Sorry but Grace Darling will be not just turning but spinning in her grave at so many folk right now. The disrespect I am seeing for the RNLI and yes the Navy for refusing to obey inhuman orders to allow people to drown in the sea is beyond shameful.
Whether you are racist or not surely a human life is paramount.
People are blaming these two amazing organisations for doing exactly what we should be proud of them for.  We now have a government trying to order the lifeboats and navy to leave people to drown. Kinda puts it in perspective, if not maybe have a little jaunt in a unseaworthy  boat off the east coast and see how it feels for you.
People wanted Brexit to close our borders off, you know the ones we open wide when we are in economic need of migrants. Well folks it didn’t work, all that did was remove the cooperation of other countries to assist in the processing and return of those not assessed as genuine political or humanitarian refugees.
I know the media keep showing you pics of what they say are “muslim” youths with suits and mobile phones. But maybe think who the media are owned by and represent, definitely not you or me.

There are issues with immigrants in the UK, I admit, as there likely would be if we migrated abroad, but look why those issues exist, ghettoising people, people having to sneak in with no money, no belongings and no way of legally obtaining money or support.
Scared and battle scarred people. Broken communities, broken families and broken individuals.

I personally now have to live with PTSD after holding my brother minutes after he died in resus. Yet many of these folk from Syria, Afghanistan,  Iraq and all the other places our government have been involved in attacking have seen their families, friends, children, parents and siblings killed and maimed by our bombs or munitions such as mines, fragmentation bombs, phosphorus,  blast and incendiary weapons supplied by us, some even gassed using recipes devised at Porton Down. They don’t just relive one moment but entire lives every time they trigger- as do so many our troops who have seen it first hand, and also receive no support of those in our establishment who truly are responsible.

So in short if the #UKBORDERFORCE and immigration teams can identify those economic migrants that quite wrongly are as naive as Dick Whittington and believe our streets are lined with gold and not food banks, a destroyed NHS, cruel benefit (entitlement) system, and the most corrupt elitist government in the entire world (which given the USA, Italy, Russia,  China and even North Korea is kinda horrific) then process them and return them to point of origin. If they cannot be returned due to risk to safety and life work with other countries (like the EU was set up to do) to make agreements and realistic quotas. But DO NOT allow anyone to die due to our insecurities, hate and fear.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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