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Sadly I am seeing so many denying the virus exists. Too many of these folk are people who are normally full of empathy for others.
It’s time for them to stop this dangerous view.

I get that we cannot trust this government.

I get that Boris and his cabinet of terror have consistently put profits before people.

I get that the government have used the pandemic to bring in draconian laws.

I get that HMG is the most corrupt and inept government in history.

I get that the figures are played down daily.

I get that the press lie to us constantly.


This pandemic is world wide, not all governments play nice together. They definitely do not work together. There is no lizard race controlling us.

The illness is killing people daily, it is real, all to real. You, me, our families, our friend and our communities are at significant risk from it.

Yes Corona Virus is engineered in labs, but this strain is a mutation, I believe of an English patented design. It’s not designed as far as I can believe by China, America or Russia to kill people. That’s sadly an unprepared for side effect of the mutation.

The Corona Virus engineered in England was designed to prevent damage to chicken’s ovaries and thus prevent laying, in the event of them contracting avian flu. Why? To ensure the companies battery farming chickens did not lose profit.

Sadly in a capitalist world profit always comes before people.

When the disease mutated and crossed species it continued to mutate. Its how disease spreads. It jumped from chickens to mammals,  and sadly people are just mammals. Some animals are not effected but that’s because the difference between say a dogs immune and digestive system and ours is significant enough to currently mean they are less susceptible to this current strain. That’s kinda why we can’t breed with other species. We all have enough differences to ensure our species or theirs can adapt in just this situation.

Diversity of life.

Now I am no biologist, no doctor or bioengineer.i am a lay person as so many of you are. This is my opinion based on the information I have to hand, and my level of common sense.

If we deny the illness exists, we fail to self isolate and allow it to spread we risk our lives, our loved ones lives and our species. It’s that simple.

The herd immunity that Boris and his sycophants still seem to want to promote will kill more that it ever saves and to be honest risks the lives of every human in Britain. This disease or virus can be caught more than once.
The supposed anti biotic cures being touted don’t make sense either of we are to believe years of medical advice stating anti biotic medicine does not work on viral infection. But again I am no expert.

We do need to be fearful of measure being brought in that strip away our human rights.

We need to ensure that one life does not mean more than another, whether rich or poor, disabled or not, chronically ill or usually well.

Do you get the message?

We need to fight this virus, the way we do this is we continue to socially isolate. We ignore the deflated figures the government tout daily and realise through their inaction, profiteering and corruption we are now the worst hit country in all of Europe (and yes we are in Europe still, no one has managed to physically move the UK to another continent yet), with far far mor virus related deaths than anywhere except the USA with their Orange Boris senior.

We need the government to stop airline flights. We need to ensure that all citizens have the appropriate personal protective equipment, and those who have roles putting them more at risk have PPE appropriate to their level of contact with other people.

We need to ensure that people are not allowed to hoard and essential goods are available to all. We need to continue to socially isolate bur also to stop having a go at folks that have to go and care for others. We are not judge and jury.

This is not a public holiday so if folk are caught going away to their second homes, in their caravans or even tents then houses, motorhome tents or whatever should be confiscated along with all the contents. And by this I mean tourists not travellers who live in their vans and motorhome. Just to be clear.

The ban on travel to tourist destinations needs to be kept in place for as long as needed to keep society safe.

It’s all just common sense. So stop the crap that will kill folk, no parties, no nipping away, if you have to drive or ride out for your sanity don’t stop where there are other folk.

I know we all feel like prisoners, but we are not. We should be able to go on essential journeys and for some that is just escaping from the jail of their houses. This is especially true of those with depression, anxiety, PTSD and so many other mental health issues. Having a drive round the local area can release all of the despair, but if you do that do it alone or only with those you are isolating with, do not go to tourist spots, in fact just don’t stop, you don’t need to take a picnic because you don’t need to be out that long or that far from home.

See common sense. It’s really is that simple.
And please please stop denying the virus exists.


Ignore the publicity stunts by Boris and Co, it kills. Its that simple.


Take care,

Dying because of it

To be honest I truly don’t care about Johnson or his cronies right now.

I care about the NHS staff working with poor or no PPE & DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about no ventalators & our families DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about not enough testing & carers DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about a deliberately run down NHS & people DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about the delays on isolation & folk DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about 11 years of the lie that is Austerity & all that are still DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about all of the people everywhere from doctors to dustbin men keeping us safe & DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

I care about all the cuts to support services and mental health & all the people including my young brother DYING BECAUSE OF IT.

