I am not suggesting we do not vaccinate, people I am sure have their own ideas, but saw this point made by a friend on here. 
Their post stated “we can vaccinate the world but not feed the starving” and its true.
It’s the biggest show of self interest and greed ever.
Firstly people have been starving to death all over the globe through famine, poverty and war since the dawn of time, yet for at least the last hundred years maybe more it could have been ended, and no that’s not communism that’s humanitarianism.
Yes maybe the rich may not still have been ultra rich and be able to taxi each other into space, though likely they still would, but whatever the cost these excuses for people would still have more money that we the masses will ever see, and more than we could spend in several lifetimes.
We have been and continue to be conned on a global scale.
Let’s consider the pandemic, we know the big pharmaceutical companies were arguing on how much profit they would make, we also know they ensured legal get out clauses were in place before they agreed to any level of cooperation. Even then poorer nations struggled, despite the empty promises of world leaders to get any vaccine to them,  once we were receiving it here, in the so called “Western world” for a time they got none.
We also know in the UK alone several politicians, families and friends of cabinet members not only tried but succeeded in profiteering on essential PPE, which was supposed to save lives of not only the nurses, doctors, ambulance, police, fire, care workers, service personnel,  elderly, disabled, vulnerable. Children, families, bus drivers, taxi drivers, shop workers, warehouse staff, …well everyone including you by reducing risk. The PPE sourced by these corrupt individuals to replace PPE stocks that were beyond their use by dates by several years, due to inept oversight of organisations with too many upper and middle managers, was either also beyond its use by dates or not fit for purpose.
Luckily here in Britain we the public have a basic instinct to pull together in times of crisis, unlike the establishments view to pull in cash. Thousands of voluntary cottage industries set up, with no money changing hands to make, supply and distribute PPE, that was of a far higher standard than anything our government was sourcing.
I know a lot about this as I was the founder of a voluntary group of bikers and soon other folk who sourced and distributed PPE in conjunction with these kind souls who were themselves getting in debt to ensure people and their families were being kept as safe as possible.
The masks we were distributing were of a quality recognised by the World Health Organisation and we were registered with the government as distributors.
The scrubs were sourced all over the UK and we worked with the biggest and smallest Volunteer manufactures.
We had 3D printed face shields with the people printing them spending thousands of pounds of their own money to buy printers, materials and even patterns.
Our Voluteer Riders we believe managed to distribute over 10,000 000, yes ten million pieces of PPE at no cost whatsoever to the recipients, whether hospitals, care homes, midwives, schools or individuals. In fact we were and remain totally cashless.
The miles travelled would take you to the sun and back several times, using, motorbikes, cars, vans, wagons and even a plane. The cost all out of the volunteers own pockets. There was and is no profiteering here. These people continue to bolster my faith in humanity.
Remember at the start of the pandemic, the financial issues were put before the human issues, profit before people, by not just the inept fool we have as a prime minister but all his cabinet and sadly several of the laughingly called “official opposition”.
Currently there are several crisis’ in the UK today, from the bizarre rescue of Bulb Energy, which some will say is because they use renewable energy but in my humble opinion is more likely about protecting shareholders, to the human beings, which the media will continue to dehumanize by calling migrants, not people or even refugees who drowned in the English Channel. If the government had their way with their immoral and illegal orders to the Navy and RNLI (Royal National Life Boat Institution) there would be far more of these vile “accidents”.
We need now to put a stop to this greed. Life success should not be measured by wealth but morality. The true hero’s should not be those seeking fame or fortune, they should be those giving to us all each day through effort, risk, pain, and sacrifice.
No one in the world should starve, in particular there should be no such thing as poverty, no need for food banks or homeless shelters in a country with such wealth as is held within the UK establishment.
We bailed out the banks several years ago, that  gave the Conservatives an excuse for austerity, cuts to the most vulnerable within our society, austerity remains, yet the bankers once more get huge bonuses, and their shareholders massive payouts. When will these corrupt institutions be forced to bail us out?
Enough really has to be enough.
We need to now truly come together, friends, families, communities, villages, towns, counties, countries, the United Kingdom needs to unite against greed, corruption, cruelty and yes murder. Until we do things will only ever get worse. Not a world I want my kids to live within.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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