Future Past

Grey skies still loom over our pleasant and historical land. I lay here in my home upon ground once trampled by men in armour and carrying swords, staffs and bows. There is an argument that Robin hood once hunted his wealthy prey here, in Derbyshire rather than the fabled Nottingham.
Maybe one of the Arthurian legends originated from a feudal Lord of Chesterfield? Maybe some Pict or Celt tribe battled the Angles or even the Romans on the spot I lay.
History is filled with feuds, battles, and wars. We as a nation conquered a huge segment of our globe. More lands even than Caesar. We did this with the values our country held at the time. We cannot judge them, for we have the benefit of hindsight and almost unlimited access to knowledge and wisdom. We have the facility to learn from the past. Not just tactics on how to invade and suppress other nations, something we already excel at, but to challenge, fight and if need overthrow corruption. Our hero’s such as Robin Hood or King Arthur stood for the rights of the poor and vulnerable. Fighting the evil of the day to spread prosperity, food and shelter. To give rights to the down trodden.
History vilified king John despite his reluctant agreement to Magna Carta, the basis of all our rights in Britain, because ultimately he was seen as greedy and corrupt.
Henry the Eighth, not a great husband but again loved for his breaking away from the corrupt dealings of Catholisism that abounded England and its ‘satellites’.
I know there are all sorts of counter views and arguments. Lets not dwell on those. Where am I heading with this?
Well today we are being governed by what I see as the most corrupt, immoral and damn right greedy, even seedy government in our history. No one in a modern Britain, a wealthy and yes despite our austerity a country where the rich prosper, should be homeless nor need food banks.
We should never accept any MP that loses all the case files relating to the investigation of paedophiles and alleged child killers in the Royal House and Government. An MP who’s political actions and those of her various offices profit her and her husband in money and power. No we should not accept this corruption from any MP let alone the Prime Minister. We also should not accept the Conservatives attacks upon democracy. The acceptance by the CPS of Election Fraud, the removal of citizens off the electoral role, the changing of boundaries to suit the ruling party, and even having a company owned and run by the conservatives counting the votes.
We should not accept the take over of the publicly owned media – BBC by the ruling party installing their members in key roles, turning the organisation into a government run propaganda machine.
We should not accept a war on the vulnerable, sick and disabled by the ruling government, that so far has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our friends and relatives.
We should not accept the theft of our assets, the things we as a nation owned but were sold off to profit the ruling party and their families.
We cannot accept the death toll that will result from the theft of our NHS.
We need to stand up, to be the modern day Robin Hoods, we dont need bows or any weapons yet, just a pen or even pencil. A simple cross may yet be enough. For we as a generation do not want to be remembered as traitors or even as sheep.
We can be our children’s heroes simply by ridding our nation of this most corrupt and wicked government. If we do not do it now then the fight will likely become very real. It likely will result in violence, battles and death. For we as a nation are awakening, as if the knights of Arthur awaking from their slumber beneath Alderly Edge or any of the other likely havens where they have been at rest. Rising now as one people to fight the evil that is Conservatism.
Britain has finally reached its hour of need. Will you stand for what is right, or remain subservient to the robber barons? The choice is yours. I have made mine. I shall #votelabour and if that fails I shall stand and fight for my children’s future. I shall be remembered as a Lion not a sheep. Will you?

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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