So no I don’t want Boris Johnson or any of the Tory party to die. I want them accountable for their behaviour and crimes, I want them TRYING BECAUSE OF IT.

Britains Dying

According to the independent yesterday :

“European countries have banded together collectively to procure bulk orders of ventilators and personal protective equipment, with the first phase now having secured “offers of considerable scale on shortest notice”.

The UK was invited to take part in the scheme, which is leveraging the 500 million-person single market’s huge buying power to secure faster and cheaper orders with less admin at a time of extreme global demand.

But UK officials confirmed on Wednesday that Britain would not be taking part in the scheme, after previously having said the government would decide which way to go.”

Well folks I am told that firefighters will be soon assisting ambulance crews, that they will also be charged with recovering bodies, a task currently undertaken buy paramedic and ambulance crews, and yet their PPE – Personal Protection Equipment is not only outdated and ineffectual but in short supply.

This also seems to be the case for Nurses, Doctors, HCA workers, Carers, Domiciliary Workers. Patient Transport crews, Admin staff, Security and Porters. The Police have limited PPE also. Those volunteers delivering food to us don’t even have masks or gloves, nor do shop workers, those transporting good or carrying out essential tasks.

The hospitals have limited or no ventilators available.

This virus though not strictly airborne yet, can travel through the air with a sneeze, cough or even breathing. It is resident on surfaces that have been infected and can be transferred skin to skin, it is then injested through the mouth or any membrane even the eyes.

The death toll rises daily and I now know of people who have died of it. It has been announced today that vulnerable infected people people will be given the choice of going to hospital or dying at home. If you go to hospital there will be no guarantee you will survive and if you are admitted your family and friends will not be allowed to visit.

People this is a pandemic. It is global. We as a country need strong decicive leadership not a bumbling idiot who puts his own Brexit agenda above our lives and the lives of those brave folks tasked with trying to keep us alive.

There is no point in clapping these amazing people if we as a nation continue to fail to protect them.

We need a coalition government now who puts people above profit. If we do not get this right now many many more people, our friends, families and ourselves will die before its over.

Its that simple.
Jonesy Jones

Crisis morality

Just to be clear, taking multiple or even one item at a time of national crisis from a home or even car or shop may be interpreted as looting. That is something you don’t want to be accused of on the streets. If the police don’t get to you the people may well do and that will not end good for you or your mates if they are with you.
Hoarding is so far not illegal but is immoral and callous you may find yourself in very real danger now as the rest of society have lost patience with your behaviour. A Range Rover, Audi, BWW or even a transit won’t offer much safety even if you get that far. Public opinion of greed and selfishness is changing rapidly.
We are a country of over 65 million, with a few hundred thousand police and not that many soldiers to protect those identified as stealing from the mouths of children, families. disabled, elderly, vulnerable, emergency or essential civilian or military personnel. That’s even if they bother to even try.
So my advice to the hoarders, thieves, profiteers, bullies and looters who I affectionately call scum is stop now, give back big time to your communities then dissappear til this is long over.
If your home is full of food and essentials and people start to starve even a shotgun or personal security may not be enough to keep you safe.
Now I am not threatening anyone here nor inciting folk, I am advising those immoral wrong doers to rethink and make amends.
And as a foot note to those shop keepers profiteering, it will be remembered by your communities. So think on. Money is not the greatest driving force when people are at risk.

What or who is the virus?

I know the virus is scaring us all, and understandably but what about the men, women and children we are killing with our bombs and by selling our weapons? We are worse than any virus.

We are allowing and supporting Israel to kill Palestinians, Saudi to bomb the hell out of the people of the Yeoman, we blew Iraq to bits for control of oil, Syria, the list goes on, we have troops in country all over the globe. How many have we been responsible for killing?

It is scary because the virus takes no sides. It doesn’t care how big or well trained your army is, how many hi tech ships or planes you have.
The virus has shown all borders can be crossed.

I would be interested to know whether we or the virus kill more folk over a set period. I suspect with greed, sanctions here and abroad, inactivity and deliberate corruption within government it will be us.

Our own government has already killed over the last five years between 300,000 to 500,000 people through Austerity, sanctions and the hostile environment towards the most vulnerable.

So feel free to profiteer by selling overpriced items that you have bulk bought from shops, to steal essentials to sten the virus like had gel or other items, for in my eyes you and our pathetic weak and inept corrupt government are the true virus.

I truly hope some of us “expendables” are alive to see karma take its toll.