Everyday Fascist Britain

This happened today near Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

When I challenged the bloke running this stall at Twin Oaks Carboot sale, who was also selling knives and other crap I was threatened by another stall holder, and shouted at by a horrible woman saying it was me that’s offensive not Hitler.

Junction 29 of the M1. Twin Oaks Hotel Carboot.

At the other end of carboot a white stall holder complaining about ‘bloody w#*s’ after a black person had tried to enquire about something on his stall.

The organiser of the carboot saying he got them to take it down for me, that it wasn’t offensive and really they can display anything they want. It’s also acceptable for stall holders to threaten customers. When I said I was reporting the stall holder too for his threats, the organiser took the piss out of me stating I would be keeping the police busy.

I was with my best friend, and she felt threatened and scared and then terrified by the response of the public to my asking him to remove the swastika.
Police 999 operator said it was an immediate but then 10 mins later got an officer ringing me who belittled me. I ended up telling them they were useless and hung up the phone.

I never realised how absolutely immoral our society had become. Where racism is the acceptable norm and anti racist views are seen as offensive.

I hate fascist Britain so much. I do not want to live in this vile society any longer.

We are all proud of our grandparents and great grandparents for living through and fighting a war against fascism, yet now it seems as a nation we embrace Nazi ideals.

Not good enough.

This was not memorabilia from the war, this had Hitler’s date of death on it. It was post war nazi regalia. Not collectable or militaria, purely to promote nazi ideals. It was modern fascist merchandise of Hitler and nazism.


Refuge from hate

This post started as a response to a comment upon one of my Facebook posts but I felt we all needed to think on it.

If we think of refugees we are told they are are migrants, not true. We are told they are greedy, again not true. They are people escaping war, death, injury and famine.
sadly the extreme violence they have lived through will most definitely effected them. We may see them as distant or even ignorant, we may look at them and wonder why they don’t smile at us, they shun us, they avoid eye contact.
We might see them swearing, being aggressive or hoarding.
There are times we will hear or see them shouting at their children……. But then we must think. Shouting at their kids though not in any way acceptable will have been a survival tactic. Ensuring the kids reacted immediately when they were living under bombardment and trying to escape. They all likely have seen horrors we cannot imagine, horrors even the most graphic movies won’t show. PTSD is the norm for refugees but if as used in Syria, Yemen,. Iraq, Palestine and throughout the Middle East they have witnessed friends or worse family killed by phosphorus shells and bombs that slowly burn your skin down to the bone searing the wounds as is does so, their PTSD will be complex and they will trigger everytime they close their eyes. I am not defending child abuse in any way, and you 100% should and must be reporting it every single time, but the services here should be supporting the kids and their parents, they should ensure they are getting focused provision to deal with their mental health and loss, loss of people but also loss of thier home and the lives they had built.
It’s easy for us to sit back and judge, especially when we are told by the government and media that these are migrants coming to Britain to get our benefits and a free house, which after working with refugee families I can assure you is not the case, they get put in a detention centre, locked away with basic food, no recourse to public funds and a very uncertain future. Many are moved on or sent back to countries where their lives will be forfeit.

Oh and remember those bombs, missiles, planes, tanks were likely built in Britain as our biggest export now seems to be death.
Think on it my friends.

A refugee is not a migrant!
So before you spout vitreous hate, shout abuse or threats, think about what these folk have survived and ask yourself just how their experiences would change you. Ask yourself and your MP’s what you would want if it was the UK bombed to bits and your only option to give your kids the slightest chance of life was to leave everything you could not carry and escape to a landwhere people are told to hate you and demonise you. Someone who has never set out to hurt anyone else. You the person that just wanted to be a good mum, dad, brother, sister, son, cousin, friend, human.