Confusion or distraction?

Is it no confusing when every Xmas we have complaints from the press that Labour nimmies are preventing Xmas in order not to offend other cultures, yet we are the racist party too?

I kinda am confuddled by it all.

Then folk that declare themselves to be racist won’t vote Labour because we are allegedly antisemites? Well my understanding is antisemitism is a racist view point and I can categorically state that although I am appalled and devastated by the cruelty the state of Israel is displaying to the peoe of Gaza and Palestine, that although I stand against any state who kills, maims and destroys in the name of expansionism, greed, god, or hate, I hold absolutely no hate for people who follow any religion, live within any culture, nor do I discriminate for any other reason. Therefore I will voice my horror happening to the people of Palestine, as I would for any such actions by any country or state in this world. I stand against the war in Yemen where the Saudis are using British weapons to kill and slaughter, the war in Syria where Western and Eastern governments were murdering and now are supporting murder of innocent folk, I stand against aggression, cruelty, murder and corruption from any government of any people.

That is my moral base and I truly believe that of the vast majority of my comrades within the Labour Party. I am not antisemite, I am offended by those who say Labour is antisemite, if I ever find any form of racism in my world I challenge it, as I believe the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has and continues to do.

I try to educate those folk who I encounter in my life that hold views I find abhorrent and offensive, sometimes I can get them to think, other times their minds are closed to rationality and discussion.

Some people I simply avoid because their rhetoric becomes to offensive, but others who have displayed other aspects of humanity I will be a friend to, hoping their is a possibility of change.

Whatever happens in this election, I believe if we do not get a Labour government will open the door to a fascist dictatorship, I believe if there is a Conservative or a ConDem government this will be the last vestages of not only democracy lost, but humanity, fairness and hope.

The true racist policies and commentary are absolutely promoted by the Conservatives and their lap dogs in the Lib Dems. The Windrush scandal, the comments after Grenfell, and so many other right wing actions by the member of the governments have been swept away by an establishment and their media puppets through their fear of a society where they may have to pay their way, and have their corruptive practices curbed.

They along with Tony Blair, who took the UK into an illegal war are now petrified their criminality will be exposed and they may finally be held to account.

So think on when confronted by claims that Labour is Antisemitic, begin to realise that the establishment realise the majority of Labour voters are not inherently racist, and that by labelling the party as such they are in desperation using such allegations as a weapon to divide, confuse and it is a last ditch attempt to prevent ‘us’ gaining power and ending their destruction of our lives.
As with my posts feel free to share,

I can promise you will not change my views, for what I have written here is my belief based upon my morality and life experience, so don’t waste timetrying to argue them with me, I likely will not respond.

There has of late been many threats and aggression displayed against myself and others who dare to write in support of socialism. I will not buy into that.

So thank you for reading, for mulling over my commentary. I hope for some it gives support, for others maybe opens eyes.
We need to win this battle, to bring fairness and morality back to society.


Racism and discrimination within Labour

Though I recognise diversity and engage with it I do not define people by race, nationality, culture, religion, gender, ability, sexuality, nor by looks, monitory wealth, material wealth, language or how they dress.
I have fought all forms of discrimination my entire life, as anyone who know me on or off social media will know.
I spent my formative post school years with AFA, ANL and fighting the apartide in South Africa. I still identify as Anti-fa and am proud to be so.
Under no circumstances would I ever consider joining any political party or even movement that promoted racism of any form, including antisemitism.
I am absolutely certain that the leader of the Labour Party holds the same views as me upon this issue and as an organisation I am more than confident that Labour does everything possible to ensure any member that displays any discriminatory views or behaviours is fully investigated.
Sadly I believe there are currently members suspended or removed due to unfounded and fabricated allegations. There are also some members who through their own upbringing need further education on how to recognise discrimination and how to deal with it if encountered.
There is little if any excuse for any Labour member not to be aware of objectified discrimination, such as the vile comments made by the current prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, however we also have to recognise that there are huge cultural divides between sections of our society, and we as a party. As members, and as human beings need to continue to work to educate and in time eradicate these views.
Racism is only one form of negative discrimination, we as people need to welcome diversity and grow as a society learning from each other. We need to develop trust and allow people to make mistakes, because that’s how humans as a species learn and move forward. For those that falter we can offer guidance, but sadly there are those from all segments of society that for one reason or another will continue to hate anyone they see as different to themselves.
This current government uses diversity as a way of splitting communities, allying blame, and diverting us from their corrupt and cruel actions of self interest and greed.
Something that should be welcomed and cherished in a society such as ours is being used as a weapon to prevent people seeing the truth and questioning the motives of the few who are embezzling from the lives of the many.
So when you see, hear or read of someone from whatever religion, country, culture, claiming Labour is Racist, or Jeremy Corbyn is Antisemite, question why exactly are they making such an allegation, you decide if you believe it to be true, or just another distraction, another tool in the arsenal of a scared establishment. Why scared? Because if we ever see the truth they will lose everything they hold dear through the worship of their one true belief, that of a lust for power and greed.

Keep strong

I truly don’t care what the press report has been said by who about who. Nor what celeb is wearing a tacky t-shirt, I care about injustice, cruelty, embezzlement, fraud, state endorced and enforced murder, arms sales, unjust war, discrimination, corruption, greed, and those vile people who through governance of our country encourage, condone, promote and yes enact the above issues with vigor.
I will do anything within my power as a single human to prevent the Conservatives and their Lib Dem bedfellows to hold office now or ever in this country. As one person my options are limited, but we as a nation can change lives for the better.
We need to end this regime and bring peace and fairness to the world through our determination. We may be that little snowball that starts the avalanche.
Keep strong and ready for battle. We are fighting a war, and we must win.

