Grumpy old git

Yep I am a grumpy old egotistical opinionated bastard, I lived 52yrs and seen quite a bit and done some stuff to earn that right. I am not God, if there is one, I ain’t a prophet I am just as described with hopefully a tad of intelligence and a splash of wisdom.

I marched with the miners. I fought at the side of the print workers. I blocked streets in Manchester and London against oppression, racism, war and apartied.
I worked in communities to protect children and their families from poverty, discrimination and sadly way to muc abuse. I helped convict the abusers, and they were of all ages, races, class and cultures.
I have watched folk die due to Austerity, cuts and corruption.
I have worked all my life until I got ill. Not working is not a choice. I loved my job, my career. It gave me reason, pride and self worth. I earned a good salary and paid my taxes and NI.
I still fight every day against the injustices I see. I try to educate when needed. I try to get people to see hate us not the way forward. That division is a weapon used against us by those who seek to control us.
Brexit may or may not happen. If Labour get in there will be a binding vote of the people. This will be based upon truth not lies. Labour have no agenda but what’s right, and what the people truly want. I actually do not care if in or out, as long as we do not suffer for the greed of those in control (or as with this current Tory shower no control).
Of late I have had to block folks on my timeline and in groups not because I disagreed with their views, just their offensive and hate filled mannerisms.
We as a nation are being divided. We are being made to see our neighbours, families and friends as enemies.
Well you are only my enemy if you try to insult my intelligence, steal from me or anyone, abuse or try to harm me or others to sate your greed, corruption or ego. I make a good friend but a very bad enemy. I never forget, and sadly rarely forgive. A fault I know.
The Prime Minister and the previous four, yes including the War Criminal Blair, have in my opinion harmed others, stole from us all and continue to insult our collective intelligence. They therefore are my enemies and will never be forgiven. There are other MP’s also on that list, along with some folk I know from here or in person. It’s a fairly long list. Sadly.
Just because I have that list does not mean I will ever act upon it, but opportunity sometime arises for Karma to be assisted in its duties.
And no I am not now or ever have been violent or aggressive just to be clear, and do not advocate injuring others. Not my way.
I digress.
The point is unless you are on that list for those very reasons you are not my enemy. I hold no malace nor have any other agenda but to fight for a better world for us and our children.
I respect all if that respect is earnt, I give everyone a chance to earn it, as I am an old skool biker and that’s our way, but btray that respect and trust and it will not be as easy to earn it back.
I don’t want sycophants as friends, I want free thinkers, with morality, empathy and honesty. I want folk that care as much or more about others as they do themselves. Most of you fit into that slot.
I do moan, whinge and whittle, I know, in fact when I am on a downer I don’t like me so can’t understand why anyone else would. I have little self worth and low self esteem, but I have my morals. I live and stand with them.
I will stand with those I see deserving of it. This often not only lost some so called friends and regretfully family on the way but often has made me a target, but it’s my way. My morals are my honour. I will not stand by and see others hurt or attacked. I will not allow theft or fraud against folk. But that means I stand against all corruption including tax evasion, and corruption.
I wil not support war unless it is to ensure regimes that use fascism and extremism that seek to murder, injure, torture, maim and oppress are ended.
I will never support imperialism or expansionist. I will not stand aside for genosude, whoever the protagonists.
Folk are folk. Human are human. Life needs to be fair and promoted, not oppressed and ended.
There are resources on this planet to sustain our population and reasonable growth, but not whilst greed is the controlling motive behind power and control.
We all know this. We all know that those who have the title of mega rich hold the majority of the worlds resources to ransom. Wealth is a measure of power. That is all.
So anyway if you read this far it maybe let you see something of me. And thank you for getting to know me a little more.
I am nothing special, I hold no more value than any other person on this planet. I am not remarkable, not talented, not special. I am a simple bloke, with nothing more than you see. But I have the right to call some of you friends. That makes me truly rich beyond words.
So thank you again

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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