Challenges of the age of social media.

Well today I had a pretty vile and impolite message from someone who sadly is no longer able to interact with me upon here.
The said person claims to currently be a psychotherapist and previously a “high level” journalist.
They believed these job titles would impress me and make me feel some sort of reverence towards them…..sadly not the case.
Their message was bullying at best, wrapped in their pseudo rhetoric, trying to be disguised as knowledge.
They were offended that I see the press as corrupt and bais. Well through years of experience I see just that. It is my opinion based upon action.
This person claims to be a socialist as well as a counsellor but appears to have no empathy for others. Not how I view socialists nor people who make a living supposedly offering support to people with emotional as well as other vulnerabilities.
Sadly the world is full of such people. They truly believe themselves our betters and wear socialism as a badge not a way of life.
They remind me of a storyline from 1980’s Viz.
To me, education, social position, job title, role are not a measure of a person’s worth.
The only way I see myself better than others, would be due to their lack of any morality and their actions against others, their failings to be a human being, with acceptance of their own flaws and a basic level of commitment to at least care about the plight of others.
I am no better than you as you, whether a prince or pauper, you are not likely to be better than me.
People achieve all sorts in life, some more than others. There are many factors from economic position to talent, from drive to lethargy, education to isolation that help us form who we are and give us understanding.
When I write, I put down my views, my understanding based upon my life experience, lessons learned and as much balanced knowledge as I can trust. If I believe there is a lie, my experience informs me it is likely so. Maybe not the best measure ever, but my gut instinct has enabled me to safeguard many vulnerable people in my life journey, both professionally and socially. It informs my judgement.
When I write, I do not expect nor hope that people will not challenge, my real objective is for people to consider my words then find their own voice, whether for or against my own.
Life with the Internet means we all may have a view, that view may be informed by research of all the information we now have at our fingertips, or sadly may be simple based upon some trash story from a lazy reporter, changed at whim by a immoral editor upon the order of a corrupt owner.
Whatever you choose to believe is your choice, but please do not bully others when they have the courage to voice theirs.

War. What is it good for? Feck all.

Let’s be clear, I am no fan of war, I see conflict as a last resort always. I despise the idea of war for profit, whether it be for sales, minerals or imperialism. Any world leader going to war for these reasons has failed and likely as corrupt as his/ her masters.
All the wars the UK has been invited in since WWII have been just that
We do not get involved in war for humanitarian reasons.
I know Ukraine is rich in minerals, gas, uranium and titanium. It holds other wealth and is the base for many vile criminal activities including human trafficking.
The Ukrainian government are I believe right wing extremists. Some have accused them of being fascists. I have no idea, only the info I can glean from a world of disinformation and propaganda.
The Russian government is led by Putin, an ex KGB oligarch. He is not a caring nor a pleasant kind man. He is a greedy egostatistical cruel bully. His government is I believe as corrupt morally and materially as ours.
He is no better than our Primate Minister.
I cannot choose sides of governments in this conflict as, in my view, all are immoral and vile.
I do, however, believe the people of both Russia and Ukraine are against this conflict upon every level.
The sanctions against Russia do not hurt Putin nor his supporters, just the already beleaguered Russian people.
The invasion does not truly threaten the Ukrainian government, again just the people.
So no, I will not display a flag on my profile for Ukraine, nor one for Russia. I will not support the leaders of Britain or the USA for rattling the sabres and censoring the truth.
I support the people being. Killed whether by bombs, guns, or starvation. I support the people stripped of freedom and choice.
I deplore and stand against all the leaders in this conflict, whether the protagonist or the faux diplomat. I abhor the faux free press. I despise the censorship of truth
I am exasperated at those who are unable to look beyond made-up headlines of propaganda.
If we must have enemies, let’s identify the real ones, and they are not the people of Eastern Europe, only their and our leaders.
That simple.

War, who is it good for?

The 40yr Cold War was due to imperialist capitalist countries such as USA, UK, France etc fearing that Comunism would work and spread to end the elitist hold upon their populace.
I don’t know what would have happened if the world had embraced communism in its true form, sadly its likely that it still would have failed due to the inherent greed in humankind, in particular those who make up each countries establishment.
During the Cold War, Russia was deemed to be our enemy, the big ogre who would destroy our world with atomic, nuclear and biological weapons.
Interestingly during this time the investment in ways to kill each other was far higher than even in times we were actually in a fighting war.
The arms industries grew, their shareholders got even more rich and for them all was good for the world, despite the fear we the people had to live with each and every day, the constant but now understood to be faux threat of being bombed in our beds.
Since the Soviet Union broke up we have had new enemies, the Chinese, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Lydia, Syria….the list goes on. Terrorism has been pushed upon us as a replacement fear, but even that was never as scary as mighty and ‘evil’ Russia.
War or the threat of such has always been the greatest distraction for failed governments and their corrupt leaders.
So now we have the US and the UK waving flags and rattling sabres at the bear all over again. This not due to Communism, no this time because they are creating a new reality by trying to encourage Ukrain to join the NATO military (and economic) alliance, and because Russia. Who have little reason to trust the US and UK, are standing up and saying this is not acceptable, having a traditional enemy recruiting its neighbours and planning to place considerable weapons adjacent to its borders.
Let’s be clear Russia is being pushed into a corner by Biden and Johnson, by doing this only have two motives, profiteering and diversion
They are not bothered about the peoe of Ukraine, in fact they are the ones deliberately putting those people in harms way. They are not trying to keep us or the world safe, they are playing brinkmanship with our lives to serve themselves.
Russia are not are enemy, yes Putin is a dick, possibly the biggest arsehole in Russia, but no more than Biden or indeed Johnson.
Again the only gains in War are to those who profiteer from it.
It truly is that simple.

