Racism and discrimination within Labour

Though I recognise diversity and engage with it I do not define people by race, nationality, culture, religion, gender, ability, sexuality, nor by looks, monitory wealth, material wealth, language or how they dress.
I have fought all forms of discrimination my entire life, as anyone who know me on or off social media will know.
I spent my formative post school years with AFA, ANL and fighting the apartide in South Africa. I still identify as Anti-fa and am proud to be so.
Under no circumstances would I ever consider joining any political party or even movement that promoted racism of any form, including antisemitism.
I am absolutely certain that the leader of the Labour Party holds the same views as me upon this issue and as an organisation I am more than confident that Labour does everything possible to ensure any member that displays any discriminatory views or behaviours is fully investigated.
Sadly I believe there are currently members suspended or removed due to unfounded and fabricated allegations. There are also some members who through their own upbringing need further education on how to recognise discrimination and how to deal with it if encountered.
There is little if any excuse for any Labour member not to be aware of objectified discrimination, such as the vile comments made by the current prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, however we also have to recognise that there are huge cultural divides between sections of our society, and we as a party. As members, and as human beings need to continue to work to educate and in time eradicate these views.
Racism is only one form of negative discrimination, we as people need to welcome diversity and grow as a society learning from each other. We need to develop trust and allow people to make mistakes, because that’s how humans as a species learn and move forward. For those that falter we can offer guidance, but sadly there are those from all segments of society that for one reason or another will continue to hate anyone they see as different to themselves.
This current government uses diversity as a way of splitting communities, allying blame, and diverting us from their corrupt and cruel actions of self interest and greed.
Something that should be welcomed and cherished in a society such as ours is being used as a weapon to prevent people seeing the truth and questioning the motives of the few who are embezzling from the lives of the many.
So when you see, hear or read of someone from whatever religion, country, culture, claiming Labour is Racist, or Jeremy Corbyn is Antisemite, question why exactly are they making such an allegation, you decide if you believe it to be true, or just another distraction, another tool in the arsenal of a scared establishment. Why scared? Because if we ever see the truth they will lose everything they hold dear through the worship of their one true belief, that of a lust for power and greed.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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