Loss of trust in law

So what do we do when we have lost all trust in the law keepers, the law makers, judicial process, legal access, the courts, the CPS, the police? Do we then choose to live outside the system? Do we become outlaw? Its where I am, I am 3 times assaulted, been representing folk that are stripped of benefits, homes and rights, parents losing children to biased court system without just cause, people victimised because of religion, ability, race, and even the cloths they wear. Police bullies, lazy and corrupt policing, terrible judgements, poor sentencing, crimes ignored, communities and classes victimised. The list goes on. I have been subject to harassment, bullying and failings by the police, courts, and lawyers. I worked with the police and courts for many many years. Now have no faith in legal system in any way. We have a system thats only accessible to the wealthy, that supports the establishment, and a legal framework that allows politicians and those that sponsor them untouchable. A prime minister that enforces changes in law to protect the establishment and Royal Family from investigation, and uses security legislation to tamper with and hide evidence of wrong doing, including child abuse and even treason. Is the only way to stay safe to protect yourself outside of the law? Only way to get justice is look to natural justice? If I as someone thats never knowingly committed an offence feels this way, that worked in the system, then what hope is there for any of us?


I think folk that photoshop to make fake news are lowlife. We need honesty to rid the corrupt not joining in on their crap. Corruption and immorality cannot ever lead to ‘can’t beat them join theme’ mentality. All you do when you photoshop is undermine our cause and dilute our integrity. I shared a post of Trip with two KKK members. My good friend Stewart advised me it was fake. Trump give enough opportunity without faking it, as do May, Mogg, Hunt, Boris, piggy Cameron and the entire establishment.
We need to beat them with truth and honesty. Photoshop is the tool of EDL, BF and other hate groups not us. If you misguidedly use photoshop in some bizarre attempt to further our cause please stop. It only makes those we seek to fight stronger. It’s that simple. Leave the underhanded tactics to them.

An idea?

Maybe instead of demo’s we hold huge street parties blocking roads without warning. No booze just trifle, jelly pop and party games. Maybe a band or disco. Do the organising like they do with raves? Coded messages? Disruption without threat.


03700100222 BBC complaints number. I rang about lack of appropriate coverage of the NHS demonstration, BBC Tory and establishment bias and their lass of the nations trust. I also stated they are now viewed in my eyes as a state news service not a national public broadcaster.
I also pointed out I will be cancelling my TV licence like so many other folk have.
I cannot demand others follow suit but do I feel some friendly urging is in order.
So again BBC Complaints number is 03700100222