The labrynth was more than a maze. This was not a fun game. It was to be honest beyond brutal. Her mind felt ready to shut down but she truly dared not. Cassie knew if she hesitated she would not survive. He was following her, this thing, not a man nor animal. A shade as old as life, something or someone who did not recognise time, space or even walls or floors. If he caught her maybe her fate would be that of her friends, those she held dear but who now were empty lifeless shells bereft of even the glimmer of what once was their souls.
She looked around in what should have been terror, but now Cassie had no thoughts of flight, now fight had took hold of her, but a fight with no panic left, just calm acceptance. His powers against her skill and whatever else this new strength within her seemed to herald.
She drew her sword and faced him. She new him, recognised his gait. This was no man, this was no demon, this was “the” reaper she faced. She stood calmly and stared into his face, she looked beyond his eyes and found it, she saw the seed of Death himself, and now knew she could truly win.

The meaning of ORGREAVE

Why is Orgreave so important? Why does it effect us 35 years on?

OK Orgreave is a little area just outside Sheffield, close to Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre. You might never need to go there even if you live within a couple of miles of it. In 1984 however it was the site of a very onesided battle between the striking mining community and the police, who were being used as the private enforcing force of the establishment (those controlling Britain’s industries for their own financial gain) and using those lives of the miners as pawns to be destroyed as an example to all trade union members in the Country.
The battle was instigated under direct orders from Margaret Thatchers Downing Street Cabinet. It is suggested by many who were there, including anicdotally some police officers and ex servicemen that members of the armed forces, most likely the army were used to add significant force to the police and were actually wearing police uniform, but without collar numbers. Photographic evidence from the battle seems to support this view.
If the army were deployed without a declaration of Marshal law and the consent of Parliament their involvement would be illegal both under British Law and international legislation.
As it was the extreme force and subsequent arrests, charges and imprisonment were not justified, moral, ethical or indeed legal.
The Sun newspaper lied and deceived the rest of the Country and is due to that and its lies supporting the police at Hillsborough have left it banned from Liverpool and hated by many.

So why important? This would be a clear example of the government attacking the populace to enforce their rule, to strip of us rights and to ensure their need for greed and corruption was sated.
This was a modern day Peterloo but instead of swords they used shields and batons.
This was the establishment keeping us down, and layed the foundations of austerity and the selling out of all British industry and the destruction of communities and yes families.
Since 84 those involved, the victims of police aggression have been calling for an open and honest enquiry int the battle. Into what happened before, after and at the time. The Conservatives have continued to block this. They still have members who could be held legally and morally accountable, but also the truth may just ensure the Tories would never achieve power again, the police would be reorganised to ensure they no longer were the bullying enforcers of the establishment and possibly new iron clad laws to make sure the army and forces could not be turned upon the populace by any politician or party.
ORGREAVE and the truth of what happened could just empower us all to facilitate true change and make Britain truly a great place to live.
Jonesy Jones

Past present and future

I wish I knew what was on my mind Facebook. Maybe a past I didn’t live to potential? Wrong decisions made?
A present of lost opportunity? of lost friends? of a lost path?
A future of mist, walls, obstruction, of despair?

I have decisions to make, debts to pay, and possibly hurt to experience.
I am but one person experiencing living with chronic phisical illness, depression and anxiety in a society that promotes a hostile environment to anyone who displays or suffers a vulnerability or worse a shred of humanity.
I am tired beyond belief of those who buy into the shit that the media, the BBC, channel’s 4 & 5, Sky and the Tories and yes Lib Dems push out. I am fed up of waking up in a world where Money, power, corruption and greed are the true religions of those who control everything. A world where self is more important than families, friends and people. Where words and mediation are drowned out by force and yes bombs.
I am but one human drowning with my comrades in a sea of cruelty and inhuman wickedness.
Many reading this may recognise themselves in this. I just hope the person they recognise is on the right side of history. That they will be judged by our descendents as the ones fighting this cruel corrupt system.
Every day I struggle to find reason to remain here, but the realisation that if we give up they win.

Sum of Simon

Why do I bother fighting each day? I get less respect than a bully from family and spoken to with contempt by strangers, ripped off by friends and all too often an afterthought. Nothing to get up for. I am almost a food condenser, from mouth to ass with no other real meaning left.

Now becoming scared of living in the real world.

Breaking News

Metropolitan Police given orders to shoot to kill anyone carrying an offensive looking Milkshake.

The Police Commissioner says they will not rule out milkboarding for any offender who is arrested. Pictures of the London Mayor have been distributed to all fast food outlets and supermarkets to prevent reprisals for Mr Fart’s comments earlier today.

A spokesperson for the Mayors office states there is no truth to the rumour that Mr Khan has adapted the Daffy Fart Blimp to carry a payload of 2,000ib crusha chocolate bombs.