Well voting is now underway for the members of the Labour Party to either reinforce their backing of our already democratically chosen leader or to pick the man that believes the membership can be bought by gimmicks, backstabbing, character assassination, plagiarism, censorship, threats and bribery. A man who would rather support a corrupt and oppressive establishment than stand up for the rights of a nation.
This vote is important and although is but one more battle that needs to be won, must be won for democratic change to remain a possibility within the UK.
The British People are starting to wake up from their years of apathetic slumber. It is not what those that rule and control our lives want to see. They know once peoples focus is finally diverted from trends, celebrity, soaps, materialism, self indulgence and greed, once people begin to recognise the true enemy to freedom, the reason behind why we have people living and dying upon our streets, why the sick, elderly and disabled are at risk of losing not just their homes but lives through poverty, why children and families are ripped apart by the effects of unemployment and abject poverty upon their entire communities, that when the public see through their propaganda, lies and finally realise the effect of their rights being stole from them, something immense and world changing may happen.
Whether we should be proud of it or not the truth is that the British People have historically taken control at key points within the past. When the world has had to change and move on it has been often been Britain that led the way.
When oppression needed to be challenged its been upon many occasions from our civil war where Parliamental democracy was born to the industrial revolution of the entire globe and subsequent formation of effective unions and the battles for workers rights we the people have stood up to the mark. This maybe the beginning of yet another example.
This is another potential historical hub where the paths open to us now separate. From my own perspective I see a few options for our society right now.
One the nation continues to be subjugated by the rich and powerful elite, by the 1% of the wealthiest individuals not just here within the UK but globally, to be oppressed until all we truly have to give any hope within our lives of any opportunity to change our enforced destiny of yet more poverty and oppression at the hands of a corrupt and to be honest vile few. The people continue to be the cattle of the wealthy, our lives controlled by their fickle whims. Their greed pushing us down further until its your family that is the bottom of the pile. To drag us into more wars and ‘police actions’ to line their pockets.
The next option is that we get behind honesty and morality, that we not as a party but an entire populous wake up and use the few remaining legal ways to take back control of our lives. To allow democracy to be our weapon to challenge and fight for a future where we all have a chance to thrive, where society provides a safety net against poverty, where we realise we need to mend our own infrastructure and culture rather that getting involved in destroying that within other countries. Where it does not matter if your male, female, black or white, lesbian, gay or ‘straight’, able, disabled or unable, rich or poor, young or old, christian, muslim or atheist, we all have a chance to thrive and progress. A society where hope is their for all. My view only true socialism can do this. Capitalism has and continues to increase the gap between the rich and the poor and the cost is lives.
The third option I see is a looming threat of real violent revolution. This is a real possibility. People the world over will only take so much and thats historically proven to be even more true of the British. We now have access to knowledge that was not available to the ‘common people’ in the past. The establishment know this and that truly does scare them. From Boris buying Water cannon to the scrapping of the Human Rights Act all the signs are there. Each freedom we have stolen in the name of National Security is done so to ensure any rising of the people can be put down at source, its to prevent not terrorists but the likes of you and me having ‘free thought’ ideas ‘above our station’ and realising that our financial infrastructure is nought but a con to keep us in our place.
I prefer the second of these options, there are more choices to be made but these I believe are the most likely at this point. Individually we cannot decide. As a single party we cannot decide. But as the most stubborn and at times in the past moral or even at times immoral nation we bloody well can and maybe will.
I am not a ‘Corbynite’ or anything else that defines me as a hero worshipper of Jeremy Corbyn but I do think he has the morality and building popularity to wake up the voters of our nation. I think he will stand up for whats right and has already displayed empathy and understanding of the plight we all live in fear of, poverty.
The establishment are that desperate to discredit him they even use images of him walking through a carriage of reserved seats to challenge his integrity. Its ridiculous and insulting for them to believe the British people will be swayed from a path of what is right by yet more cheap propaganda.
My illness restricts my opportunity now, from working with families in poverty that were disenfranchised and disadvantaged to living in poverty. I did not give up a good wage, good job and my self respect to live on benefits with no reason to wake up each day, despite what Channel 5 or Jeremy Kyle would have you believe. I paid my entire life into a system that’s failing, as have so many others. The safety net is being reduced more and more each day through government and corporate greed. I have seen poverty from many perspectives and its terrible however seen.
This is your chance if a member of the Labour Party with a vote to choose the right path, pick wisely.
If you are not a member I truly hope by 2020 you will have a choice to vote in a truly socialist government and that we get to turn things around not just for us but for the generations to come.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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