Wouldn’t it be good if we as humans could put party politics aside to condemn the behaviour of Israel and the murder of innocent men women and children, whose only crime is to have been born into Palestine. Sadly we cannot as the Tories, and Blue Labour (Bleurgh-Rights) are not about being human, humane nor humanity, their drive is greed, power and money.
They cannot and will not condemn massacre by their aligned state (financial backers) because firstly it hurts their purse, secondly Israel’s behaviour mirrors their own, but instead of guns our government are killing us off with austerity. Their war is even more effective, no costly ammunition, their bullets are actually withdrawing monies and services for those that need it.
This world is not as it should be. The resources and the people are there to ensure everyone a comfortable and healthy life. Prince Bill Windsor (Babs’ grandson?) stated the world is over populated. That is rubbish. The world has the facility for a population ten times larger than it is, but 99% of the resources needed to ensure this are held by the 1%. The greedy and corrupt powerbase behind all the worlds governments.
We see small independent nations falling apart due to war and famine, but if people had a fair share of wealth distribution throughout the world extremist politics would not exist.
People see socialism as extremist, yet we live under this huge lie that capitalism – GREED – is beneficial to us all. Rubbish! That benefits the top of the pile, the corrupt, greedy, and yep wicked if you want a religious reference.
Religion, let’s think upon that a second, all religions as far as I know are based upon equality, at a grass roots level, but how many live by that creed? Yet still people fight and die in the name of their god, maybe now we need to fight in the name of humanity, and equality, and fairness?
Sorry for the rant but tired of a world of death, maiming, starvation, famine, cruelty and suffering when there is no rational need for it.
I believe in people, my politics are not party led, not individual led but people led. My morality is that people are more important that property, wealth and power. I trust in family, the human family for if we get it right, then our world gets it right.
So yes I condemn Israel for their murder, their invasion and expansion, their hate, I condemn the USA for legitimising this vile atrocity, and supporting, even promoting their behaviour, the UN for remaining toothless and not living up to the expectations of their moral reason for existing, and our government for supplying the weapons to Israel and remaining silent.
And remember genocide can be carried out under many guises, the one in Palestine is very visible, the one here continues behind closed doors.
I hope this makes at least one person think. I know in many cases I preach to the converted, but if you agree with my words, my views please share.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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