Wednesday’s worry

Every day I see more immorality and depravity coming from sadly no longer just the Tory government but all sides of the ‘pro-Establishment’ camp.
Sustaining Poverty is a badge of honour to these low life scum. They are doing all they can to ensure the poor remain so. To treat those without education, without good health and those without materialistic or financial wealth as playthings.
You are just a community chest card in their big game. You are the ‘pay each player £200’ card. You are not important to them. Your life means nothing to them. 4,000 already have died due to benefit sanctions. But can you see them stopping sanctioning people? No in fact they are now sanctioning more for less.
The NHS is paid for by us, but now its being privatised piece by piece.
All the things that were good for the ‘people’ are being stripped to make profits for the corrupt that are now completely in control.
Every day I feel anger, even fury at the injustice, but so many of you are totally oblivious.
You read the papers and watch the news, that’s your truth. Guess again. They do not tell you the truth. If your being conned do you just expect the conman to co come clean and tell you what they are doing to strip you clean? Do you give them the power to choose whether the police investigate or courts convict? No? Well you are doing right now.
Look around. Look at those cctv cameras, how often do they solve crime? Rarely but that’s not their role. They are there to monitor you. To ensure you are kept in your place. They can issue fines for speeding, bus lane violations but don’t have a chance of finding who robbed you of your purse, stole your car or bike.
Most, but not all of you are totally oblivious to the control these people have on your lives. The power they hold over you. They put charges on you for the environment but then have personal jets for their political leaders. They say law is for all but then remove legal aid and increase fees to apply to court.
Are you truly so blind?
I really want to shake the country (as in by the shoulders) and show you all the reality. It feels like living in a B-movie where the majority of the population are under the hypnotic influence of some evil despotic cult and only a few of us see it.
Take the time today to really look at what chances, what freedoms, what truths you have. Don’t just watch the news, research it. One day out of your lives. That’s all I ask. Please please see things as they really are. Wake up Britain, the poor, the ill, the disabled are not your enemy. Those that vilify them are.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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