled, twins, the prisoners of War held and tortured by the Gestapo or victims of SS atrocities.
I might not be brave, tough, a fighter, but I stand by my morals and threats or non posts like this crap I have been sent only make my stubborn streak more affirmed.
I will stand against hatred every day of the week and if that puts me in harms way from idiots then so be it.
How to galvanise me in one easy lesson. Send me bullshit or threaten me.

Dilemma of hate

For those not aware, yesterday I had a run in with a guy selling nazi merchandise, this was not a piece of militaria, was not historic, it was a red banner with a white circle and swastika along with a picture of Hitler printed on the red with the dates he was in power.
The only reason for this to exist was for modern NAZI’s to celebrate Hitler, and to promote fascist beliefs.
I asked for it to be removed as the car boot is multicultural with people from all cultures including Jewish, Roma, Muslim, Christian…. The list goes on, there were also many disabled people their too, remember nazi eugenics? My request to the stall holder was refused, I was persistent and admit I ended up raising my voice to him as he defended the banner. A woman told me I was more offensive than Hitler and another stall holder threatened to take me down the field and beat me up.
None of the other customers at the sale defended my stance even though they stood around watching the scene. My friend however did
My best friend and carer was with me and she too felt threatened by the mob mentality.
The car boot organiser finally but reluctantly asked the stall holder to take the banner down then belittled me for challenging him. He also went on to say people could sell and display anything they wanted to. I explained that I had been threatened by another stall holder too and again was belittled by the organiser a man on his fifties who at this point reverted to a 15yr old school ground bully.
I had called the police as felt we were about to be assaulted but as usual they failed to attend.
My post about the events has gone viral and I have had many positive responses to my actions, however I also have had a very few negative ones, not I hasten to add by anyone that knows me.
I did not challenge this hate for fame, nor for any other motive than refusing to accept the rise of fascism in Britain and this modern world.
I have been anti fascist all my life and was active in the 1980’s with Anti-Nazi League and other anti hate groups.
I have worked all over the UK with all cultures, faiths, abilities and have always been anti discriminatory in my practice and my life.
I am not a terrorist though for some reason Antifa is seen as a terrorist organisation yet seemingly many fascist ones are not.
My dilemma is that now I have made a stand people want to stand with me, alongside me and want me to be interviewed, be public in regard to my actions. I am being warned against this by the people that care about me, as the Right Wing are often violent, aggressive and threatening. That by making my stand and continuing to stand against hate I am not just putting my self at risk, a risk I am willing to take, but also putting my family and friends in harms way.
As I said I am not scared for me, but after losing my young brother I cannot ever consider losing anyone else, especially through my actions and beliefs. My stubborness.
So do I carry on pushing to change our society at the very least, which I will always so in some way, or do I put my head down and live ashamed of what I might have done.
Yes backing down may also help my clinical anxiety which currently  is extreme due to yesterday, but not my depression nor my self respect.
So what the hell do I do. I did not plan to challenge this, but there was no reality where I could have just walked by.
I have always been proud of my grandparents, living through and fighting in the second world War. Whatever the government reasons for war were, the British people fought and died alongside of all the other allied nations to rid the world of the blind hate fascism brings and pushes upon us.
If I don’t now make my stand how on earth can I hold my head up to their memory or that of Rob my brother, who for all his faults shared my belief in fighting hate.

Everyday Fascist Britain

This happened today near Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

When I challenged the bloke running this stall at Twin Oaks Carboot sale, who was also selling knives and other crap I was threatened by another stall holder, and shouted at by a horrible woman saying it was me that’s offensive not Hitler.

Junction 29 of the M1. Twin Oaks Hotel Carboot.

At the other end of carboot a white stall holder complaining about ‘bloody w#*s’ after a black person had tried to enquire about something on his stall.

The organiser of the carboot saying he got them to take it down for me, that it wasn’t offensive and really they can display anything they want. It’s also acceptable for stall holders to threaten customers. When I said I was reporting the stall holder too for his threats, the organiser took the piss out of me stating I would be keeping the police busy.

I was with my best friend, and she felt threatened and scared and then terrified by the response of the public to my asking him to remove the swastika.
Police 999 operator said it was an immediate but then 10 mins later got an officer ringing me who belittled me. I ended up telling them they were useless and hung up the phone.

I never realised how absolutely immoral our society had become. Where racism is the acceptable norm and anti racist views are seen as offensive.

I hate fascist Britain so much. I do not want to live in this vile society any longer.

We are all proud of our grandparents and great grandparents for living through and fighting a war against fascism, yet now it seems as a nation we embrace Nazi ideals.

Not good enough.

This was not memorabilia from the war, this had Hitler’s date of death on it. It was post war nazi regalia. Not collectable or militaria, purely to promote nazi ideals. It was modern fascist merchandise of Hitler and nazism.


Refuge from hate

This post started as a response to a comment upon one of my Facebook posts but I felt we all needed to think on it.

