Who am I? I am human.

I was born a male, not a choice, I try to be a good humane human. That is a choice. I live my life the best I can. I know her post was not directed at me as an individual but included me, and that is what offended, that and her friends comment about all ‘free men’ being abusers and rapists. If you believe such shite, firstly I am truly sorry that something or someone has hurt you that severely, but remind you it was not me, was not the majority of men, that we do not all abuse others, we do not all rape or oppress or control others. Most of us live our lives in the best way possible for us. We are all products of our past, of experience, upbringing, and most of us recognise good from bad most of the time.
I have feelings, I laugh and yes cry. I feel happy and sad. Loved and alone. Popular and isolated. Confident and afraid. I am human. A person. A son. A brother. A dad. A friend. A teacher. A student.
I am fallible, stupid, foolish yet can do right, can make right choices and can show wisdom. I am human.
I am no better than you, and likely no worse.
I make mistakes often, but thats my persona, not my gender.
I am like you formed by society and it imprisons us. It tells us what it expects and like you it attempts to force me to comply. I often don’t. I often rebel. I am human.
I choose to be called Jonesy for that defines and describes me in ways Simon does not.
I am weak, yet also strong. I bleed as do we all in our own ways. I am human.
I will not apologise for things outside of my control, for things I could not choose. I will apologise when I err, for err I will. I am human.
I am me, I am right, I am wrong, I am rich in the best ways as a dad, a relation, a friend, I am poor in the materialistic sense but thats ok. I am Jonesy. I am here. I am human.


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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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