Poor taste or enabling?

Laughing at the holocaust is not acceptable. Nazism was about “cleansing” the world of people with any difference to others. They use the word “cleansing” to describe ridding the world of the human race’s most valuable asset, divergence.
The cleansing involved torture, murder, rape, dehumanisation, vile experimentation, and stripping of all rights to anyone the nazis considered less than human, untermensch – inferior people, non-aryan.
Predominantly, it was the Jewish people who suffered, but not exclusively, the Gypsy, Roma and Travelling communities, the Disabled, Black people Babies born with what were seen as birth defects along with those who voiced any opposition or supported any different political movement were all victims of this horrific regime.
To single out a group of people and make out they deserved the treatment either then or now imposed upon them by the evil that was National Socialist Germany and their allies in the guise of humour is not only disgusting to those people’s memory but also to the horror everyone who opposed them suffered in the fight for ending the Nazi domination of Europe and other parts of our globe.
Yes humour can be dark, mine often is, but there is an acceptable line, Carr has crossed that and deserves all the ire focused upon him.
No Jimmy you are not funny, you are but another ridiculous has-been. One in the same ilk as Manning, Brown and Davidson. Talentless bigots.

Life without point


Waking each day from the hopes of a night’s dreams, the scars of eight hours of terror, a dark period of dark thoughts, or just with nothing, no memories, no emotions and no motivation.

This kinda sums up a stay upon this earth. This third rock at this brief point in its rotations around whatever this star is actually called by those truly in the know. 

Lethargy guides the ability to prioritise, that and brain fog, the forgetting not just what to do but the how to do too.

There is no sparkle of excitement of any future one can envision. The entire meaning of being here beces so much more elusive each day

 I personally tire of hate, of cruelty but mostly of apathy. I crave the ability to change this corruption dying civilisation. If you can call the human members of it civilised. 

The struggle now is to find any excuse to remain, to function, to integrate. A battle physically holding the prospective tools of any planned demise, each time weighing the pro’s of being here against the balancing saving of this worlds resources by being gone.

Every day I really do feel so frustrated that up to now I have chosen to remain, promising myself tomorrow I may become more ruthless with my reckoning.

Let’s be clear, I am still here, it’s not a cry for help, it is simply my explaining how I see myself right now. 

There may be new hope tomorrow, a signpost down a new path. There may not be…..

The huge grey clouds that hide all but the magnolia walls of this, my gaol along with the stark black rusting iron shackles that bind me to the breathing of what counts for air, may yet part, actually showing me streams of light sent to guide me to the promised pasture guaranteed to our children as we hold them for the first time. 

The layers of dust that fill my cell like sand settling after a desert storm, undisturbed by any metaphorical movement within my dulled mind, already devoid of ant true expectation of change. 

Do I feel a tear escape my painful eyes, blurring the view and in its own way giving brief distraction from the guilt held by the adult persona who betrayed the child within so many eons ago.

Do I live in hope? Does hope exist beyond the irony of the Peak village who’s name gives lie to the word?

How will tomorrow be? Will I be forced to wake once more into the landscape of some demons waiting room? To be once more tortured with thought of what may once have been but can no longer be? Or will my courage wear thin, and I use my chosen weapons to end this daily drudgery that is my meagre existence.


Foot note

This does not reflect my life all the time, it is a description of how my anxieties, my triggers, my pain, my depression manifests in my being. There are even now days even weeks that this becomes my routine, but I do escape too, and it’s those days of hope that reinforce my right to be here, to be part of this world.

The hope I have to draw upon is through the support of those closest to me, those who understand and see me.

There are no words to describe the darkest of days, this is only a prose touching upon the mixture of angst and nothingness so at odds with each other.

The brighter days this note would seem to have no bearing upon my life, but the thing about any hidden illness is we become skilled at hiding it.

All of us have our perspectives upon things like pain, upset, low mood to suicidal tendency.

Some folk may threaten to take their own lives for effect, but often even if you believe that to be the case you may not realise the turmoil that person lives with  what we believe to be attention  seeking behaviours are more often than not an indicator some war is being waged within that person and we may be completely oblivious to the factors they are trying to cope with. 

I do at times sit with a hand clutching my insulin pens and a bottle of morphine, but each time I find a reason to bat on.  Not yet ready to concede.

This is however not just my story, it is the story of tens of thousands of people in the UK living with chronic health, with grief, with poverty, with so many other triggers of that urge not to be here.

