Brexit truth and fiction

Ok folk saying the Brexit vote was done, the people have spoken! Yep the people did vote and the vote was for Brexit. However, the information or rather misinformation we were provided with by those we were meant to trust was not just flawed but blatant lies. It was all actually supposed to be a simple publicity campaign for Cameron and his flunky government.
No one expected people to vote for leaving the EU, in fact not even those leading the leave campaign, Boris and Farage wanted a vote to leave. They only were leading the campaign for their own self promotion.
So given we were fed lies, more lies and more damn lies realistically we were not in a position to make any informed choice.
We know the laws regarding elections, laws not rules, were broken, yet those truly responsible were not even properly challenged never mind investigated or charged, such is the farce of the British legal system. These liars, cheats and fraudsters truly are above any laws of this country.
So a vote for leave happened, based upon fantasy. Then we have Theresa the Traitor May stepping in when Piggy Cameron ran away to sun himself wrapped in hundreds of thousands of £50 notes from his ‘offshore’ bank accounts.
Now Theresa and her corrupt money obsessed husband decide to make the most of this Brexit situation, not for us, the folk of the country, but for themselves and the shareholders in Mr May’s list of companies.
So first thing she decides to do is end the UK’s compliance with EU legislation on human and workers rights, thus enabling corporations, businesses and companies (such as those owned and controlled by Brian – oops wrong Mr May, business) to slash conditions for those employed and yes housed by them.
Then given her new position she can ally with tyrannical regimes that will buy weapons (guess who supplies these? Yep hubby May).
She is supposed to be negotiating for a tactical retreat of the UK from the EU, however she makes such a hash of it that even the heads of the other EU countries decide to ignore her and tell the British folk that if they want as individuals we can stay EU members.
Now back to this Brexit vote, well yes we voted for Brexit, yes a few folk still believe the lies we were told, a few still think the British, or more likely the English are superior to the rest of Europe, but now the truth has seeped into the heads of many that voted leave they have suddenly realised they were duped (not to be confused with Theresa being DUPed).
Now we vote in new governments every few years in the UK. Sadly of late folks have been fed more lies and propaganda by all the main media in Britain, so the Tories have been able to strip our economy bare, but even given this there is still the prospect a change of government could reverse most of the theft they have committed against us.
The Brexit vote however offers no opportunity to fix the errors their lies have caused. Once we leave it will be final. No going back.
Now some folk still see the forecasts of the crash of the pound, runs on banks, no trade abroad meaning few exports or imports, and economical along with physical isolation as scare mongering, maybe they are, but if not life is about to get very difficult for us.
Already British citizens are dying under the auspices that the fabricated ‘austerity’ brings. (Yet more fraud from these Tory thieves). If the forecasts prove true hundreds of thousands killed by this government will become likely counted with six zero’s. Can we live with thats? Clearly some of us won’t.
So what to do? Do we go blindly into the abyss because the stubborn say ‘the people have voted’ or do we recognise that the vote was firstly not legally binding, and secondly not democratic due to lies, fraud and untruths?
Do we accept such a dangerous path based upon the corrupt self promotion of a few greedy politicians? Or do we recognise that the cost to employment, diversity, rights, and quality of life is too much?
You tell me, but do not tell me ‘the people have voted’ for a vote based purely upon fantasy and lies is not a democratic vote in any reality.


Dog of Socialism

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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