I have had a bit of an Eureka Moment just now. Please bear with me and let me explain.
Ok here goes. I currently am on Duloxatine tablets for my Fibromyalgia. These meds are to counteract the pain and exhaustion but also are a strong and over potent anti-depressant.
When taking this tablet there are times that I feel outside of reality. A person looking in on someone else’s existence, maybe akin to an ancient god following some fabled hero (no I haven’t a god complex nor believe myself to be a hero, its just a description to put the haze into some context).
I see the actions of this other being but have no direct control over them, just an ability to suggest paths or identify choices.
This is not a permanent state, it sort of comes & goes.
So anyway I started to wonder if this is how the masses are? A more common state than we really think it is. Maybe through drugs either administered in food, water or from the air, or even through some subliminal iisterhypnosis?
Daft hey? Yep maybe a little but again context time…
People now are waking up slowly to how we have been manipulated by the establishment and politicians. But it is slow. Whats more worrying is many are not waking up to it. They accept claims that the Royals and various MP’s and celebs have not only physically and sexually abused kids but even killed them, they accept the government changing the laws to ensure the allegations are not investigated. But a couple of years ago even if a suspected paedophile moved onto a housing estate there were riots.
They also just accepted the Prime Minister (Cameron at the time) had put his penis in a dead Pigs Head. A few jokes was the only fall out for him.
The accept that the Tories and in particular Teresa May has been privatising state assets for years and selling them off to G4 which is the company owned by her husbands hedge fund.
They accept that one minute we have no super powers as enemies but suddenly when questions are asked about Trident (the Nuclear Deterrent owned by the US, controlled by the US but placed on submarines built by the French but crewed and paid for by the British) we suddenly have Russia as an enemy.
They accept that Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive, intolerant, torturous and murderous regime in the world is our best friend on the world stage. That they are our allies. That we supply them with weapons they use to kill and maim innocents with. That we train their military to do this.
These issues are only the tip of the Iceberg, and sadly the UK seems to be the Titanic.
The British people have been for centuries been at the forefront of human rights. Yes we have also carried out atrocities but were taught that our country learned from the error of its ways. If so then why are we now the oppressors on the world stage?
Why are the British people accepting the need for food banks, blaming the poorest for austerity even though its no secret the economy here and throughout the world was destroyed by the greed and corruption of Bankers, Politicians and the Rich. The ‘Establishment’.
I truly cannot believe the majority of the people are so intellectually challenged or even so uncaring that they cannot recognise this.
This brings me back to my point. Is it drugs? Is it hypnosis? Is it both? It has to be subliminal. Maybe a message transmitted with Corri and Eastenders? I do not know. I do know its not right. This is not how things should or are meant to be.
I call the current situation the ‘Hypno-State’. For that truly is my only explanation. I cannot believe the masses believe that the vulnerable deserve to starve, live on the streets or die of malnutrition or exposure.
Most people I know are caring, intelligent and loving, yet they cannot see the evil (for that is the best way to describe it) regime we live under. So again I beg for all of them to ‘WAKE UP’. PLEASE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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