People bandy around this word justice all too often. We assume because we are a ‘free Western Country’ that we have justice. We in the UK have had our legal system for centuries so surely that indicates that we live in a society that values justice.

Our courts are almost as grand as our churches and often much bigger. We have the servants and dealers of justice, lawyers, barristers and judges. We have the world oldest police force to investigate crimes and protect us all? All this surely must mean we live in a just society?

Anyone can apply to the courts can’t they? We live in a democracy do we not? And if so surely that promotes choice and a collective consensus so that is just?

No man or woman is above the law, we know this because from being children we are taught it through school, college, university, and by our parents that believe it. It must be true?

Sadly my view has changed, I through life experience, through working in the courts, through having to apply to the courts, through working closely with the police, having to call upon them, and being upon the end of their tactics of controlling those that dare stand up against injustice, who has campaigned for change using democratic ‘rights’, who has seen those rights, eroded, stolen, ignored and sadly smashed by the police, the courts and yes the government have long since realised we live in a society where justice does not exist.

Now I live my life within the law as much as possible, but often it now seems more existing than living.

Ok here are the issues that I as a simple human being, a citizen living within the United Kingdom of Great Britain, The Commonwealth, and Protectorates see them.

The laws:

We live in a society where though we have no written constitution we have a system where there is more legislation governing and restricting us than that of any other country upon this planet. The laws we live by are split into various categories such as, statute law, case law, civil, criminal, contract, by-law, orders, the list goes on. No one lawyer, judge or law maker can pretend to know or even understand all the legislation we live under.

Some laws make sense, some really don’t. We have laws dating back to the Magna-Carta in the days of King John, his Barons and his child bride, and we have legislation likely only ratified yesterday.

Not all laws are relevant to today’s society but unless they are removed from statute they can possibly still be used.

It is for these reasons we have specialists in law, and the phrase ‘anyone representing themselves has a fool for a client’ holds true.

Now up until fairly recently we here in…….well you know where, had access to these lawyers through a system of legal aid. This meant for the most part the less wealthy in society could be represented in court by a specialist lawyer. That they could bring cases or defend themselves against those seeking to cause them harm, damage or loss. It meant that often an individual could for many reasons access some protection from injustice.

Now however under the guise of ‘Austerity’ we have very limited legal aid left, we cannot access it for most cases of litigation and it is only there for defence in criminal and some cases of public law.

This means the majority have no legal access to support in cases of debt, defamation, assault, hate crime, failings of statutory bodies, councils or government.

People lose homes, families, belongings and lives through this.

We also are living in the only nation where you can be convicted without trial. Fixed penalty notices and cautions are seen as admissions of guilt and recorded as such.

We have police forces which we know all to well are underfunded but also have stagnated. The best of officers often pushed out in favour of to be frank, lazy, violent bullies. This becomes more apparent daily as people readily now video incidents and we get to see how these uniformed thugs act.

The police it now has been disclosed failed to investigate a million crimes. I personally have been thrice a victim of assault due to disability and received no support and can state have been treated with contempt by Derbyshire police upon each occasion. We are told to report crime, yet in doing so just subject ourselves to ridicule, scorn and apathy.

So given my experiences and the experiences of others with the police and courts I to be brutally honest now have no trust in justice in the legal sense. I have seen the ongoing rise in fascism, hate, cruelty and corruption, so have no faith that there is such a thing as social justice either. The fact that the Government is still in the hands of a party that has lied to, thieved off, killed, disowned, disenfranchised & deported so many of our own folk, have murdered people here and abroad in the name of greed, corruption and power, have aligned with and supported tyrannical and yes inhuman regimes, that have been investigated and criticised twice by the United Nations for inhuman treatment of the most vulnerable in our society, means to me that we have no democracy therefore no democratic justice.

Now you will form your own opinions. Those that cannot let go of the lifetime of propaganda they have been fed will never agree with me. Hopefully some folk with their eyes open will.

What we can do to change this? Well this is an answer I do not have, people will I am sure just comment ‘vote Jeremy in’ or JC4PM, which I do believe would facilitate change, but sadly my belief in any semblance of democracy has waned and I am becoming more certain the Establishment will never let this happen.

Is revolution the answer? Maybe one day, but will it be ever possible? With current opinions, apathy and splits, with division and the I am alright Jack view held by many, I do not think it will be soon. Each day that passes under this unjust system more of us, our friends, family and neighbours will suffer and yes die.

We we see justice before its too late? I hope with all my heart and soul  we do so.


Dog of Socialism


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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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