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We live on an island. We were born or moved here. We do not own even a percentage of it unless we are farmers, corporations or the rich. (Usually they are the same).
We have no freedom, cctv covers more of the UK than not, yet it rarely catches criminal behaviour against us, why? Doesn’t really make sense.
Everything we write or even say likely is monitored in some way. We use certain key words and it sets wheels in motion, not only online but possibly through our phones and even smart tv’s.
We are taught to blame those different to ourselves, to become bullies towards the vulnerable, to hate through colour, religion, ability, sexuality or even the way we dress.
We are lied to constantly, despite being brought up to value a truth we never receive.
We are told we live in democracy but wouldn’t that mean we were given the information we need to make a truly ‘informed decision’ rather than being fed loaded propaganda full of untruth and distraction. Does a political party owned company counting our votes provide democracy? Is it democratic to ensure the poorest in society cannot vote?
When we as a populace become disgruntled we are threatened by our own government, if we are disabled we are reported by those employed to protect us then sanctioned by a department that should ensure our financial safety.
We have a system that attempts to cull the vulnerable and sick by removing their ability to feed themselves and dependents, to heat their homes and often retain a roof over their heads.
We have lawmakers that introduce laws for them to profiteer from but remove legislation our forebears fought and died to put in place to ensure our freedom and rights to life.
We live in a small group of nations that form the UK with historical borders only now printed upon maps, with their own customs and practice being eroded. These countries that make up the UK are governed and controlled by the same people despite what the residents believe.
Most of those politicians across all parties seem to be bribed, bought out and rewarded by those with the money and power to do so. They seem to accept holidays, cars, property and other gifts not only from the rich within our borders but wealthy individuals and governments abroad.
When they are caught out suddenly there will be a chemical attack in the home counties, a terrorist bomb in a city, a drone attack upon an airport, a bus ramming in a town or an invasion of one of our ‘protectorates’. Something for us to fucus our anger on, to ensure we forget their wrongdoing.
We have a society of mistrust not because we are born to be suspicious of other cultures, beliefs or ways of life but because we are indoctrinated to do so throughout our lives. We are brought up to be gullible, aggressive against each other and only loyal to those with more than ourselves.
We live in our insular world where it is more shocking to call someone a name than to kill off huge swathes of our society with cruel policies or murder millions abroad to profiteer from the weapons we sell to tyrannical regimes, or even use our own forces to attack with.
We have a country that declares organisations terrorists in one breath and allies in the next.
In the UK we have a corrupt, cruel and vile government. We have the most dishonest politicians in the world. What is worse we sadly accept it, we see so many still defending these horrific excuses for leaders. They are allowed by us, our consent to continue their rape of our society. Yet we will still gladly sit in a pub and blame someone else for their actions.
We outnumber these vile creatures, they should be scared of our responses, but they no longer are, they do not even hide their corruption. They know we now are the goldfish of the world, we have our three minute memory and only get angry at those we are told to be angry at.
How will history remember u? A country of lemmings?
Dog of Socialism

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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