571f55f8160000e90031cab8.jpegFirstly, I hate football and usually see footballers as a waste of space, overpaid muppets that prance about spewing hot air, however I actually have always seen Mr Lineker as a tad different. Even as a young whippersnapper (sadly I am old enough to remember the start of his career) he seemed to be affable, friendly and have something about him that was endearing. It’s that reason that his career did not end when he left the pitch.
So basically a rare breed, a footballer with a brain. He has shown his integrity over the years, but now more than ever.
The SCUM (Sun) I will not call it a News Paper for fear of falling foul of trades description legislation, has time and time again shown itself to be the worst rag that ever graced the once fabled ‘Fleet Street’. It is owned and controlled by the most despicable of all creature ‘Rupert Murdoch’. This man believes he has the right to control government and your way of life itself. He is the worst of men with no morality or integrity. He dictates what you read, see and are told in almost all the British and a good majority of foreign media. This one man (using that term loosely too) is the antipathy of low life scum. He truly is someone who does not deserve to breath air.
His media monopoly News Corp follow his editorial dictatorship fully. He decides what they print, present or publish. To him the Sun is a joke, one being played upon all that waste their money upon it, that give it credence. They don’t just print ‘mistruths’ but blatant lies. If they don’t have a story they make it up, sensationalise fiction to support Murdoch’s own right wing hatred. He believes he has the power to bring down governments, and sadly he may be right.
By buying this paper, paying for Sky TV or supporting any other of his corrupt outlets we are giving him that power. We are letting this single person wield power. Prime ministers fear and suck up to him. He seemingly even advises the Royals what to say and do.
The Sun itself is written at a level of a nine year old, using Ladybird words but filling them with bile and hate. It promotes mistrust, and should be prosecuted time and time again for discriminatory and inflammatory rubbish.
I recently have started to ask shop managers and owners in Sheffield and Chesterfield to consider whether stocking this vile paper is a good idea, given its involvement in mis-reporting of Hillsborough and its mis-representation of the Orgreave attack upon the miners by the police and army.
So back to Gary, he has displayed a strength of character throughout his. Being vilified by the Scum. He deserves not only our support but our praise.
I therefore urge you all not to buy the Scum and please consider just how much of Murdoch’s Empire you pay into. Ask yourself if this man should be allowed to continue. We all know him to be vile but he is so dangerous too.
Think about it.
I will continue to ask newsagents, supermarkets and petrol stations to stop selling the Scum, if you do too they may just listen, and maybe Murdoch may just realise the people will accept him no longer.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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