this world

Well my washing is having another nice rinse upon the line. Done most of my daily chores. Now lay in twilight watching a black n white cold war film, just musing over what is now fast becoming our new ‘The 2nd Cold War World Order’. The effects this will have upon my children’s world and their lives, the lives of their children. That is of course if the Planet survives this. The current state of play is purely to make the rich gain more of the worlds wealth, both here and abroad. To think otherwise is naïve and in my opinion foolish.
I daily am more frustrated by the apathy and small mindedness of my fellow humans both in Britain and around the world.
I truly wish I could wake you all up to what is going on. I am not a conspiracy theorist (though admittedly more open to them of late ) but I am a free thinker, hopefully with some common sense, a smidgen of wisdom and a good amount of humanity. I only want people to see the current reality.
I wish this was ‘the Matrix’ because it would be far easier pulling tubes out of people.
We live in a world where the super rich rape our planet and control our lives. They hold most of the worlds wealth, 1% of the worlds population control us all. They torture and vilify the most vulnerable, whether those in abject poverty, those with disability, the elderly, the homeless, the ill, and anyone that is ‘different’ from them. And guess what? You lot buy into this, you allow it to continue, you form orderly queues until its your turn to suffer.
This reality is so wrong and should never have existed. Its not the world I want to leave for my children. Do you?