Our fight begins

Ok the Tories are the political wing of the Establishment. The press their propaganda. The far right their puppets.

The Establishment are our enemy. Our one true enemy. Not Muslims, not benefit claimants, not the sick or disabled, not transgender, not Jewish folk, not Black or White people, not the Russians nor Chinese.
Yemen, Iraq, Iran Syria or Afghanistan are not about to attack or invade us.
The only god the Establishment truly worship is materialistic greed. We mean nothing to them. They have no compassion for you, no love for the people or even their nations. Patriotism is there way of keeping us as their drones, a tool to divert us away from their corruption, cruelty and murder.
The legal system does not seek to protect us, it is designed to keep us in our place and ensure the Establishment retain power.
Every successful revolution has involved ridding the judiciary. Sometimes in extremely harsh ways.
The EU sadly is currently just another string to the Establishment bow and itself needs changing.
Sadly every time we try to legally and democratically effect change we are thwarted through corruptive and often illegal ways without any consequence to the law breakers.
Currently our Conservative government are threatening to suppress any civil disobedience or civil uprising by using the army against our own citizens. Any government using these tactics cannot truly be a part of a democratic system. You need to start asking just why they are making these threats.
Now we have had marches and demos. Tens and even hundreds of thousands of the people on the streets demonstrating their frustration and ire at the corrupt actions and policy of this government and their greed worshipping masters. Sadly those actions of the masses are either not reported or misreported. They are then ignored.
We all likely have signed petitions on and off line without any recognition or change being facilitated.
We have voted in elections where ballots have been lost or miscounted. Usually by companies owned by members of the Conservative Party. Other votes where those able to vote are bribed by huge sums of money as in the DUP or by peerages, holidays or jobs as directors within the private sector.
This is not democracy. This is proof democracy has now completely failed.
The countless crimes committed by members of this government are ignored by the police and the CPS, the judges are a part of the problem, as the anti fracking demonstrators being imprisoned by a judge with self interests in the case clearly proves. Eventually their conviction was re-looked at but no action taken against the fraudulant actions of the judge involved.
I could write a book of the likely crimes being committed daily by the government, the establishment and all of their underlings. We are expected to trust the police to protect us, and to support them in their plight of under resourcing and under funding, yet they do not protect us, they do not investigate crimes against us, they only seem to be interested in protecting the assets of their Establishment masters.
Again we need to remember Democracy in the UK has failed. When democracy fails dictators rise from its ashes. In our world there are a few vying for that honor.
So if democracy truly has failed what next? Well we can wait and hope for them to allow Labour in its current socialist led nation to grasp power, by hoping that any election is likely to be run fairly or we can learn from recent past and see it will not be fair and will never be democratic. At the very least expect boundary changes, votes discounted or removed from swathes of society and likely ignored or altered by those paid to count them.
The United Nations has twice condemned this Government for cruelty and breaches to human rights, the response of Cabinet members was to laugh and accuse the UN of fabrication.
So what can we do?
Well my personal view is not wait any longer. We need to take the initiative. We need to take this country for the many not the few. To ensure an end to their corruptive cruel, wicked, greedy and vile regime. To make all of them accountable, from the MP’s and billionaires in control, their press puppets, to their evil bureaucrats in the various departments responsible for cruelty and state imposed murder such as the DWP, Job Centres and the like (Just following orders is no defense).
This accountability needs to happen now. State killing off of the vulnerable must not and will not continue any longer.
If you are employed in these roles and are reading this then open your eyes and leave now. Use your knowledge to blow the lid upon the cruel and corrupt policy and hose who continue to implement it.
We need an end to this government now. We need to stop their greedy corrupt practice.
I am not in anyway advocating violence or physical harm to anyone, I am fighting to end that. I do think blocking their avenues to profiteering however is something to consider.
Again not advocating breaking moral or ethical law, but this needs to end. We have an entire nation of brains and resources. Let’s start using them. We can out think and out fight those that believe they are better than us, that think they have a right to rule us. Let’s show them how wrong they are.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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