Our children’s future

How do you get through to folk that if the Tories are in again they will lose their PIP, ESA and DLA, motorbility cars and scooters will have to go back, and you will have to pay for crutches and wheel chairs despite your needs. Paying higher prescription charges and paying for doctors appointments is only the start.
Relatives that had some independence of their own will become dependent upon you. Private nursing will be out of most people’s budgets as already 45,000+ nursing deficit just in the NHS alone.
There will be no money for adult social care, and it’s already clear that the Conservatives have no morality when it comes to protecting children from abuse.
People are moaning about Corbyn being a terrorist supporter but ignore the overwhelming evidence that disproves this, they moan about higher taxation but won’t accept that it means a person on £80,000 per year will pay £10 more tax and anyone under that will not pay any more.
They call him anti semite because the media tells them to, without even understanding what a semite is, or understanding Zionism or the difference between challenging a country undertaking acts of genocide against a people without any defence of their own.
We bandy about the terms turkey voting for Xmas but in effect it is far worse, we are voting not just for our future but that of our children and grandchildren.
If the Tories get in only millionaires and billionaires benefit. You won’t, I won’t and our kids definitely won’t. We will see a new level of Austerity and state promoted cruelty will just get worse.
This is not some fable, it is as it truly will be.
So forget the “I don’t do politics” crap, don’t vote Conservative or their Lib Dem bed-fellows, because if you do you Con-Dem us all.
It is that simple.
Don’t bother arguing this with me, my views are born from my life experience of protecting and supporting people.
Not interested in abuse or being questioned on pedantic from paid or right wing infiltrators. Your views if you fall into that category hold no interest to me, and any threats will just display to the world your true weakness.
So if this strikes home please feel free to share, far and wide, if not just sit for a moment and rethink it.
Thanks for reading.

My jaunt into our future

Just to let you all know, I hopped forward a few months and am happy to tell you Labour won the election. We are out of the EU but with a trade deal and all our rights intact.
Boris is in prison along with the entire tory cabinets since 2009 and several Lib Dems. They are awaiting trials for crimes against humanity. Its been agreed that Nurenburg is best suited as the place for the hearings.
Tony Blair is on trial in the Hague for war crimes, along with Mandleson.
Trump has been indicted by Congress and is remanded to Levonworth.
Putin has been overthrown by a socialist government headed by Gorbichov.
Israel has been occupied by UN peace keepers and their government suspended until New fair ections have been completed.
Saudi Royal Family have all been arrested and also are on trial for human rights offences.
The UN Security Council is now Tibet, Wales and the Orkney Isles.
Universal credit has gone, we have a universal living wage. The unions can protect the rights of the workers. The NHS is well funded and with the help of internationally renowned doctors and nurses along with ancillary staff and 98% less bureaucracy and management has made record progress on protecting the nations health.
The fire services and ambulance are once more at full strength as is the navy, army and Air force.
Youth services and social services are being invested in again, with sure start complementing social care.
The big Corporations are now paying their taxes and guess what they are still here.
Investment in the UK is better than ever and even the potholes are almost all filled in.
So take heart. A few more weeks and the whole world changes.
Is this just a dream? Well you will just have to wait and see.

UN monitoring #honestelection #2019GeneralElection #ToryCorruption

I am writing to formally ask the United Nations to take steps to monitor the UK General Election Process to ensure a fair and unbiased election. My request is due to the given facts that the incumbent government have direct links to the company responsible for counting the votes and the afore said government have been found to have knowingly and deliberately set up false websites and media to spread disinformation and lies in regard to the official opposition party.
I have I believe the right to request this as a citizen of the UK.
Simon Jones
Address supplied

The email address for the European and UK desk is:

My beliefs

I got told I was a commie the other day. Sadly this is not true at all. I am a realist and am fully aware the human race is not ready for a utopian system. Orwell’s vision of all people are equal but some more equal than others still holds.

Greed, power and recognition are still the driving motivators for society and individuals. People are often by their nature jealous of others. It takes an extremely special person to live in any form of utopia, far more selfless a human than me.

We all like to feel a little more worth than our neighbours.

Socialism as I define it is not some theory that cannot work, it addresses the recognition of hard work, it also provides fairness and equality of opportunity. A consultant will still earn more than a junior doctor. But in my world there are no billionaires and money is not a commodity valued more than human life.

I am not a Marxist nor a Lenin (or even Lennon) supporter. I think and learn by my life experience. I don’t care if you can quote the communist manifesto or even the other extreme, Mien Kampfe, all I want is a country where it doesn’t matter who your folks are/were, if you have wealth doesn’t mean you can control others lives, and a society where people are not disposable, where there are safety nets for people who have poor health, who are vulnerable, who currently are shunned, ignored and left behind.

I want a country where a uniform does not demand respect, rather those wearing it earn it. As many do. Where people, all people are accountable, and crimes against children are once again recognised as needing investigation and upon conviction severe penalty.

Hate has no place in my world, discrimination due to race, colour, religious or spiritual belief, gender, ability, sexuality of even whether a person is young, old, fat or thin has no bearing upon their worth or value to me. The only ways I judge another is through morality, ethics, kindness and actions. I other words their humanity.

I want the country and world to be as I believed it to be as a child.


That simple.
Simon (Jonesy).