Corrupt braying cattle

Why is parliament akin to a public school dorm? Oh because its filled with over privileged arseholes that are emotionally and morally deficient.

I am not sure why those few who didn’t attend Eton or Harrow fall into the same behaviours.
These are the people governing us, making decisions upon our lives and even deaths.

Surely enough is enough. We want dedicated people with wisdom, empathy, care and understanding, with strength of character and a voice for us governing our lives, not these braying greedy fools.

Why is it so hard?

Our lives are not just for their amusement and games.


Brexit anger?

I will give you all a brand new car if you drive me to the betting shop today. Now obviously I won’t but if you drove me on the belief I would, then you would be acting in the same way that millions of those who voted in the referendum did. You would be acting upon lies.
I presume you then would feel a little angry and upset, unless of course that after seeing my empty bank balance and terrible credit rating you still believed my lies, or were too ashamed to admit you were tricked? I suppose some would have just wanted to take me to the shop for the ride out? Some who believed that if I won my bet I would pay out so worth the risk? Some who just wanted to get out of the house.
This is kinda what Brexit was. This is why people get angry about holding a new vote now the lies have been outed.

The chances are that if I then asked you to take me again to the bookies you might refuse.

Revolution or just vote Labour?

Happy to follow you in a revolution my friends, even those who see Labour as the enemy as much as the Tories. We just need a few more million folk to join us. But if we can’t achieve that then we have to rid the Tories at any cost.

Let’s think on this, it is now to be honest obvious that most of the unprofessional, self serving and immoral Labour MP’s face deselection prior to any election. That’s why some who previously were working to their own ends now are attempting to either look better or jumping ship. The ones left will be the moral and hard working ones, I hope anyway. Labour are looking at the bigger picture. They are not stopping Brexit they are slowing it down to either get a better deal where people will not suffer and die, or if that is not achievable they will let the people chose but with true information now not just lies.
People say they are concerned about homeless ex service folk. We have seen that the Conservative Government has displayed a gross lack of support for men and women who have been effected physically, mentally and emotionally by their time within the services. People who have lost limbs, seen friends die or be maimed, blown up, and who have experienced the true horror not the Hollywood vision of combat.
Men and women who put their lives at risk because they want to protect us, yet in reality it seems have been placed in a true hell, without the proper kit, to protect oil, money and increase the power and control of the new feudal Lords, – the big Corporations.
Labour will also put in place housing, support and health including mental health services to ensure that these brave and often unsung heroes, even if they do not see themselves as heroes they joined up to keep us safe, to me that’s a hero, are given every chance to function and develop their lives upon their leaving the forces.
Talking of mental health services, do you realise how poor these have become under Austerity? Well unless you can wait several months and are about to murder someone or actually stand infront of the pschiatrist and set yourself alight they are pretty much non existent. Well in my experience. I have seen family members lose everything because there is no support. I have a brother who I love, but cannot talk to, because he is angry at me for trying to protect him and his son. I see him come closer to death everyday and there is now nothing I can do to save him. No one will help, there are no resources to help.
I Myself suffer and each day barely survive depression and anxiety. All I got from mental health was ‘keep taking the pills’. Will that be my epitaph? “he stopped taking the pills”.
Labour will reverse the lack of funding in Mental Health, in the NHS, and will increase the budgets for all the services, you, me, our family and friends rely on. Austerity was a lie to make more profit our of us. It was initially to support the banks after they gambled our money and lost, now they are all profitable again, but neither they or the companies and individuals that own them are offering to bail out the country are they?
So how will Labour fund this?
Bare in mind that unless you are in the high earner bracket Labour’s Taxation plans will not effect you. Companies like Starbucks, Costa, McDonald’s, Walmart will actually be made to pay tax and not allowed to evade or avoid it.
Labour do support a free society, and some part of that involves free movement of people, within the accepted framework, that does not mean illegal immigrants. Firstly Labour will not give free housing, your jobs or our money to illegal immigrants. If they are illegal they do not want to apply for anything, they hide, because if they are found out they are detained and usually deported. I have been in a detention centre. They are not nice at all. Think of a huge prison for families.
Refugees do get help, but that is after they have proved beyond a doubt that they have a life threatening reason not to return to their own country. Then they have no recourse to public funds, if they are housed it is usually in a private rented slum. Not the council house you are waiting for. They do not get our benefits they get vouchers for food and essentials. And not a lot of those.
EU migrants only get the same that we can expect if we go to another EU country. But you can always believe the fascists and right wingers who maybe lie to you to focus your anger away from them?
The ending of Austerity will end the war on the weak, vulnerable, ill and disabled within our country. That’s me for sure, but maybe you, or your folks, friends or children?
Labour also are going to try to hold those to account that have waged the war on us, but you can carry on believing being disabled is a good scam if you want, I mean I gave up my career to live on a pittance, to be in constant pain, to soil myself, to lose all I had, including friends and family. I really love feeling like I have no worth. Maybe it’s because we are stripped of hope and humanity that the establishment see us as such easy targets. Who defends us? You? Not if you vote Tory or even Lib Dem you don’t.
Anyway these are my thoughts. So any Che Guervara wannabes that can muster over a couple of million folk including the army, airforce and any Navy not deployed to protect the oil companies and Donald’s invasion plans, please let me know, I will happily sign up, if however all you can do is dream of change then maybe the best option is to vote Labour, end Austerity and work on sorting the rest of the shit pile out?
Your decision,
Your friend I hope.

