Confusion or distraction?

Is it no confusing when every Xmas we have complaints from the press that Labour nimmies are preventing Xmas in order not to offend other cultures, yet we are the racist party too?

I kinda am confuddled by it all.

Then folk that declare themselves to be racist won’t vote Labour because we are allegedly antisemites? Well my understanding is antisemitism is a racist view point and I can categorically state that although I am appalled and devastated by the cruelty the state of Israel is displaying to the peoe of Gaza and Palestine, that although I stand against any state who kills, maims and destroys in the name of expansionism, greed, god, or hate, I hold absolutely no hate for people who follow any religion, live within any culture, nor do I discriminate for any other reason. Therefore I will voice my horror happening to the people of Palestine, as I would for any such actions by any country or state in this world. I stand against the war in Yemen where the Saudis are using British weapons to kill and slaughter, the war in Syria where Western and Eastern governments were murdering and now are supporting murder of innocent folk, I stand against aggression, cruelty, murder and corruption from any government of any people.

That is my moral base and I truly believe that of the vast majority of my comrades within the Labour Party. I am not antisemite, I am offended by those who say Labour is antisemite, if I ever find any form of racism in my world I challenge it, as I believe the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has and continues to do.

I try to educate those folk who I encounter in my life that hold views I find abhorrent and offensive, sometimes I can get them to think, other times their minds are closed to rationality and discussion.

Some people I simply avoid because their rhetoric becomes to offensive, but others who have displayed other aspects of humanity I will be a friend to, hoping their is a possibility of change.

Whatever happens in this election, I believe if we do not get a Labour government will open the door to a fascist dictatorship, I believe if there is a Conservative or a ConDem government this will be the last vestages of not only democracy lost, but humanity, fairness and hope.

The true racist policies and commentary are absolutely promoted by the Conservatives and their lap dogs in the Lib Dems. The Windrush scandal, the comments after Grenfell, and so many other right wing actions by the member of the governments have been swept away by an establishment and their media puppets through their fear of a society where they may have to pay their way, and have their corruptive practices curbed.

They along with Tony Blair, who took the UK into an illegal war are now petrified their criminality will be exposed and they may finally be held to account.

So think on when confronted by claims that Labour is Antisemitic, begin to realise that the establishment realise the majority of Labour voters are not inherently racist, and that by labelling the party as such they are in desperation using such allegations as a weapon to divide, confuse and it is a last ditch attempt to prevent ‘us’ gaining power and ending their destruction of our lives.
As with my posts feel free to share,

I can promise you will not change my views, for what I have written here is my belief based upon my morality and life experience, so don’t waste timetrying to argue them with me, I likely will not respond.

There has of late been many threats and aggression displayed against myself and others who dare to write in support of socialism. I will not buy into that.

So thank you for reading, for mulling over my commentary. I hope for some it gives support, for others maybe opens eyes.
We need to win this battle, to bring fairness and morality back to society.


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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

One thought on “Confusion or distraction?”

  1. As a victim of vile xenophobia i can say clearly this is absolutely true. I dealt with it over 100 times yesterday for commenting not on a tory fb page but on a jeremy corbyn page Facebook deemed all his comments ok and i absolutely assure u he called me some very very appalling things. He knew nothing about me or my religion just he saw my name written in arabic. This country will be a hate filled place where the poor, the disabled and anyone not fitting the “norm” will be bullied and oppressed. I for one will fight this til i am dead. Solidarity my friend


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