I can’t live

What gives us, our representatives or any country or person the right to kill, bomb or invade anyone. Human life is human life. Life is important, more important than anything else. I can’t carry on being part of a society that ignores this and not only robs people of their futures but causes such unbearable pain to those they leave behind.
There should be no need nor excuse for war or state sanctioned murder.
When I lost my brother the pain I felt was new, terrible and beyond anything I ever felt, even beyond the losing of two babies at full term and holding them after they were born.
The pain of loss is not just emotional, or even mental, but is truly physical too.
Life is hard enough, we all will die, some of unavoidable accidents, some naturally, some of disease such as the vile Covid, some through other chronic or serious illness. No one however should ever lose their lives due to the deliberate actions of a government, whether at home or abroad.
In the UK we may not have capital punishment, but we have Austerity, poverty and leaders so corrupt that they deliberately gamble lives against their profiteering each day.
We have a government that happily profits from war, from selling arms, vehicles and even sends troops as ‘advisors’ to train and prop up evil and cruel regimes. A government happy to place out own troops at risk, not for defence, but for oil, for sales, for power, for grooming dictators and unelected self professed monarchs.
We go to war at the bidding of foreign powers without a thought of the lives we will lose or take, the hardship and torture we as a nation will and continue to cause.
This is what destroys me, that and the cruelty of then putting our service men and women, our poor, our vulnerable, our physically and mentally ill on the streets with no support, whilst the quaffers of our leaders and their banker friends grow exponentially.
This is not because I am a socialist, not because I identify as left wing, but because I am a human who believes in life, in people, in humanity. Nothing more.
This is why I cannot accept that I cannot do anything to change things, I cannot pretend things will be OK, I cannot continue to be recognised as a citizen of this truly unjust society.