Human anyone?

What is a humane human?
Someone that cares. Someone that sees through flaws. Someone that recognises magic. Someone who sees the whole picture. Someone bereft of greed. Someone without jealousy for material objects. Someone who does not see others as objects. Someone who sees the beauty in others and not just the expectations of media and fashion. Someone who loves unconditionally. Someone who supports others. Someone who stands up for all our rights. Someone who would gladly die to protect others. Someone who helps with our failings without judgement.
All of the above and more.

I am not yet humane but strive to be every day.
I don’t want a trophy with, a flash car, big house or huge bank balance.
I do want respect if I earn it, love if I deserve it and a simple smile from someone every single day.
If my epitaph is he was a humane human then everything was worth while.

Dark realm of depression, my apology

OK apology time. This last week has been a bit of a shit one, it hit me and set off the black dog and his side kick anxiety pup. I am much better today but bombarded my time line with dark thoughts.

Things could be much worse for me, but I guess it’s about

the ‘now’ perspective. It’s the now that triggers the grey mist, the cold stone walls and isolates head from rational.
I still feel isolated and even though not physically well enough to ride at the moment the knowledge of no bike on the road does have a huge impact upon my mind set. My bikes are my escape from the effects of chronic illness. Without them things get unbearable for me, and it’s only how I am, others will have other ways of managing their illness.
Now depression is an illness. It is as immobilising as my Crohns, Fibromyalgia, Svt, Neuropathy, COPD and more likely to kill me than any of these or even my Diabetes. I have no control of how I feel, I cannot turn it on or off.
Before social media I would likely have had to just lock myself away, suffer in silence and hope someone noticed before the illness took me.
Now however for me it is easy to rant of Facebook. I can reach out and some folk reach back.
My anxiety rarely leaves and really I am only confident when with friends and even then feel unworthy of them.
My depression, anxiety and more physical illness’ are no worse than those of many others and probably significantly less. But the effects upon me destroy my self worth, take my confidence, and allow despair to seep away any motivation or resolve.
I guess I mourn for the Simon (Jonesy) I once was. Its a grief I feel guilty for feeling.
I know when I am low I come across as self indulgent, weak and pathetic, maybe that’s who I have become, but it’s not who I strive to be. Not the person I want to be remembered as.
So here is the apology, I am sorry to the family and friends I worry, I upset, I irritate and anger.
I truly have no control of my mood. My interactions when low or ill are I realise negative and winey.
I still fight each day to find reason to remain in this life. In the even I lose that battle there will be no failure from me, but no guilt for those who care about me. It will simply be that the illness has won. Nothing more.
Today is more positive. I shall tidy my house and despite pain and exhaustion I am determined to focus effort upon fixing a bike. Might not end well but gonna try.
I am again sorry and if alienated any of you, well that’s something I shall despise myself for as never my intention.
There are times I wish folk could see into my heart and soul, I wish they could come in and drag the former me out. But reality is that once depression has took hold it is very difficult to break away from.
I can’t hold my ‘chin up’ and cannot just cheer up, I can’t pull myself together or just smile. It’s not how it works. Unless you have had this cruel illness you cannot know how debilitating it truly is. It’s not a case of onwards and upwards either or things not being that bad. It does not differenciate between good and bad.
It just is.
So again sorry. And to those of you that know how it is, remember you are not alone, you are not weak, and I am here for you as so many of you have been here for me.
Your friend
Simon or Jonesy