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How as a child protection social worker can I stand by and let whats happening in Gaza, Yemen, Saudi, the US Border with Mexico or even here where our government are killing sick, disabled and poor children without doing something. My moral and legal duty of care is to any child, that includes those outside the UK.
People say ‘we can only do what we can’ but what exactly is that? To sit about, spouting shit on social media?
I feel so terribly frustrated and angry. I never advocate war for gain, but what Israel is doing now can only be seen as genocide, therefore crimes against humanity.
The United Nations has condemned Israel, but taken no action. There again they have also condemned the Conservative Government here in the UK on their cruel actions against the disabled, but the government decided to ignore them.
Even if you are not social workers, many of you are care workers, nurses, child minders, but most importantly parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles or friends, you are human. Can you look at these children suffering and stand idly by? I certainly cannot!
I have many days I do not wish to live, but I will not leave this world, this country, the future in such a mess as it is now.
All of the worst tyranny in our world is due to greed, expansionism and capitalism.
We need to stop the super rich and powerful right now. We cannot afford to wait.
Here in the UK most of us now realise democracy has been compromised. That the ‘establishment’ will not allow the people to be treated fairly, with compassion, justice or respect. We are getting to understand of late elections in the UK have been fixed, with main stream media promoting the propaganda of lies spouted by the incumbent Tories, trashing socialism and the Labour membership along with our Leader, the fraudulent behaviour of Tory MP’s and their staff in the elections, the Electoral counting company is even owned by senior Conservative figures.
All of the above is fact.
We now live in a country where even the supermarkets are ‘shopping’ the disabled claiming benefits to the DWP, and likely providing our information to even more government departments for shady draconian uses.
Thats true 1984 shit folks. Orwell wrote a warning, not a manifesto for the Conservatives to use in government.
We live in a time where the police we pay to protect and serve us only serve the establishment, and at best place us at risk, at worse are that risk of harm due to corruption, lies, fabrication and bullying.
Is this the country, never mind world we envisaged as children? I was a child of the sixties and seventies, we grew up believing that Britain was Great because it stood against hate, against discrimination, against the Nazi’s, the Fascists and all that was evil. We were proud of our forefathers and foremothers who had suffered, fought, bled and died to make the world better for us.
In the late seventies and eighties things were hard but we still had the ruminants of communities, of families, of respect and what even at that late point seemed a fairer society.
People rant about how the Unions got greedy, especially the miners, I even remember my mother stating that the miners earned too much, but that was firstly at a time we as a nation owned out country’s assets, and yes they often were earning above the ‘average wage, or at least that of the ‘working class’ but also a time where ‘health and safety’ really was not a priority for those working underground. I have many friends who were miners and tell of their times in the pits. Its not a life I would have wanted. Every mining community had folks that were killed in their every day work. Many of my friends still suffer from breathing issues brought about by that dangerous and difficult work.
The Conservatives used that ‘public opinion’ at the time to break not just the mining unions, but all the unions. That was the beginning of every citizen losing their life rights. The rights our parents, grandparents and ancestors fought, suffered, bled and died to gain and protect.
Since that time the Conservatives, New Labour (closet Conservatives), the Liberal Democrats and their hidden shapeless masters who we can only describe as the Establishment, including the British, European aristocracy and yes your beloved Royal Family headed up by Queen Elizabeth 11 have stripped us of most of our inalienable human rights, and our communities, towns, cities and country of assets.
The UK was never perfect or even particularly moral, but compared to where we are now it was more supportive and even fairer than today.
We now live in a society where entire communities are living in fear of violence, in poverty and without any community spirit, never mind trust. Todays society is based on greed, cruelty and the ‘I am alright Jack’ attitude Thatcherism heralded.
We have a police force that is so inept that they cannot investigate 90% of crime, that only are fit to drive around in pairs or more, that rely on batons, gas, tasers and guns, often before words. They have little respect from any but the misguided fools of ‘little, middle England’. Even their masters have such little regard for their abilities that they now are employing their own private security and even their own red jacketed police force!
We have a prime minister that consistently lies, loses files, and changes laws for her own ends, a foreign secretary that runs away so he doesn’t have to answer questions and a cabinet of fools and fascists. Has allied itself with terrorists in the UK and abroad, along with the most diabolical regimes upon this planet.
Thats only here, we also live in a world where a country established by those who were victims of some of the most evil acts perpetrated by a nation upon a race and culture, now chooses to emulate those vile acts upon another race and culture. It seems we never learn from history.
We have an American president, arguably the most powerful ‘public figure’ (I think there are folks with far more power pulling his strings) promoting hatred, racism, and oppression in his own and other countries throughout the world.
Todays world values oil, money, brands and power more than empathy, love, trust, equality, fairness, humanity or even life.
Now you may think I am being dramatic, but sadly I know my words are true. I know that as an individual my life is worthless to those who rule us, my views invalid, my voice unheard. Many of you may excuse this as the rambling of a crank, that depression from my illness’ has twisted my views. Maybe thats how most of you see me? I do not know, I do know however that my frustration, anger, sadness and contempt for this society, and the laws that its masters chose to impose upon us grows daily.
I know I will not ever be able to ignore the pain, suffering, cruelty to my fellow humans, to our children, the worlds children that is being imposed by these vile creatures that believe its their right to control or rule us.
All I can ask of you is for you to open your eyes, for you to see the truth of whats really going on and each of you take some stand against this vileness we see every day. Lets do our bit to at least try to make the world better for our kids.
Think on this that if the worlds resources were distributed fairly, if corruption and greed were stamped out right now, in every country on every continent, there would be no hunger, little famine, and very little suffering on this planet. Thats not communism, not socialism its humanity, humans being humane. A better future really is that simple, but of course they do not want you to recognise that, for if we all stand they lose power. Thats their only true god.
Thank you for reading this,

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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