20 years

It seems like 5 minutes since the chimes of Big Ben were bringing in the year 2000, all the worry about the collapse of the world due to a virtually none existent millennium bug.

My daughter was not quite 2 and my son still only a twinkle in my eye. I was I thought happily married and we had our home together. I was doing my qualifications and working full time. We had just moved to Bradwell in Derbyshire and had friends a plenty.
Since then the world for me and everyone has changed, the bug did little to cause disruption to our lives, but the banks, the corruption in government and the establishment did lots to ruin and destroy us.
My marriage broke down after my wonderful son was born, I was no longer required it seems, I went trouble shooting all over the UK.
I have been beaten by one partner, destroyed by another and various other things good and bad have happened to me as an individual.
I lost my health, and that showed me more than anything how bad things have got in the UK. I had been working in all different communities protection children and their families. It was much more than a job and during that time I saw the best and worst in people, but nothing in all those years prepared me for the journey from being a respected if not always liked person, who went out to work and was seen to be paying into the system, to what still feels as if a creature, seen as no longer having value in our society. A drain on that same system my tax and NI contributed to.
I still feel even when amongst friends the need to apologise for needing to live on those very entitlements this so called welfare system was designed to provide.
Upon meeting new people I feel ashamed when asked what I do and can only respond with “I was….”. This shame is enforced by a bigotry that over the last 20yrs has been pushed and pushed by successive governments and establishment figures.
The vile programmes like Benefits Britain, can’t pay we will take it away, Jeremy (arsehole) Kyle…… the list goes on designed to dehumanise the most vulnerable in society and focus blame upon them for being ill, for not coping and yes at times sadly lacking in the ability to make the decisions required by this capitalist greed motivated society.
Whilst the ‘moral majority’ are laughing, entertained and angry at these truly vulnerable folk, they are ignoring the bankers, shareholders and politicians stripping our economy of assets.
The facilities and services we owned being sold off to investors for quick profit then to lonk term shareholders who once we are paying triple for those services get huge returns on their investments.
The health service which if there is another tory or tory led coalition wil no longer exist has already been brought to its knees through stealth privatisation. Even the doctors and nurses are telling you all how bad it is but their words are falling upon death ears.
People refusing to vote for the only party that can bring us back from the very brink of the most hellish future because they either believe the lies that a honest man who brokered peace, who stood against hate his entire life suddenly supports terrorism and hates Jewish people, or just don’t like him because some Australian tycoon has told them not to through his media outlets.
There was once a time I truly believed the people of Britain thought for themselves, had morals and cared about others, but it seems although there are still a few of us that do, we are waning, we are in a minority, that the majority here are either not interested in anything outside of their little bubble or worse just like to feel superior because they are a particular colour, a particular culture a particular class or caste, they are educated, they are healthy, they own their car or house, they have money, they wear designer clothes, they once met a royal, they have letters after their names, they…..
Well the thing is I am educated, I had money, I worked. I got ill. And now I am treated by too many as if I have no value at all.
Because I can’t work I have few choices, I can’t get credit, not even a ten pound overdraft with the bank. I have my bikes but I bought most when I could afford them and they don’t equate to the value of a new or even nearly new low cost car. I buy my clothes from charity shops. I eat one meal a day. I had to borrow from family just to go away for one night down the road.
I have no reserves, nothing to leave my kids, nothing to mark my time upon this planet.
I find looking beyond today so hard, and living tomorrow even harder.
That is what society has done, my illnesses too my role, society took my worth.
That’s the truth as I see it. You all have different experiences. Different values. Different morals. But you all, every single one of you could end up here or even worse, for at the end of the day I have a roof, sadly many now don’t.
So when you think about spongers don’t think of the sick, disabled or even refugees, for they are not, think of the bankers, the shareholders, politicians, policymakers and those sad little officious bureaucrats that facilitate their corruption and cruelty.
Think about the last 20 years. Think about the truth. I hope for your sakes you are never ill or injured.
If you vote in the Conservatives or their Lib Dem partners in crime you will condemn us all.
Jonesy Jones

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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