Propaganda for greed or a bit of truth?

I see that the Jeremy Corbyn is an IRA supporter crap is resurfacing. Firstly shame that we don’t see how many British and Irish lives were saved with an end to the conflict in Northern Ireland. No one can think an end to war was a bad thing? And given that Corbyn brokered with those on both sides doesn’t that sort of show that he was not and is not an IRA supporter, despite those really badly photoshopped images still doing the rounds.
But we do have a government in bed with the DUP who were and are supporters of the protestant faction terrorists. Mmmn yep short memories.
We also have a government happy to destroy the peace in Northern Ireland just to get their way.
Don’t forget that Karen Bradley the Northern Ireland Minister appointed by Theresa the Traitor didn’t even know there was a difference between Republican and Loyalist groups. We’ll she wouldn’t being raised in sleepy Buxton and only interacting with plebs when she lorded it in her dad’s pub.
It seems that despite Labour taking a neutral stance on Brexit, and the commitment from Conference to let the people decide with truth and not the lies from both sides that were peddled, the Brexit hardliners are scared that the people might with some actual knowledge make a different decision. Oh dear that might mean a delay or even cancellation. Oh gawd would that mean that the corruption and tax evasion of the super rich might be exposed? That Mogg, Johnson and even HM Queeny might be seen for what they are?
Oh dear.
Well if you want the Irish terrorists (or freedom fighters depending on your view, I prefer the term ‘people’) to rearm out of the greedy breaching the agreements and trust then yep a no deal with the proposals for Ireland might just do it, but if you want continued peace, a better deal for Ireland and Mainland Britain, a Brexit or no Brexit of the people, surely we need an experienced cool negotiator? Mmmn now doesn’t that sound like someone we know?
I am not pro or anti Brexit but am anti no deal. I want a future for the UK and that is not on the coat tails of America and definitely not with Trump, who as a point of interest attended fundraisers on the republican side during the war (not troubles, it was a war, people died on both sides).

Have a little think folks. What’s best for Britain?

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I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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