The attempted theft of our tomorrows

Well its 2:30 (ghosty dentist time) and I am wide awake again. Well brain is, body screaming at it ‘sleep you swine’.
I am somewhat perplexed as to how the Labour Party NEC believe they have any credibility left after their current behaviour. Preventing members from voting because they do not like who they may vote for is disgusting, undemocratic , vile and totally corrupt. There cannot be any excuse for their authoritarian and I believe illegal stunt. If not illegal it still displays them to be bereft of any morality and integrity.
I have voted but feel angry and betrayed by the fact so many now cannot. Through their attempts to censor us members and prevent us choosing and backing our already democratically elected leader they are blighting the very core values our party was founded upon.
For a socialist party to be afraid of socialism is unprecedented. It is a clear indication how in previous decades our party has been infiltrated by to be honest ‘Establishment Moles’. They have placed themselves and their would be saboteurs in key positions. During the Blair ‘New Labour’ Years socialist members either left or were romanced by the sheer guile and personality of what we now know was the most morally corrupt leader of any Labour Government. I am sure some honest socialists from those times still carry shame and guilt at being duped.
Now however the membership have seen through that. We and likely the majority of the general electorate want a new kind of politics. We want honesty, morality, integrity, fairness. We want our politicians to care about those the represent. To understand the needs of the people are more important than their own expenses and wealth. That realise we no longer will tolerate fraud, corruption, bribery, theft of our country’s assets. We want our nation to profit and benefit not a few major companies and those complicit in awarding them contracts because they have received back handers or holidays in the sun.
And yet our own part officials believe themselves to be above the membership, believe they have the right to tell us what we can say, write and do. To direct us away from the very principles we hold dear. How dare they?
They are using the ‘rule book’ yet in reality are in breach in the worst way of the ethos of our party. If people require purging it surely is them. Not honest, passionate, free thinkers. We need to rid the stagnation and those that perpetuate it not those seeking to bring about positive change.
If you don’t agree with Corbyn you cannot possibly agree with Smith. He is just spouting Corbyn’s policy but with no conviction nor commitment. All this leadership election is about is discrediting the values of socialism, not just Corbyn’s but ours too. Its a futile attempt to put the new understanding we are gaining back from our minds. It’s a forlorn hope by the ‘Establishment’ that they, the rich and powerful can once more subjugate us, oppress our freedom of thought and free will by putting the genie back in the bottle. They honestly do not yet realise that bottle was a molotov cocktail and when smashed ignited a fire of hope and realisation they will never extinguish.
In a way this is the ‘Establishments last chance of peace, for if they continue to oppress us with their dastardly methods what likely comes next even they cannot prepare for.
The British people can be placid but they also can be moral, stubborn and fight like the armies of hell if they believe themselves to be upon the side of the good.
That no longer is supporting the rich and powerful, it supporting freedom, justice and fairness.
This is my view and not a manifesto or statement of intention.
I do not write this to incite but to inform of how I see our futures. For right now there are a few paths.
The people now will choose.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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