So please don’t be as quick to judge someone, stop with the collusion of press , government and TV producers who will give lie to the struggle people really do face each day. 

It’s hard in a word of cruelty to give kindness and offer support. We are all guilty of ignoring people in need, but maybe the next day you ignore them will be the last. 



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The abuse of power?

9th January 2021


In the State of Florida the age of sexual consent is 18yrs old

In New York State it is 17yrs old

In the UK it is 16yrs old


Virginia Giuffre has alleged that Ghislaine Maxwell – daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, media mogul, met her in 2000 whilst working in a club  in Florida. She claims she was “recruited” by Maxwell then Flown all over the world cajoled through  threats by her and Harvey Epstien.

She alleges she was forced to have non-consensual sex with people during this time, one of whom was Epstien himself, but another being HRH Prince Andrew Windsor, The Duke of York.

She alleges not only was there non-consensual sexual intercourse between her and The Prince, but also battery/violence, and that she was 17 at the time.


The evidence in the public domain in regard to the Prince is that logs from flights aboard Epstein’s private jet confirm Andrew as being aboard numerous times. Epstein and Maxwell were guests at Andrews home for social gatherings and parties, as he was at theirs.

Andrew hosted a birthday party for Maxwell at Sandringham.

Epstein was charged with procuring a minor for sex and despite this Andrew invited him to Andrew’s Daughter’s 18th Birthday Party.

There are pictures of Andrew holding Virginia.

Prince Andrew Windsor & Virginia Giuffre

Ms Giuffre alleges un-consensual sex and battery took place with the Prince in New York, and the UK.


Currently upon Social media in particular there are people defending Prince Andrew stating that because Ms Giuffre was 17 he is not a paedophile, and yes given the information available to us at this time the evidence would not support he is such.

It does however allege he is a rapist, an abuser and complicit in human trafficking of young women.

If someone is named as an abuser it is not a definition solely based upon naming a person as a paedophile, abuse is about power, it’s about theft of choice, about threats, violence, cajoling, using position, wealth, influence, physical assault or the threat of, of manipulation, of stealing confidence, of destroying innocence, of taking away choice

Abuse may be physical, neglectful, sexual and always causes emotional harm.

Rape and physical abuse as with all abuse is not about sexual attraction, not about love, respect or any level of care, it is about power. It’s about someone using or rather misusing their power against another.


The case against Andrew was in the civil Court arena. It was not a criminal case, we can all question why, we may suspect his position as a high level member of the British Royal Family, a member of the social elite, the 1% of the World Establishment gave him protection from any police force investigating him, a view easily supported by recent events whereby the Prime Minister of Great Britain, another member of this elitist club where Royalty and the super rich pull all society’s strings, clearly broke the law upon several occasions, and despite this the police refused to investigate the crime, (and no I will not used the word alleged).

The Prince Andrew allegations being a civil case would only ever result in financial damages to Ms Giuffre, even in the event of a guilty verdict Andrew would not be at any risk of jail.

So it seems Ms Giuffre was offered a huge amount of money to settle out of court and by doing this Prince Andrew hopes to prevent his reputation being stripped apart in the courts, as well as ensuring nothing else which may be damaging to those around him, friends or family coming to light.

Why would Ms Giuffre accept it? Well I believe for a few reasons, less stress of a long court case, no risk of losing, and given just how powerful the accused and his acquaintances are no further risk to her safety.  Wouldn’t you?

As I say we only can go with the allegations and information in the public domain, and this now will likely be forever limited, but I know what I believe, and I truly see it as an ongoing indictment of the entire establishment/elite and Royalty caste. A reason we all should question this and all the actions of those who by position and wealth continue to be untouchable, even in the 21st Century.

Jonesy Jones





New Party new values

Seriously folks, time to set up a new Labour Movement and forget ‘The Labour Party’, which to honest caring folk is now dead. We need a party without corruption, no careerist politicians, no second jobs, no knighthoods, no company directors or their family members, a party where Eton is not a quick path to promotion, where Bullingdon Club members are not welcomed at all.
We need people who want change only for the good of all, people who do not see the vulnerable, the ill, the poor as the enemy, and want to support not victimise these members of our society.
We need a party of sensible inclusion, where using your own dialect and voicing local values is a starting point for discussion not condemnation.
We need folk who will not strive to promote their own interests above those of others.
We need a party where socialism is our key value, and equality is not a dirty word. A party where hate has no place, but neither do witch hunts!
We need a party that commits to decentralisation and ending privatisation, where making profit for the wealthy is not seen as a job for government. A party that finally will remove the power of staid civil servants and make those working for the country’s infrastructure realise they are public employees, not masters.
We need a party where everyone is listened to, and little secret organisations within it are not accepted, never mind given control, where everything is open and corruption and greed are no longer given a home.
These requirements are the bare minimum. And nothing else is acceptable.
A party where we all have a voice, one without power and decisions only being left to those who believe they are in control.
Until we agree on this nothing will change for the better and each government will be a total clone of the one before, just crueller!
Now has to be our time, if not now we do not just betray ourselves, but our children grandchildren and all the generations to come!