JC superstar or martyr

Do we have a full list of those betraying the membership and Oh yes the leader of our party too? Does anyone else think the alleged bounty that has been put upon Jeremy’s head is perhaps the cause of some folks actions?
I am no fan of religion, not someone who quotes the bible beyond the revelations quote that Vincent Price reads out at the beginning of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast! Infact I happily describe myself as staunch atheist but even I see an irony in the similarities between this JC and the other’s in regard to the establishment of the day and their treatment of them. Obviously technology has changed (maybe not if we believed Daniken) and its unlikely our JC (yes I know the earlier JC was ‘our’ JC too but sadly as an atheist I don’t subscribe to that view) will be physically ‘crucified’, and no he doesn’t walk upon water (yet), but his common sense approach to poverty will feed more than a few thousand, his defence and reinvestment in the NHS will cure more than a few sick and dying, and his skills with people might just part the waves between us and Europe to build bridges where May has caused rifts.
I am not sure who is the Emperor in our current version, their are a few candidates for Pilot and way too many keen to take the role of Judas.
Its clear to me that in whatever age in history, including today, and upon any continent the Establishment fear anyone displaying honesty, integrity and seeking fairness and a curtailing of their assumed power.
We all are brought up to the lessons of whatever religion we or rather our educators follow. We are taught that when we stand for good the forces of darkness, evil or in todays ‘enlightened’ (or unenlightened) world the forces of the super rich controlling establishment, will do everything to discredit, suppress or silence us. The things the Establishment seem to truly fear are truth and empowerment of the people.
Today the Establishment fear Jeremy not because he will enslave people, not that he will bring war, or even that he will oust them from their true power, he won’t have time or position for that but that he will give us back our rights, refocus our minds, allow and promote our freedom, bring peace where conflict exists for profit or gain, and allow us to see just how enslaved we truly are.
Jeremy Corbyn is not the messiah, but he is also not a ‘very naughty boy’ as the press would like you to believe. He is a man of compassion, of understanding, of consideration, of intelligence, of integrity, of honesty and of peace, guess what? Its that which truly scares them.
So think on folks, why are they so intent upon discrediting him? My answer is that he is the starting post for change!
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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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