If we think of refugees we are told they are are migrants, not true. We are told they are greedy, again not true. They are people escaping war, death, injury and famine.
sadly the extreme violence they have lived through will most definitely effected them. We may see them as distant or even ignorant, we may look at them and wonder why they don’t smile at us, they shun us, they avoid eye contact.
We might see them swearing, being aggressive or hoarding.
There are times we will hear or see them shouting at their children……. But then we must think. Shouting at their kids though not in any way acceptable will have been a survival tactic. Ensuring the kids reacted immediately when they were living under bombardment and trying to escape. They all likely have seen horrors we cannot imagine, horrors even the most graphic movies won’t show. PTSD is the norm for refugees but if as used in Syria, Yemen,. Iraq, Palestine and throughout the Middle East they have witnessed friends or worse family killed by phosphorus shells and bombs that slowly burn your skin down to the bone searing the wounds as is does so, their PTSD will be complex and they will trigger everytime they close their eyes. I am not defending child abuse in any way, and you 100% should and must be reporting it every single time, but the services here should be supporting the kids and their parents, they should ensure they are getting focused provision to deal with their mental health and loss, loss of people but also loss of thier home and the lives they had built.
It’s easy for us to sit back and judge, especially when we are told by the government and media that these are migrants coming to Britain to get our benefits and a free house, which after working with refugee families I can assure you is not the case, they get put in a detention centre, locked away with basic food, no recourse to public funds and a very uncertain future. Many are moved on or sent back to countries where their lives will be forfeit.

Oh and remember those bombs, missiles, planes, tanks were likely built in Britain as our biggest export now seems to be death.
Think on it my friends.

A refugee is not a migrant!
So before you spout vitreous hate, shout abuse or threats, think about what these folk have survived and ask yourself just how their experiences would change you. Ask yourself and your MP’s what you would want if it was the UK bombed to bits and your only option to give your kids the slightest chance of life was to leave everything you could not carry and escape to a landwhere people are told to hate you and demonise you. Someone who has never set out to hurt anyone else. You the person that just wanted to be a good mum, dad, brother, sister, son, cousin, friend, human.

Lockdown lessons

What has lockdown taught me? Lots! That my own space is important, that we can change our world, that bloody pubs do not matter. That some folk will never learn or care.
It’s also taught me that there are amazing humans out there and some of them are the most unlikely of folk, that respect matters more than we ever thought, that we cannot trust all we read or watch (OK I knew that already), that people and our world matter so much more than profit, power, control, or greed.
It taught me fear for the wellbeing of others and of loss, but it taught me life changes in ways we never believed possible.
It taught me no political party is fit to govern as they all are about what they can grab.
It made me realise being human holds duties that cannot at least by some of us ever be ignored.
I learnt that we are the keepers not owners of our planet, and magic exists all around us if we just open our eyes to it.
I realised we should cherish the natural world not be in fear of it.
I now understand we own nothing but the kindness we have for all including ourselves and that which others give to us, but also that it is all too easy to lose sight of the importance of caring.
I know that humans can be stupid, corrupt, immoral and vile, but all so many are not.
The most important thing of all is I realised we are never truly alone. Someone always cares, even if we do not know it.
I am here for all folk, whether you know me or not. Its that simple.

Pandemic of nature? #Covid_19

I do get why folk do not believe C19 is real. Mish mash figures all not adding up and the daily lies from government and media, but sadly the deaths are real, the pain of those losing those they love is real, the fear of those suffering is real.
We live in a country where profit comes before people. Corruption is the driving force of governance, not morality.
I am no scientist, nor do I have access to secrets, I am not party to Boris’ vile thoughts.
The one thing I am certain of though is that nurses, doctors, care workers and the rest of this country if not the world are being continuously placed at risk.
I know that medics and carers on the front line are at the end of their tethers.
I understand that some hospitals have PPE whereas others do not, and the press are only allowed to talk to those staff that have it.
I know that news from other countries covering the pandemic effects upon the UK are censored. I saw this myself yesterday with a news outlet in New Zealand not being allowed to share to the UK.
I cannot say what caused this pandemic, whether its nature or designed in a lab. I know the most vulnerable to it are the people the world governments would like to not exist.
The elderly, the disabled, the poor and the chronically ill. I am told that Black and Asian folk are more suseptable it seems.
But knowing all of that I know people are dying. Way too many people.
I know that I, and all in my transport group, along with those sewers, printers and producers of all types of PPE are daily trying to save lives that are continuing to be lost through government inaction and bad decision making.
I know that if we ignore the virus/disease/illness more and more people will die.
I know that every death changes and often destroys the lives of those around the deceased.
I personally know that the pain of losing someone you love with all your heart brings agony that not drug can sate every single day.
So I do not know the answers to what’s going on. I know the government are using it to their own end, I know Boris is not bothered about me or you or even your communities.
But I know beyond all doubt we need to stay safe, not fur us especially but for all of those we love and love us.
So keep social distancing. Do not send your kids to school. Wear a mask in shops or crowds. Do not go into hospitals unless there is no choice. And fight to support our NHS not just clap. Fight to keep our freedoms after this diabacle and let’s invest in a future where life means more than profit, goods and power.
Jonesy Jones