For anyone that believes the press

If you are a racist please read.

Ok whether or not its orchestrated to distract or promote border control, anyone crossing the channel in an overcrowded small boat is not a Migrant, they are refugees! Nobody risks their lives to live in the squalor that is Britain right now. And remember you racist fools out there that ‘illegal immigrants’ get no benefits or rights to housing or public funding. They hide from the authorities, often working as slaves or in the sex trade, so if they are stealing your jobs then you really need to gain some ambition.
The only thing any of them gain is a life without bombs being dropped on them, acid raid instead of phosphorous and a bit of polluted lead filled air rather than poison gas.
You choose to believe the establishment proffered propaganda if you wish or have a little think with that small part of your dulled brain you still use.
If a ‘immigrant’ or refugee is caught by the government they will be usually placed in a home office detention centre in appalling conditions. A giant prison for all. They may be interviewed by security forces with little option of a true lawyer or representation. They will be held without any charge or conviction. If they are granted leave to remain they still do not get your precious ‘benefits’ but vouchers and sub standard private housing that no one would ‘choose’ to live in.
Thats the reality you xenophobic sun reading arseholes. If you are jealous of ‘immigrants’ feel free to contact me. You can give me your life savings and anything you own. I will march you across the Brecon Beacons, throw you on a lilo in middle of the Irish sea and if you manage to float to land without drowning, i will pick you up in a cattle wagon and drive you around the country with sixty others, with not even a bucket to piss in then hide you in a damp cellar with a few rats and rotting food. (Might give you a bucket then). If you are really favoured will let you work throughout the winter in my open air carwash for some dodgy bacci and odd can of energy drink.
Then get some burley men in black uniforms to come and take you in handcuffs to the airport and send you straight into the hands of a torturer until he decides you can be executed without too much fuss.
So feel free to let me know if you want to take me up on my offer. Cash only though ta.

The future of us

Ok Brexit will be life changing one way or another, even if cancelled the repercussions to all in the UK will be huge.

Whatever happens now we are going to have to live within a divided country, where due to years of conservative rule, corrupt media and entertainment/current affairs companies those that have little turn on those who have even less. Where we as a nation look down to lay blame (figure of speech, for those with less are not ever lower than anyone else, we are all humans) and never at those in a stronger power or financial position than ourselves.

People see the sick and disabled, the unemployed and homeless as the drain on societies quaffers, yet ignore the tax avoidance, the tax evasion, the insider dealing, the fraud, the corruption, the nepotism, the gambling with public money, the squandering of budgets on old boy network companies, and yes the cruelty and even genocide doled upon us by those in power, government, corporations, oligarchs and yes the Establishment, those behind all the power.

So many British citizens are supplicant to their imagined masters, why? Due to years of systematic (and would hate to use the term brainwashing) psychological conditioning, subliminal messages, diversionary tactics and blame. The current increase in racism, hate and anti Islam, anti immigration and anti poor, weak and vulnerable is not accidental. It is very contrived. The fact that even when folk are informed of scandals like child abuse, child deaths, illegal war and yes even allegations of sexual assault and rape levelled against MP’s, no one gets angry, heads do not roll, often its not even reported and if it is, just ignored, proves how effective these tactics have been.

I hope some people reading this may yet question their views, see through the lies, and dissemination. I truly do want this.
We as a nation now need to start recognising the truth, pulling together and yes start to stand up and fight for what is important.

We do not need a yellow vest to do this, we do not need to be anarchists, but governance is only workable with the compliance of the people, so let us consider blaming those who deserve our ire, and removing our compliance, stop colluding with their cruelty and corruption.

History is watching, let us not be remembered as the generation that enabled the full oppression of our nation.
So yes Brexit is important however it goes, but the fundamental and even basic rights of each of us, our standard of living and our freedom are even more so

What next? Well thats for us all to decide.