Politics 101

I know when I post politics many skim past. It is boring to most and misunderstood by many. To be honest when I see phrases like neoliberalism I tend to do the same. So this is my easy guide to British Politics:
1. The Conservatives, also known as Tory’s, bastards, twats and rich gits to name some terms. These arseholes steal from not only the country but the poor , disabled, unwaged, and elderly. They have no understanding of poverty as it doesn’t happen to them, and homelessness just means another ‘beggar’ to trip over on the tube. They have no compassion and do not care if the likes of you or me die, they certainly don’t encourage us to live.
These are the wankers that strip our country of assets, steal our rights, and use the imagined threat of terror not only to restrict and watch you, but to build hatred so they can keep us all divided.
2. The liberal Democrats, lib dems, or commonly known as who? These are the useless party. They have no views, no morals, no commitment. They suck up to whoever is in power. Their colour is orange because they have no primary beliefs. Their most common phrase is ‘well on the one hand I agree but I also might disagree’. They are likely to sell you to the Tories and generally are pretty useless.
3. Labour. Now this is a difficult one, for Labour is a socialist Party. Which means it believes in the equality of people. The Leader JC (Jeremy Corbyn not Jesus Christ, but up there with the big man on principles and morality ) and a few of the MP’s are working with the members to make the UK a fairer and more pleasant place to live. Sadly though there are around a 171 MP’s and a few party officials that prefer to support the greed and corruption that the Tories favour. Its as if these erm people with differing levels of integrity have misread the socialist principles and seem to have by some freak mistake joined the wrong party. Of course their natural arrogance wont allow them to admit to that so they stay out of pig headedness (not to be confused with Dodgy Dave’s Pig headedness which was actually his version of foreplay).
So basically the main force developing within the Labour Party is now one of morality, fairness, understanding and is likely to give us a final chance of a bright future.
4. UKIP. Well firstly they were the party that’s only policy was to have a referendum to leave Europe. Well that happened, their Leader at the time conceded the vote even after being told that Britain had voted out. He then realised that the vote was on his side and promptly resigned. He then came back but when asked a question by a reporter he resigned again. I am not sure whether he will be back when you read this or whether he will have gone again. Oops there he is, oh hang on that was a french cheese, Fromage. So anyway no one is quite certain why UKIP even exist anymore except to give voice to right wing idiots like Britain Furst (the Banger Party) or the WRVS defence League, the ones that sew refugees into tents and force feed them stale scones.
There are a few other parties such as the SNP (Scottish Nationalists) who are very good if your Scottish or live north of Carlisle. The Clyde Cymru who are possibly good if your Welsh but not much good if you live in Kensington.
The list goes on.
Anyway its not my place to tell you what to believe but I will keep telling the truth as I see it. I will push for what I believe is right and moral. I will support those I see as people that bring hope and unity.
I want people to go read up on things for themselves. I often feel like screaming and cannot understand why my reality differs from many of yours.
Politics is important. Its life or death for so many. You likely included. If you fall ill under the tories or lose your job you are totally buggered. The chances are if they carry on with their cuts to society but bonuses for the rich, you will lose your house, family and maybe life. This is not fantasy but reality.
If you dont believe it go look. Do some research. Find out for yourself.
And do not believe that big lie, ‘I cant make a difference’ because you can. Each person that wakes up to politics, that sees the corruption, greed, discrimination and cover-ups, that starts to inform and aid other to waken up to it, each one of you makes a huge difference.
Anyway if your still reading this give me a ‘for fecks sake’ and if you like share it. I hope you do,
Your friend

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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