JC and anti semitic claims.

I have spent my life standing up against discrimination. I and so many others have stood against the ‘right wing’, fascists, nazis and all haters of diversity.
Racism has been so ingrained into British society that even now people shout to have an extremely racist logo put back on a jam jar, with no understanding or care for the vile connotations of such symbolism.
Discrimination of all types at this moment in British history has for many become acceptable, using a divergent society not to come together and celebrate, but to divide, cause rifts, lay blame and sadly hate.
From the casual conversations you have (I have no doubt) heard in regard to a neighbour living as a king because of falsely claiming ‘disability benefits’ (or as I prefer, someone ‘existing’ on pip ‘entitlement’ likely because of a, or a number of unseen chronic conditions that make life unbearable for the majority of the time), the cheery affable lag in the pub blaming ‘illegal immigrants’ for the state of the country and the lie that is austerity, (do remember illegal immigrants are not entitled to public money, they hide from the government, usually are slave workers being exploited by wealthy ‘businessmen’ or more likely organised crime bosses from either their country of origin, or sadly the UK, and be employed in anything from prostitution to car washes, growing cannabis, working in sweat shops or worse, they have no recourse to public funds, so no benefits and no housing, in fact if they are discovered they are placed in an immigration holding centre, I have visited one near Leeds and its a huge prison that holds entire families, to await a decision as to whether they are deported, often back to a country where they likely will be at least victimised but possibly killed. If they get leave to stay they for some time are not allowed to work, are placed in privately rented houses that are not far off slums and given ‘vouchers’ for food and electricity. They can only use them in certain shops and only for ‘essentials’ ), but to that lag they are here taking our jobs and living free of our taxes!
Here on social media racism has become the norm, with EDL, Britain First and other hate groups rising to the surface. They cleverly will make up memes that seem reasonable, so the less astute of us share them, often not realising just how vile they are.
Now today the 26th of March 2018 we awake to the main stream press vilifying Jeremy Corbyn, as leader of the Labour Party for ‘anti-semitism. I have never met Mr Corbyn personally but would say his life record has shown him in my opinion to be someone that has spent all his time standing up against hate, and standing for fairness and morality, even being arrested for it. He has not I believe ever displayed and racist sentiment or belief. He has as have I criticised the Israeli state for their aggressive actions in Palestine, their attacks upon civilians, the treatment of all Palestinians by the Israeli armed forces, the torture of these vulnerable human beings and the ongoing breaches of their human rights.
In this region Israel has been the aggressor. It is their actions, backed by the USA and UK that are killing folk daily. Yes the Palestinians do also fight back but Mr Corbyn I am in no doubt also condemns their violence too. Sadly in this conflict the Palestinians are very much the underdog. They are subject to draconian measures and daily are at risk of extremely violent death. Challenging Israel and is expansionary politics is not anti- semitism, it is humanist, and displays not only integrity but strength of character. He also challenges the killing in Syria, the hateful and barbaric actions of the Saudi regime and the policies of our own government in getting involved in wars for wealth and power.
Jeremy stands against hate, yet because he is a risk to the god of greed which the British Establishment worship they try to use his moral integrity against him, to discredit him with their own weaknesses and lack of morality.
Seriously folks don’t buy into this rubbish, if you read anything about this issue (even this) sit down, have a think and question why they want to tar him with such a label.
Thanks for reading.
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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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